ORALPEACE, oral care for dogs launched in February

ORALPEACE, oral care for dogs launched in February
Trife (Yokohama City), which develops and sells oral care products, will improve the oral care product “ORALPEACE for Pet” for dogs and start sales in February. A new formulation “Neonisin-e” is newly added to prevent oral candida, which is an infectious disease, and is effective against almost all bacteria causing oral problems.
It is gel-like and is applied to the oral cavity using a special toothbrush or finger cot. Since it is made of only edible ingredients, it does not require rinsing of the mouth and there is no harm even if swallowed.
It was commercialized in response to voices from pet dogs and others who said, “I would like to provide periodontal care before tartar builds up,” and “I am worried about bad breath.”
Sold at veterinary hospitals, pet stores, department stores, online shops, etc.

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