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Easy and Earth Friendly Oral Care.


When you are out in wonderful nature,challenging something adventurous,filled with happy thoughts,It’s time for ORALPEACETake a moment to look upon the starsand think what matters to you most

Oralpeace...perfect for camping, hiking,
Perfect for all those places
where you are
experiencing peace and
connecting with nature.

Oralpeace is the perfect oral hygiene product for any scenario where water is scarce and valuable. You don’t need water to activate the paste or rinse. You just apply it to your brush and go. It is also earth friendly.
Oralpeace was originally developed for medical purposes. In particular, for high care patients who are unable to clean their own teeth. As it is completely non-toxic it has become popular in other medical situations. Oralpeace has no synthetic chemicals and is completely derived from natural food ingredients. For this reason, it is not only healthy for the body but harmless to expel in nature. It’s good for you. It’s good for the environment, and it’s so easy and practical to use.

The Power of Nature, “Neonisin-e®*”

Oralpeace works because it has Neonisin-e®. Only Oralpeace has it. It was developed in collaboration with Japanese scientists, and utilizes the power of lactic acid bacteria peptides in nature. Although it is derived from natural materials, it has powerful affect on bacteria causing problems in the mouth. Brushing will remove dental plaque, prevent tooth decay, and keep your mouth odor-free.


Outdoor Adventure toothpaste

・ Moisturizes and refreshes your mouth
・ 100% natural and containing Neosin-e®*
・ Disposable in nature as it is biodegradable tooth paste.
・ Doesn’t need water to activate.
・ Good to go even at -20c.
・ Is perfect for use with all outdoor activities in all outdoor environments. Enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature knowing that you’re taking care of your teeth and the environment.

Net weight 55g / ¥1,000+tax


【How to use】 Just like any toothpaste! Just apply a small amount to a toothbrush and brush. You don’t need water. Even without a toothbrush will help clean your mouth. Spit or swallow is okay. Either way you won’t be harming yourself or the environment.


The following ingredients are not used× Alcohol (ethanol), × chemosynthetic ingredients, × petroleum-derived ingredients, × synthetic bactericidal agent, × synthetic surface active agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate, × soap base (foaming agent), × synthetic preservatives such as sodium benzoate, propylene glycol, potassium sorbate and paraben, × polishes such as calcium carbonate and silica, × synthetic flavoring agent, × synthetic coloring agent


Neonisin-e®*, a uniqueingredient to

“Neonisin-e®*” is a botanical lactobacillus-derived antimicrobial peptide (Bacteriocin) preparation developed through industry-university cooperation with Kyushu University Graduate School of Agriculture, Kagoshima University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, and the Department of Oral Disease Research, National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology. It is a unique ingredient to ORALPEACE and was developed from nisin A, an antimicrobial substance safe for the human body that was discovered in cheese in 1928. It shows excellent utility for tooth decay bacteria and periodontal bacteria causing intraoral problems, causative bacteria of bad breath, causative bacteria of aspiration pneumonia, and candida, and has been utilized as an oral care preparation. Bacteriocin is characteristically degraded/digested even after swallowing and also degraded in nature world. ORALPEACE responds to our needs to easily conduct routine oral care with safe ingredients.
(Japanese Patent No. 5750552)


Q.What is the difference between “Neonisin-e®*” and a synthetic bactericidal agent or living lactobacilli (probiotics)?

A.The synthetic bactericidal agents produced from petroleum and chemical raw materials have excellent antimicrobial properties,but there is concern if they are swallowed. Neonisin-e®* is a natural antimicrobial agent made from antimicrobial peptide (protein) produced by lactobacilli and botanical constituents. Even if it is swallowed by mistake, it will be degraded and digested in the gastrointestinal tract, it is gentle to the stomach and body.And Lactobacilli exert antimicrobial activity by producing antimicrobial substances themselves. Living lactobacilli (probiotics) produce antimicrobial substances such as hydrogen peroxide, aldehyde, bacteriocin (antimicrobial peptide), etc., but there are two large hurdles before producing an antimicrobial substance. The first hurdle is to fix the lactobacilli in the oral cavity, since they can be washed out easily with toothbrushing or beverages. The second hurdle is that lactobacilli may easily be affected by the environment in the oral cavity and the amount of the produced antimicrobial substance is unknown. Due to these hurdles, there is a problem with the expected effect of living lactobacilli.Concerning the case of bacteriocin, it is an antimicrobial substance produced from living lactobacilli, and although about 100 species have been discovered in the world, only nisin A was approved in Japan as a food additive after verification of its safety, and the other bacteriocins have not been approved. The antimicrobial substance that overcame all hurdles is “Neonisin-e®*.” “Neonisin-e®*” is a natural antimicrobial agent that is combined with botanical ingredients after high-degree purification of nisin A by a unique preparation method to increase the antimicrobial activity further. Its mechanism of action is to be adsorbed at the recognition site (lipid II) of the cell membrane of the target bacterium and to open pores in the bacterial cell membrane at once. Its characteristics are stability, instantaneity and safety.


