About new coronavirus (COVID-19) and toothpaste / oral care

This is an oral peace project that has been working to prevent infection by brushing teeth and oral care since the new coronavirus landed in Japan in February 2020.

This page features “Coronavirus and toothpaste / oral care” so that the knowledge of doctors and other medical professionals can be widely disclosed to a large number of people and help protect their families.

People with illness, the elderly, infants, and other people at high risk of infection should take various preventive measures to protect the lives of their important family members.

Thoroughly wash your hands, boost immunity, get enough nutrition and sleep, stay away from crowded areas, do not touch your face with your hands, wear a mask, etc. We also need to bring together the wisdom of the world to overcome this human crisis.

Here, I would like to tell you about the possibility of “virus measures by oral care”.

Viruses cannot live on their own and propagate through bacteria. It invades the respiratory tract and body through the mouth and nose, which are all the entrances to the body.

However, it seems less well known that oral health is associated with aggravation of viral infections.

Bacteria in the mouth excrete enzymes such as protease and neuraminidase as their metabolites. Proteases destroy proteins, and when they are unclean, viruses can easily invade weak areas of the mucous membranes.

According to a survey by the dentist association, it has been reported that the incidence of influenza was drastically reduced to one-tenth when the oral cavity was thoroughly cleaned by brushing teeth and oral care.

“With proper care, the incidence of influenza is reduced to 1/10” Kanagawa Dental Association

Unlike influenza virus, the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is unknown to humankind and no countermeasures have been established, but it can be considered as a preventive measure.

It is important to keep the oral cavity clean by brushing teeth and oral care on a daily basis. It has been suggested that oral care and tooth brushing can reduce germs in the oral cavity and make it clean.

Also, when I go out, I would like to try to prevent infection, such as when people gather, trains and buses, and when I meet a person who is coughing after talking with many people.

From the above, I would like to be aware of the health of the “mouth”, which is the entrance to all of the body, and try to keep the oral cavity clean by brushing teeth and oral care more than usual.

In order to protect the lives of important families, it is important to collect information on preventive measures announced by researchers and research institutes around the world and take preventive measures as much as possible.

Why does toothpaste / oral care have the potential to prevent or reduce coronavirus infections, and to avoid aggravation?

This is a reprint of the opinion from Dr. Tanaka, an oral peace project supporter, on the relationship between oral care and prevention of virus infection. We hope that it will be of some help to the health of many people in an emergency.


I think that the oral cavity is often examined by a dentist, an otolaryngologist, and a head and neck surgeon. I would like to express my opinion as one of the otolaryngologists who are Oral Peace Support members.

Recently, attention has been paid to the field of infectious diseases, “Why toothpaste / oral care may prevent or reduce viral infections, and may prevent aggravation?” I think that is the case.

Viruses, including influenza virus, have a structure in which a gene called nucleic acid is encapsulated in a protein called capsid (Note: the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is also wrapped in another protein called envelope).

Bacteria in the intestinal tract, including the oral cavity, also have a protein-degrading enzyme called protease (proteinase).

There are many bacteria in the oral cavity in an unsanitary oral environment, and many proteinases come into contact with the capsids and envelopes of the virus.

As a result, the capsids and envelopes of some viruses, including influenza virus, are decomposed by proteolytic enzymes and become popped, making it easier for the virus to invade mucosal cells centered on the oral mucosa.

That is the reason why influenza virus infection is less likely to occur if the bacterial flora in the oral cavity is kept normal and the amount of bacteria is reduced.

It may be easier to penetrate the gastrointestinal mucosa, but as an otolaryngologist, I do not have enough knowledge about this point.

Considering the above mechanism, if bacteria in the oral cavity are reduced by brushing teeth and oral care, there is a risk of virus infection and seriousness (although the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is unknown as described later). May help reduce.

I think this is the first chance of an unknown virus being transmitted on a large cruise ship like the Diamond Princess, which carries more than 3,000 people, at least in the record-breaking modern world.

The suppression of infection through the oral mucosa against the new coronavirus (COVID-19) has not been medically verified.

However, considering that certain medical evidence already exists and that it is an emergency situation that may be life-threatening due to an unknown threat, oral care should be performed from the viewpoint of risk / benefit ratio. Keeping it clean seems to make sense.


