Project members

Ryoji Kako
Exective Advisor/CAO
Manager of Business Administration
Ryoji Kako was working with Nichimen Business Co. Ltd. (Currently known as Sojitz Corporation). During this period, he was responsible for the operation, management of export business, new business development, local sales, factories and etc. Later, Ryoji Kako joined Daiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. He was responsible to oversee overseas business of pharmaceutical products and infection control materials. After the company listed, he was responsible for the business management of the international department and overseas, development of new markets, signing of contracts with overseas sales agencies, strengthening of risk management, and training of talents in overseas businesses. He joined Nichimen Business Co. Ltd. in 1972. In 1977, he was the Director of Textile Division for Nichimen Representative Office at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In 1980, he was the Director of Textile Division for Nichimen Representative Office at Republic of Panama. In 1985, he was the Director of Textile Division at Nichimen Representative Office at Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He was the General Manager of the Europe Textile Division at London, Europe, London in 1989. In 1995, he was the Director of Textile Materials of the Headquarters Textile Trading Division. In 1996, he was the Vice President of Nichimen America New York Branch in USA. In 1999, he was Hong Kong Nichimen Orient Wear Hong Kong Textile Division Manager. In 2004, he was the China General Manager of Sojitz Textile (Shanghai). In 2007, he was Sojitz Corporation, Head Office Apparel Division, Nichimen Infinity Consultant. In 2008, he was the Director of International Affairs of Daiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Ryoji Kako left Daiko Pharmaceutical Co. In 1972, Ryoji Kako graduated from Kansai University Business School. He graduated from Osaka City University in 2012. He graduated from the Arab Islamic College in 2016. He was Kobe City Economic and Tourism Bureau Overseas Business Center Advisor and former part-time lecturer at Faculty of Business Administration, Meiji University.
Dr.Emi Sumida
Certified by the Japanese Society of Oral Surgery
Japanese feeding and swallowing rehabilitation society certified person
Doctor of Dentistry, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Born in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, where her father was transferred to in 1971. She entered Ehime Prefectural Matsuyama Higashi High School, which was established in 1805 as a domain school by the lord of the Matsuyama domain, Sadanori Matsudaira, who was a well-known secondary school in Shiki Masaoka and Soseki Natsume. In 1990, she entered the School of Dentistry at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, which is a national university and the head of the Japanese School of Dentistry. 1996 Completed doctoral course at Tokyo Medical and Dental University Graduate School of Dentistry. After working as a researcher at Tokyo Medical and Dental University Graduate School and working at the Department of Oral Surgery at the National General Hospital, worked at the Dental Clinic in 2002. Involved in visiting dentistry.
Her father is Dr. Atsushi Sumida, a well-known researcher of carbon fiber at Toray Industries, Inc. He is a graduate of Kyoto University’s Faculty of Engineering and is an undergraduate student of the Nobel Prize-winning Professor Kenichi Fukui. She also has a doctor’s brother.
She met the ORALPEACE Project at the “Home Health Sciences Association” she attended in 2014. She is an angel mama who lost her daughter with a disability at the age of 0. Although she was in a mentally difficult time, in 2018, she overcame the rehabilitation of her right knee, which had been severely injured during a high school basketball game and lost her meniscus organization.
“Thoughts every day; I want to convey the importance of the mouth to many people. I want to contribute to the creation of mouths that can be eaten deliciously. I want to support the health of many people’s mouths. I want to reduce people’s suffering and illness, and want to go surfing this weekend.
When I first met ORALPEACE, the thoughts I had been thinking about every day seemed to be tightly packed in the green package, and I fell in love at first sight. As a doctor, I would like to objectively evaluate ORALPEACE and study various possibilities of ORALPEACE. “
Kazuo Nakamura
Japan Certified Management Consultant
Born in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture in 1969. Ibaraki Prefectural Tsuchiura Daiichi High School graduate. Since he was a teenager, he woke up to mountaineering and travel around the world and became a pioneer of Japanese backpackers. After entering Keio University, he established FMS with his friends near his seat in the Sundai prep school.After graduating from university, engaged in system programming at Fuji Research Institute Co., Ltd. (now Mizuho Research Institute), which is a think tank.1998 Established a limited partnership central office. Established E-Soken Co., Ltd. in 2000 due to business expansion. Currently, President of the company. Director of Synagic Co., Ltd., Director of Gigadesign Co., Ltd., SME diagnostician, IT coordinator, second-class information processing engineer. Since 2006, he has been an advisor to Trif Inc.