Q.Is Polish contained in ORALPEACE?

A.Polish that scrapes the enamel of the teeth is not used. As this product can be used by applying it to the oral cavity as a moisturizing gel for the oral cavity, no polish is used. ORALPEACE is also appropriate for careful polishing for a certain period of time and use with an electric toothbrush. For the persons requiring whitening of the teeth, on the other hand, it is recommended to combine it with polish-containing toothpaste.

Please see the research result, literature, etc. on the website.


1. Product developed by research based on industry-university cooperation

It contains a lactobacillus peptide preparation, “Neonisin-e®*,” which attacks the causative bacteria of oral cavity problems. It was developed based on industry-university cooperation between Kyushu University, Kagoshima University, National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, etc. and biotechnology techniques of Japanese origin are employed. This oral care product was prepared only using natural-derived food material and is degraded and digested in the body.

2. Various public awards received for ORALPEACE and efforts towards its development

• Received the foremost award, the Economy, Trade and Industry Minister’s Award, under the Japan Venture Award 2015
• Received the highest award in the Yokohama Business Grand Prix 2014
• Received the citizens’ award in the Social Products Award 2015
• Authenticated as a Kawasaki Innovation Standard Welfare Product in Kawasaki City

3. Covered by various media including TV news, newspapers, etc.

• “Savior in the aging era: Swallowable dental gel” in “Sakidori” on NHK General TV
• “Revolutionary Oral Care Products Protect Health” on NHK International Broadcast
• “Protect weak people from disease! Challenge of ORALPEACE” in “Yume Shokunin” in Nikkei Channel
• “Welfare and Business, first, second and third volumes” serialized in “Economics+” in Asahi Shimbun
• “Oral care preparation comfortable even if swallowed: Researched by Kyushu University, Kagoshima University, etc.” in the Mainichi Newspaper
• “ORALPEACE that we want to share with you” in the magazine Croissant, etc.

4. ORALPEACE is used around the world as a product of Japanese origin

Four hundred thousand (500,000) pieces of ORALPEACE (as of 2019) have been released and enjoyed by Japanese people at hospitals, dental clinics, select shops, welfare institutions nationwide, and are appreciated in the world and used by people in overseas countries, including Asian, European and Central and South American countries.

5. We are addressing social issues to resolve through this project

ORALPEACE project is a social project in which more than 100 members from various fields, including researchers, health workers, creators, etc. are taking on the challenge to improve the income of persons with disabilities nationwide through businesses. Moreover, purchase of ORALPEACE leads to the creation of work and improvement of income of persons with disabilities. We hope that you can help us as users or supporters.

Designed by Noriteru Minezaki

Outdoor Adventure Toothpaste

Net weight 55g / ¥1,000+tax



We are a bioventure business that has opened the gateway for the use of a lactobacillus-derived natural antimicrobial peptide, “Bacteriocin,” in medical and health care. It was created as a result of lactobacillus research and a biotechnology technique of Japanese origin by industry-university cooperation with Kyushu University, etc.We are a social venture aiming at the development of an oral care product that is human- and environment-friendly, adjusts the intraoral environment from infants to elderly people around the world by providing oral care, prolonging a healthy life expectancy by reducing the risk of caries, periodontal disease, oral candidiasis, death due to aspiration pneumonia and the onset of dementia, and reduces nursing costs, which are continuously increasing to over 9 trillion yen per year in Japan and the daily burden on caregivers in the present aging population through cooperation among researchers, clinicians, technicians, the government, etc., while also taking on the challenge of trying to resolve social issues such as the creation of jobs for people with disabilities and a low income nationwide through this business.We will expand the effort of this bio-social venture from Japan, the representative of aging countries, to the world.ORALPEACE PROJECT


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Trife Inc
8 August 2006
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Year 2014Yokohama Business Grand Prix 2014 - Double awards: Grand Prize & ​Audience Award
Year 2015Japan Venture Award 2015 - Top Prize "Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize" Award
Social Products Award 2015Year 2016Social Innovation Forum 2016 (Nippon Foundation) - Selected as a Social InnovatorYear 2017Good Design Award 2017 AwardYear 2019Agricultural Chemistry Technology Award in 2019
(JSBBA) Award for Achievement in Technological Research

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