* The new coronavirus (COVID-19) is unknown and may differ from previous viruses. However, for those with illness, the elderly, infants and other people who are considered to be at high risk, we hope that we will take possible preventive measures to save their lives. This comment is not a medical practice, but a view that contributes to the health of the people in an emergency. (2020.03.10. Legally checked)

About new coronavirus infection prevention measures for babies and children

I’m worried about going out for babies and children.

I think many moms have trouble washing their hands, disinfecting with alcohol, gargling and masking.

Sometimes I have to go through the crowds and I end up eating a lot of things.

In such a case, one preventive measure is to apply an oral piece spray to the mouth and throat of babies and children.

Although it is not possible to inactivate the new coronavirus, the dentist association says that if you clean your mouth and reduce the enzymes that spread the virus, you can reduce the infection rate of viruses such as influenza to one tenth. There is a research presentation.

While thoroughly implementing basic prevention such as boosting immunity, not going to crowds, wearing a mask, and cleaning your hands, you can also prevent your mouth from being cleaned.

Until the vaccine is developed, I would like to save a small life by taking preventive measures against various new coronaviruses (COVID-19) as much as possible.

Oral Peace Project members such as researchers and clinicians are working on research and information dissemination every day, hoping that they can contribute to the protection of the health of their families, which is irreplaceable to everyone, with the research and technology they can do.

About new coronavirus droplet infection and cluster outbreak prevention measures for toothpaste at work, school, and on the go

Infection by droplets has been confirmed in washrooms where many people brush their teeth, such as at work and school.

The Kagoshima Dental Association is also calling attention to the fact that there is a risk of the spread of the new coronavirus infection from brushing teeth in a group, saying, “When brushing your teeth, avoid the three dens and droplets (himatsu).”

Brushing your teeth after lunch at work or school is a very dangerous situation where it is difficult to secure tight ventilation, people are likely to be crowded at once, you are not wearing a mask, and you are likely to use a toothbrush to scatter droplets. It can be assumed that it will be.

It is important to have a new style of brushing your teeth by covering your mouth with your hands and brushing your teeth quietly so that gargling and spitting do not scatter.

There is also a risk of saliva droplets adhering to washbasins such as public institutions and toilets where you do not know who used them.

It is important to prevent infection from various risks, protect yourself and your family, and if you are infected, do not bother many others.

On the other hand, it is a known fact that reducing the number of bacteria in the oral cavity and keeping it clean by brushing teeth and oral care is also useful for preventing infection with the new coronavirus.

From the above risk / benefit perspectives

“Toothpaste and oral care at work, school, and on the go is a simple care that reduces the risk of infection.”

I also consider that it can be recommended.

If you only go out during the day and can brush your teeth well at home in the morning and at night, it’s a good way to maintain oral hygiene without using a washroom on the go.

In that case, we think that “Oral Peace Clean & Moisture Spray” and “Outdoor Adventure” are useful. .

Contains lactic acid bacterium peptide preparation “Neonisin-e®︎” that approaches oral bacteria,

Since it is a safe ingredient to swallow as it is, it is digested and decomposed into amino acids in the intestinal tract.

Easy oral care on the spot without going to a risky washroom.

It does not contain persistent synthetic fungicides or synthetic preservatives that kill even the intestinal flora and bacteria that are the source of immunity.

Also, it does not contain honey or sugar that causes tooth decay.

You can expect simple oral hygiene when you go out without side effects.

For those who want to brush, use “Oral Peace Clean & Moisture Gel” and “Outdoor Adventure” to brush your teeth.

Like ISS (International Space Station) astronauts and toothpaste when climbing, you have the option of swallowing it as it is without spitting it out.

Under the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law, there is a rule from the last century that dentifrices, etc. must be spit out without swallowing, but in the event of such an emergency, various infectious disease countermeasures and advanced research / advanced research Technology is believed to protect humanity’s crisis.

We hope that the research results of lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptides will be useful as an infection prevention measure, especially for infants and children, and when there is work or errands that require going out.

Please see the collection of treatises for details.

About the difference between “Povidone-iodine” and “Neonisin-e”

The news was that “povidone iodine” might be effective in preventing infection with the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

Therefore, I would like to explain a little about the features and differences between “Povidone-iodine” and “Neonisin-e”.

The features and differences can be summarized in the following four points.

Both are formulations intended to control oral bacteria.