Aspiring to be an entrepreneur from the judo club and university days until high school, he acquired a qualification as a small and medium-sized business diagnostician at the age of 26 when working at a think tank, became independent at the age of 28, and became an independent consultant under the “Office Security Mark Certification System”. Launch of various certification systems including the “Japan Color Certification System”, and as a think tank business, “Aizuwakamatsu City Regional Energy Conservation Vision Formulation Business, etc.”, “Small and Medium Business IT Utilization Support Manual”, “University-initiated ventures and commercialization possible” Sex survey” and so on. In addition to “” as our own business, we are also developing our own Web service business such as “”, “”, “” (actually suspended due to the Fukushima City and Tohoku Earthquake). Deployment is also pioneering.
Previous members: Small Business IT Proposal Study Group (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Information Processing Promotion Division) Member, IT Management Textbook Creation Committee Member (IT Coordinator Association), Koriyama Technopolis Regional Strategic Alliance Formation Committee Member, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Information Policy Promotion Department, Information Processing Promotion Department, IT management support team, IT management textbook creation committee member.Dedicated to judo since childhood. Triathlete.
“I’m cheering for my best friend Teshima’s company when I was a teenager when I met him at Sundai Preparatory School.

He had a father of entrepreneurs who had a wide range of businesses in the prefecture, and he aimed to be an entrepreneur from his teens. Having acquired a national qualification as a management consultant at a young age, he had the foresight to start an IT company in his twenties and sincerely devote himself to the business.His way of life, knowledge, and room-filled books have led many entrepreneurs and business leaders of the same age, and many spills to their current positions.During the difficult times of Mr Teshima after the Lehman shock, he gave lectures and other work to support his life.In the fight against the pain of sinus cancer, which has lost the inside of the face for 5 years, he did not emit a weak sound and died in September 2018.After getting sick, he tried to stay healthy for his wife and daughter as long as possible, and at the end, he was taken care of by his wife and daughter, mother and brother, and Mr Teshima, who accidentally visited him.With a hot heart inside, a calm and quiet personality was loved and loved by many people.Mr Kazuo Nakamura, 48 years old with a strong life.

Daisuke Teshima
Social Entrepreneur
Management consultant certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Born in Tokyo in 1970. Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Meiji University.After training for new employees at Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd., a partly listed company, he will be the only one who reports directly to the managing director and will be assigned to a new project team consisting of the manager in charge and an architect. Engaged in large-scale development and construction projects by central ministries and listed companies as a comprehensive project that transcends business divisions, and has the top share.Obtained a national qualification as a management consultant while working. Moved to Industrial Efficiency Consulting Co., Ltd. and engaged in IT strategy consulting such as sales force to CRM companies and SFA with IBM Japan. After that, at Deloitte Consulting, engaged in numerous projects such as management strategy, business strategy and marketing strategy consulting for listed companies.
After that, in 2003, he switched to Idea International Co., Ltd., a venture company with 17 employees, overseeing company-wide marketing strategy, MD strategy, buying and supply chain construction, concentrating on growth market. Promote business restructuring. In 2005, after being given a child with a disability, the Italian-made organic social cosmetics brand “Agronatura” (later “Terracuore”) was launched from scratch with the aim of creating jobs for people with disabilities. As a brand and main business with a market price of 1 billion yen, the annual donation to NGO”Save the Children Japan“ has increased to more than 10 million yen and contributed to IPO. Developed the first Japanese brand with organic certification, oral care, body care, hair care, and skin care products, and became a pioneer of organic cosmetics and social brands.
2006 Independently established TRIFE Co., Ltd(Meaning “Let’s challenge each life!”). As a social x organic brand producer in Japan and abroad 2007 “Liclis Luce by United Arrows” 2008 “APODEA” 2009 “Infinistoria” 2010 “She with Shaplaneer” “QUON” 2011 “Le Biet by Deuxieme Classe Launched several organic social brands such as “Oceanwell”. He has made over 300 organic cosmetics in Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Nepal and others.He has won the Social Products Award for three brands.
