What good oral care products do we think

1. A safe oral care product that can be used safely by the vulnerable and the family

The oral cavity as the entrance to all diseases,

As a body and mind that you can put into your mouth, which is very important for health,

Every single lactic acid bacterium, raw material, and ingredient used in production

From infants to pregnant women, elderly people and fighters with confidence,

I really want to use it as a mouthful for my family, parents, children, and grandchildren.

Be a loving and safe oral care product.

2. Oral care products that provide new value to humanity

It’s not a product that has ever existed,

Compatibility of sterilization power and safety, compatibility of cleanliness and moisture retention, improvement of QOL and reduction of burden,

The conflicting contradictions of mass production / emission of products and conservation of the global environment

Overcome with the world’s most advanced research and technological innovation, together with Japan’s national universities / research institutes and world-class competitive researchers and engineers.

To become an oral care product that provides new value to humanity.

3. Natural, delicious and good oral and health care products

Good food is very important for happiness and health. What you put in your mouth forms the person’s heart and body.

No use of raw materials for which safety is a concern.

Lactic acid bacteria used for raw material production also use bacteria derived from plant foods,

Complies with international organic certification standards,

No petroleum-derived ingredients, animal-derived ingredients, or chemically-synthesized ingredients added,

Using only natural plant-derived food ingredients,

The scent is natural and pleasant, the taste is delicious, and it should be an oral care product that is good for the mind and body.

4. Oral care products with true originality and novelty

Researchers and products that are ideal and never compromised, regardless of the stereotypes of the past.

In addition, it is not an imitation and follow-up, but a concept, product, design, brand and business with originality and originality that is ashamed of as one’s own work and way of life.

To contribute to the healthy lives of people all over the world through new research, continuous technological innovation, and creativity, and to become an oral care product with uniqueness and novelty that contributes to the development of society and humankind.

5. World-class products with objectively evaluated advantages

With a sincere research background,

We make sincere efforts on experimental data and clinical data on efficacy and safety, conference presentations and academic papers,

The research is innovative, the technology is patentable, and the sociality of the business, the convenience of users, and the public interest in society are objectively evaluated by public institutions.

To be a product that is recognized not only in Japan but around the world.

6. High value-added and reasonable oral care products

Products that greatly affect human health and life,

High value-added products that seek to reduce total spending for the healthy and happy days of many people’s families, reduce overall global medical expenses, and reduce the burden on medical and caregivers.

It will also be a sustainable and reasonably priced oral care product that will improve the lives of those involved in research, business and work.

7. Oral care products that bring gentle feelings and happiness

Not just a commercial product,

Supporting weak things through business, not only pursuing in-house profits, but also creating jobs and jobs in Japan and regions, contributing to the local economy,

Using plant materials that can be produced sustainably, protect the earth’s natural environment with highly biodegradable ingredients,

An ethical and social product whose design enriches the lifestyle, gives many people dreams and hopes, and helps the weak.

In addition, products that express the feeling of family in the business background and the warm feelings of people involved in the business.

And when it is put into the mouth, it becomes an oral care product that brings a gentle feeling and happiness after use.

8. Products that prioritize compassion and love rather than profit

It ’s not an economic-first product,

People who are involved in production and sales can be proud of their grandchildren and descendants, responsibility for their own work and actions, honesty to life and life,

Products that give priority to compassion and love for family and others.

Rather than profits and money in front of people who sacrifice people for self-interest, such as the use of additives that neglect human health and dishonest selling methods,

Being a product, business, or brand with love that will remain 100 years from now, and prioritize what is really important to our way of life, family, children and descendants, and people all over the world.

ORALPEACE is a way to help people around the world who feel the above things, to find out how toothpaste and oral hygiene agents should be for families and people around the world. To be a revolutionary product that rethinks from the base and brings together the wisdom of the world to contribute to the evolution of humankind.