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Oral care is important for prolonging healthy life expectancy!

The oral cavity is a very important organ for maintaining the general health of the body and is closely related to one’s health.


Healthy life expectancy refers to the period during which you can live independently without the need for long-term care.

In 2013, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced the figures for the first time.

In 2010, the average was 70.42 for men and 73.62 for women. On the other hand, the average life expectancy in 2010 was 79.55 years for men and 86.30 years for women, with a gap of about 9 years for men and 13 years for women.

This is the period when you need intensive nursing care.

The difference between the healthy life expectancy and the actual average life expectancy is about 10 years.

This means that for 10 years, your family and yourself may not be healthy and you may become bedridden or lose cognitive function.

The health of the whole mouth, or mouth and teeth, is deeply involved in this problem.

Many data have been reported that if you have a lot of your teeth left, you are at low risk of systemic disease, healthy and long-lived.

Dementia is expected to become an increasingly important issue in Japan in the future, and the relationship between it and teeth has been reported.

It is known that there are many healthy teeth with preventive care or that cognitive function is maintained when teeth are left.

【The super-aging society and the importance of oral care】

Aspiration pneumonia is a serious illness for the elderly, and is the third leading cause of death in the Japanese.

Pneumonia accounts for about 10% of all deaths among Japanese, but up to 96% are elderly people aged 65 and over.

This is because the ability to swallow (swallow function) declines in older people, and in many cases, the saliva containing a large amount of oral bacteria that has increased during sleep is aspirated to the lungs and dies.

Therefore, it is important to maintain oral hygiene and control oral bacteria.

In this way, oral care is becoming increasingly important in a super-aged society.

【Relationship between oral bacteria and systemic diseases】

Recent studies have revealed the relationship between periodontal-causing bacteria and various diseases such as diabetes, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, preterm birth and low-birth weight infants.

Causes of tooth loss ・Mouth cavities such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, bad breath, aspiration pneumonia, and oral candidiasis are caused by bacteria in the mouth.

To prevent the growth of bacteria, it is important to research formulations that approach bacteria and oral care.

It is also important to be able to effectively and safely provide easy care and reduce the burden on the caregiver.

【Importance of preventive care from younger stage】

And even for young and healthy people, rather than treating after getting sick, they want to be aware of their daily diet and health, and want to spend a healthy and fulfilling day without getting sick. The interest of the people inside is beginning to turn.

Studies around the world have revealed that proper oral care every day helps protect your health.

In addition, the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently on the rise of worldwide violence. Humanity must overcome this difficulty by gathering wisdom.

According to the Dental Association, it is reported that the morbidity of the virus will be drastically reduced to 1/10 if thorough brushing of teeth and oral care and keeping the mouth clean.

In order to save the lives of elderly people at high risk, those with diseases, infants and people with weak immunity, it is necessary to take various possible preventive measures.

Reducing the risk of infection with new coronavirus (COVID-19) and avoiding the risk of aggravation by thorough oral hygiene are considered to be one of the measures that can be taken to protect the lives of important family members.

【safe oral care products】

In recent years, the awareness of the global consumer orientation of oral care products has changed rapidly.

We have come to understand that the mucous membrane in the oral cavity has 10 to2 0 times higher percutaneous absorption rate than normal skin. And that the substances contained in the oral care products remain in the mouth and are absorbed into one’s body.

To live a longer and healthier life, It is so important to take preventive oral care with safe oral care products.

Oral care products that are safe even if absorbed into your body are highly disireble.

【Biodegradable oral care products 】

The problem of “plastic waste” adversely affecting the marine ecosystem has become a hot topic all over the world.

Globally, interest in products that excel in biodegradability in harmony with the environment is increasing.

The wastewater discharged by the sewer is collected at a sewage treatment plant, where it is biodegraded by microorganisms to purify the water.

In the case of natural rivers, the microorganisms that live in the river play that role.

If people around the world continue to use dentifrices that cannot be eaten by microorganisms and kill microbes, and that contain persistent chemical components and high-concentration plant components many times every day, What will happen to the global environment where we live, the organisms that live in water, the seafood we eat every day, and the water we drink?

Choosing not only is it harmless to the human body, but also natural environment-friendly products are a major factor to make our earth healthier.

It is important not only for our own convenience and interests, but also for the generation of children to leave the inherited beautiful green earth and healthy and happy life of their families.

For you and the people dearest to you.

You can make the future yourselves from today.

For your family’s healthy and happy days. For your peace of mind.

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