There is a difference in the mechanism of action, and “povidone iodine” exerts bactericidal activity by inhibiting the protein synthesis of bacteria by the oxidizing action of the content “iodine”.
On the other hand, “neonisin-e” exerts its effect by instantly puncturing the cell membrane of bacteria (bacteria) at an ultra-low concentration by the action of the lactic acid bacterium bacteriocin “nisin A”.

The clinical effect on oral bacteria (not the experimental data on the desk, but when actually used on humans) is the clinical experimental data in which “Neonisin-e” has a superior effect. (Reported by Dr. Tsunoda and others at the 2016 Japanese Society of Oral Pharmacotherapy)

“Povidone iodine (iodine)” has side effects and damages healthy eukaryotic cells (human cells) and mucous membranes of humans. ・ Thyroid function is impaired by long-term use. ・ Pregnant and lactating women transfer to the foetation and breast milk. It has been pointed out that it may impair the thyroid function of babies.

On the other hand, “Neonisin-e” has no side effects, and due to the characteristics of lactic acid bacterium bacteriocin (antibacterial protein Nisin A produced by lactic acid bacteria), it does not damage eukaryotic cells (human cells) or mucous membranes.・ It is digested and decomposed as an amino acid. ・ It has been reported by WHO and research institutes around the world that it is safe for the human body even in long-term use. ・ Nisin A is GRAS certified (as safe as salt and spices) by the US FDA. Certified).

It means that.

Both are preparations for the purpose of suppressing bacteria in the oral cavity, but why is it reported that only povidone iodine is effective among many other preparations for the oral cavity such as alcohol and synthetic surfactants this time? Mystery is.

However, if it is pointed out that cleaning the oral cavity by “oral care” may lead to infection prevention, I think that it was effective in alerting many people to infection prevention.

“Neonisin-e”, which is included in the oral piece, meets the needs of elderly people, infants, pregnant women, and those who are breastfeeding who cannot gargle or spit in 2016, when the aging of the population has progressed.・ It is a lactic acid bacterium bacteriocin preparation developed from technological innovation through research in industry-academia-government collaboration with Kagoshima University Faculty of Dentistry and National Longevity Medical and Health Center Oral Disease Research Department.

Its characteristics are that it has the same effect, is safe to swallow, does not damage human cells, has no side effects, and is highly biodegradable.

For elderly people who cannot gargle or spit, people with disabilities, infants, pregnant women, those who are breastfeeding, those who care about health and safety, those who do not want to damage healthy cells and mucous membranes, pets by Japanese research institutes We hope that “Neonisin-e”, which is the result of biotechnology research, will be used for oral care and help prevent infections.

For details, refer to the “Neonisin-e” website, research treatises, clinical data, etc.

What is Neonisin

New Coronavirus Outbreaks About toothpaste and oral care support activities for Yokohama Port cruise ships

On February 12, 2020, the Oral Peace Project was launched for passengers and crew members of the large passenger ship “Diamond Princess”, which is experiencing an outbreak of the new coronavirus berthed at Yokohama Port via Yokohama City. We provided free distribution support for the oral care product “Oral Peace” for about 3,600 people.

According to each prefectural dentist association, there are research reports that can prevent virus infection by 10 times by cleaning the oral cavity. We hope that Yokohama-born oral care products will help prevent infection and improve QOL for people in need on board.

We are a small social venture, and there is a limit to what we can do, but we hope that it will be of some help to customers from Japan and around the world who are having trouble at this local office, Yokohama Port. , Through the Yokohama City Economic Affairs Bureau, which has been cultivated with generous support since the start of the project, we have provided a small amount of support.

And thanks to the efforts of the staff of the Yokohama City Economic Affairs Bureau, we were able to deliver it. We would also like to thank the Nihon Keizai Shimbun for taking up the efforts of this project.

It would be great if we could approach the realization of the “society in which each person supports each other in case of trouble,” which is the philosophy of the Oral Peace Project.

Support status and results for facilities for persons with disabilities in Yokohama City where a new coronavirus-infected population (cluster) has occurred

We would like to report on the status and results of support for facilities for persons with disabilities in Yokohama, where a new coronavirus-infected population (cluster) has occurred.

Infection of users and staff was confirmed at a support facility for persons with disabilities in Yokohama City, which is also an oral peace project sales partner corporation.