In 2009, he established the NPO Sell the Challenge, a volunteer group, and works with pro bono members to support product development and marketing of facilities for people with disabilities. After the Lehman shock, he lost everything due to the deterioration of the economic environment and the bankruptcy of his partner company in Italy, and worked in management consulting, brand production, lectures, etc. to live. In 2011, he received a consultation from Dr. Nagatoshi about the practical application of “highly purified Nisin A”. In 2012, his father, a prosecutor, was weakened by oral problems and lost his uncle, a lawyer, due to aspiration pneumonia. And with Dr. Nagatoshi, he promoted the “ORALPEACE Project”, a social x organic x bio venture business aimed at promoting healthy longevity of the elderly through safe oral care products and creating jobs for people with disabilities nationwide as social contributions. Launched with many cooperation and one computer and a savings of $ 20,000. July 2013 Released “ORALPEACE”.
Won Yokohama Business Grand Prix 2014 Grand Prize, Japan Venture Award2015 Grand Prize, Japan Foundation 2016 Social Innovator, 2017 Good Design Award, 2018 Three Continents, 2019 Japan Agricultural Chemistry Technology Award, 2019 Springer Entrepreneur in the Asia-Pacific,2020 appeared in the NHK World Japan interview program “Direct Talk”.
Certified system administrator, Certified management consultant. Authored “Marketing Strategy Handbook” (PHP Institute).
He started Kendo (Bushido/Japanese fencing) at the age of six. His father was born in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, and was a sincere person who came to Tokyo soon after the war, aiming for the legal world. His mother was born in Samurai family who was in the lineup for the Namamugi Incident in the late Edo period, and is a person who loves art and travel, her family came to Tokyo from Satsuma (Kagoshima south of japan) during the Meiji Restoration. (His mother’s older brother, his uncle, and his father are classmates in the Faculty of Law, Chuo University). His grandfather was the founder of the shooting department at Meiji University,Mr Sotoo Hiwatari (established a trading company in Kobe about 100 years ago. He later embarked on the war as an army officer. He died in the war in China. Now sleeping in the temples of Tokyo’s Aoyama, the graves of successive generations.) Since the Meiji era, the family has lived in the Azabu (and Yukinoshita, Kamakura area) area until world warⅡ, and brought up many students from Kagoshima, but after the war ended, they were far from the city center due to the death of their grandfather. His mother is trying to be healthy not to bother and annoy her children in Tokyo. His sister is a court clerk and is enthusiastic about marathons with banker husband and lives near mother’s house.
His specialty is producing social brands, people and businesses. His hobbies are triathlon, surfing, fishing, traveling and writing. SNS: teshimad
“We have started a new business in Japan that has both social and economic value. And in the future, I would like to expand it all over the world. Based on cutting-edge Japanese lactic acid bacteria biotechnology research, this project will reduce the burden of nursing care for the elderly and create jobs for the disabled in the community. I would be happy if I could work with many people in each region around the world, utilize my abilities, and help each region. Would you like to become a member or collaborator of the ORALPEACE Project? I would be happy if we could realize our dreams while making the most of each individuality and ability and helping many people. I would be grateful if you could help me. “
Dr.Hitoshi Komatsuzawa
Professor of Faculty of Medical and Dental Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences in Kagoshima University, Professor of Advanced Growth Science and Oral Microbiology, Doctor of Dentistry
After graduated from Faculty of Dentistry at Hiroshima University in 1992, Hitoshi Komatsuzawa served as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Dentistry at Hiroshima University. He is the Associate Professor at Faculty of Dentistry, Hiroshima University in 2000. He is the Professor at Faculty of Medical Dentistry, Kagoshima University in 2008. He affiliates with the following society: Japan Bacteriological Society, Japanese Dental Association of Medical Sciences. He is specialized in Bacteriology, Oral Bacteriology, Basic Chemotherapy. He researched on the role of antimicrobial peptide in innate immune mechanism, studies on oral care, Staphylococcus aureus. He also studied on drug resistance and pathogenic factors, research on pathogenic factors of periodontal disease, nosocomial infections Molecular epidemiological analysis of bacteria.
“I have great expectation for the oral application of new antibacterial agent! We are looking forward to the contribution from Japan to the world and contribute to society. As an expert of antibacterial agent, I will continue to contribute down-to-earth.”
Dr.Kenji Sonomoto
Professor of Faculty of Agricultural and Biological Function Sciences at Kyushu University, President of Japan Biotechnology Science Society, Vice Chairman of Japan Lactobacillus Academic Society (former)
After graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University in 1982, Kenji Sonomono was an assistant professor at the Faculty of Engineering at Kyoto University. He was Associate Professor of Kyushu Institute of Technology in 1990, Associate Professor of Kyushu University in 1993, and Professor in 2001. He engaged for about 15 years for the research on natural peptide “Bacteriocin”. He has developed a wide range of research from basics to applications and has many achievements. The main research results include the development and practical research of novel bacteriocins and the creation of Lantibiotic engineering. In addition, a number of joint production and education officials have been promoted to conduct practical research on bacteriocin food and medical treatment. From the development to the use of bacteriocins, many achievements have been made in the field of biology.
“I think that it is the most important as a university teacher that basic research results at university are useful for the society, I will do my best.”
Dr.Kenji Matsushita
Independent Administrative of National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, Director of the Department of Oral Diseases.
Kenji Matsushit is Doctor of Dentistry, Visiting Professor of Oral Health Promotion Course at Faculty of Dentistry Kyushu University.
He is member of the Japan Oral Hygiene Association. He is specialized in Vascular biology, dentistry conservation, periodontal disease, oral immunology, oral cavity Bacteriology, gerontology. His current research topic is development of an infection control method for oral infections, especially periodontal disease, development of an oral health and method for healthy aging.
Dr.Kohei Nagatoshi
Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1971. He was born to a family who runs a dairy company that his grandfather founded in Kyushu about 100 years ago. Interested in the study of living things and animals since childhood. He admired Dr. William Smith Clark, who is famous for “Boys be ambitious”, and worked hard to study. After graduating, engaged in research and development of sanitary products (antibacterial agents) for the food environment at a major chemical manufacturer and health care cosmetics at a cosmetic manufacturer in 2000. From the days of research and development using rubber gloves and protective glasses, I strongly felt the need for an antibacterial agent that is kind to the body and the environment, and in 2002 I encountered a natural peptide “Nisin A” made by lactic acid bacteria at my father’s dairy company. He has promoted many industry-academia-government collaborative projects in Fukuoka Prefecture for research on safe antibacterial agents using “Nisin A”, and in 2007 he and Vice-President Emeritus Kenji Sonomoto of Kyushu University established a venture centered on the lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptide “Nisin A”. Established the company (Quark Bio LLP). In 2011, while searching for research and commercialization of “highly purified Nisin A”, in 2011, he met Mr Teshima, who was looking for a strong business and technology for social contribution activities. 2012 Established Gentle Research Institute Co., Ltd. In order to develop a drug product that meets market needs in collaboration with Mr Teshima, after a further research period of one year, stable, transparent, tasteless and odorless “highly purified Nisin A” has overcome the weaknesses of “Nisin A” so far. , We succeeded in inventing a new lactic acid bacterium antibacterial peptide formulation, “Neonisin®”, which has a broad antibacterial spectrum that can be used not only for Gram-positive bacteria but also for Gram-negative bacteria. We will challenge the research and development and practical application of the world’s most friendly antibacterial agent that utilizes unique lactic acid bacterium research and biotechnology that have never been seen before. In 2016, we also succeeded in inventing the lactic acid bacterium antibacterial peptide formulation “Neonisin-e(evolution)®”, which is compatible with Candida (yeast/fungus), where natural antibacterial substances that are safe for the human body were desired. Won the 2017 Next Generation Healthcare Industry Award. Won the Agricultural Chemistry Technology Award from the Japan Society for Agricultural Chemistry in 2019 with Professor Kenji Sonomoto.
Until the Edo period, the Nagatoshi area in the southern part of Kyushu was the Satsuma(Kagoshima) domain, and the remains and place names of the Nagatoshi castle by Mr. Nagatoshi who occupied this area from the end of the Kamakura period are still present. The grandfather’s dairy company was sold to a major urban capital by M&A to protect local employment, and the Nagatoshi clan left management. His younger brother moved to Hokkaido and runs a ranch with his family. He is father of two college students and one high school student. He has a high level of trust as an active basketball player and as a leader for local children.
“I can connect what I have studied and learned to socially meaningful projects. I will do my best.”
Dr.Miki Matsuo
Lecturer at Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Kagoshima University, Doctor of Dentistry
Lecturer at Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Kagoshima University, Doctor of Dentistry
Miki Matsuo graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of Kyushu University (Professional Dental Science)

She is affiliate with the following society: Japan Bacteriological Society, Dental Fundamental Medical Society. Her area of expertise is Oral Bacteriology and Bacteriology. she researched on the relationship between the two-component control system of bacteria and bacteriocin. She also researched bacterial sugar metabolism mechanism.
“OralPeace not only prevents tooth decay and periodontal disease, but also gives you the peace of mind and safety that you never have. As a researcher, as a mother of a child, as a daughter with a senior parent, I am very happy to be involved as OralPeace project team.

Noriteru Minezaki
Art director
Born in Hakone Japan in 1976. Started kendo in his childhood. After graduating from Kuwasawa Design School, he was involved in the design of famous magazine “Taiyo,” “BRUTUS,” and “Fashion News” at the design office “CAP.” 2003 Moved to Los Angeles, USA. After returning to Japan, started a design office ((STUDIO)) in Tokyo. Worked on art direction for magazines such as “Spectator”, “STUDIO VOICE” and “FRaU”, title design for NHK TV drama series “Kokoro”, fashion catalog such as “THE NORTH FACE 50th Anniversary Book”, art direction design for many artists’ CDs, books and photo books. Creating cutting-edge designs from Tokyo to the world. Since 2010, he has been in charge of “She with Shaplaneer” as a member of the NPO “Sell the Challenge”, a volunteer organization, and since 2013, he has been in charge of the art direction and design of “ORALPEACE”. 2017 Good Design Award winner, his package design is loved by many people around the world such as Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America and Australia. From the sharpened sensitivity, he always bring out advanced designs to the world and attract attention from all over the world.
Dr.Takeshi Zendo
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Kyushu University
In 2004, Takeshi Zendo graduated from Faculty of Biological Resources and Environmental Science (Agriculture) of Kyushu University. He was the Assistant Professor at Institute of Agronomy, Kyushu University in 2006 and Associate Professor in 2007. He affiliates with the following society: Japan Agricultural Chemistry Society, Japan Bio Engineering Society, Japan Lactobacillus Academic Society. His area of expertise is Applied Microbiology. Takeshi Zendo’s research topic: Antibacterial peptides produced by lactic acid bacteria, bacteriocin studies (Search for new lactic acid bacteria, from search to application).
“It is with great emotion that the lactic acid bacteria we found is able to help the society, and I will continue to contribute in the future.”
Takako Gunasekara Ueda
Head of General Administration Division
Born in Hino City, Tokyo in 1975. In 2002, after witnessing economic poverty in India, he retired from a semiconductor trading company general career and joined a well-established international cooperation NGO, the nonprofit corporation Shaplanir = an overseas cooperation group by citizens.Mainly engaged in fair trade projects aimed at improving the lives of economically disadvantaged women in Bangladesh and Nepal, and support activities for children engaged in child labor.In 2011 she asked the volunteer group Sell the challenge, led by Mr Teshima, to help launch the brand.She launched Japan’s first Fair Trade Ayurveda soap brand “She with Shaplaneer” with designer Noriteru Minezaki, public relations Hiroshi Igarashi, and interior designer Shingo Abe.As a project leader, she works on alternative jobs for women who have no choice but to do sex work in Bangladesh and Nepal.In 2012, she was appointed as the head of the Dhaka office in Bangladesh.After local activities and top management in Dhaka, she retired from the NGO after she gave birth.Participated in the ORALPEACE project in 2016.
She has been a female lacrosse player and captain since high school. She also has a teacher license as an English teacher.Both her parents are teachers and prominent sports leaders who have completed the physical education course at the University of Tsukuba.
“Realization of a society in which no one is left behind. We sincerely hope that everyone can feel at ease and maximize the potential of everyone’s potential. A peaceful world with ORALPEACE!”