Currently, as of December 14, 2020, the cumulative total of positive users is 44 (31 users and 13 staff), and 1 positive user is hospitalized, but all others are hospitalized. The room was closed due to mild illness, and medical treatment and follow-up were being carried out in each room and living room, and the staff was mildly ill and was undergoing medical treatment at a medical treatment facility or at home.

The end of medical treatment and the return to normal life will be decided according to the instructions of the health center, and the basic infection prevention measures will be thoroughly implemented, and in order to stop the further spread of infection, we plan to continue to cooperate fully with related organizations. I will.

As an oral peace project, on December 13, 2020, we received an emergency support request from the director of the cluster generation facility, Yokohama adult guardian Tsubasa Yukitaka Suda, and Yokohama City related organizations.
We have provided the following emergency support to realize oral hygiene through oral care to avoid the aggravation of positive people.

On December 15, 2020, Oral Peace His Clean & Moisture 100 sprays were urgently shipped from the social welfare corporation Tokyo Colony Higashimurayama, which is also an Oral Peace project partner. We are starting to take care of you.

Oral Peace Clean & Moisture Spray is a product produced by Aozora, a non-profit organization that is also a working facility for persons with disabilities in Niigata, which is also an Oral Peace project partner, and realizes activities to support each other in case of trouble. ..

We would like to provide as much support as possible as an oral peace project for oral hygiene and avoidance of aggravation to protect the lives of people with severe disabilities who have difficulty brushing teeth, oral care, gargling and vomiting.

Postscript: In January 2021, we were able to suppress the occurrence of clusters by waiting at home and in our room, and everyone headed for recovery. We are glad that Oral Peace has helped us.

About selection points of toothpaste and oral care products in corona sickness

The following are the selection points for corona-damaged toothpaste and oral care products that are expected to have the function of moisturizing while providing oral care.

First and foremost, try tasting yourself. You can see the difference in most things, such as “a feeling that it is a safe ingredient even if swallowed as it is”, “a feeling of use that feels good or bad when you put it in your mouth”, and “a feeling of the effect of using it”.

Secondly, it can be important to check whether or not “ingredients that are expected to have antibacterial properties that are safe to swallow” are included.

In order not to increase the number of bacteria that cause troubles in the oral cavity, simple moisturizers (gels such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid) cannot meet the needs of clinical practice, and “products containing antibacterial agents that are safe to swallow” are the oral cavity. It is considered to be highly useful for cleaning, moisturizing, and keeping the inside clean.

The third big point is the usability.

Non-food products containing a large amount of chemical components such as synthetic thickeners and synthetic polymers have low raw material costs, but have drawbacks in terms of usability and water solubility. In other words, it remains like a foreign substance in the mouth and makes me feel uncomfortable. For example, it feels like petrolatum, lard, and paint are stuck in your mouth all the time.

You can also check the water solubility of each product at home.

Add a small amount of the product you want to compare with a petri dish (a small plate is fine).

After that, add water and leave it for about 1 hour.

Finally, flush the water and observe the condition of the remaining wetting agent.

Anything that remains undissolved will feel like it sticks to the upper jaw. There are types that remain almost as they are even with water (saliva), and types that naturally blend in with water (saliva) and spread thinly to moisturize, such as Oral Peace Clean & Moisture.

Hard-to-dissolve substances that use a lot of chemical raw materials are difficult to digest in the human body and decomposed by microorganisms in the intestinal tract, and even if they are excreted in nature, they are difficult to decompose and are difficult to biodegrade by microorganisms.

Whether it feels like it doesn’t dissolve in saliva and remains in the mouth, or it feels like it spreads in the mouth and is moisturized without discomfort. We recommend that you choose the best product.

It is important to thoroughly understand the research and development background of each product and its characteristics such as usability, and to select a product that meets the needs of the user.

Why do we need “safe swallowing antibacterial agents” for toothpaste and oral care products in Corona?

Bacteria cause tooth decay and periodontal disease in the oral cavity, and plaque, which is a mass of bacteria, is also formed.

Tartar is calcified plaque and is caused by bacteria in the oral cavity.

In addition, when the immune system is weakened, the growth of Candida can be seen.

Daily oral care and countermeasures against the causative bacteria are important to prevent plaque, tartar, bad breath, oral candidiasis, etc.

And in order to prevent the growth of the virus, it is important to control the excessive number of germs and keep the oral cavity clean.

On the other hand, if you cannot gargle or spit out, you need an ingredient that is safe to swallow but has the effect of controlling bacteria.

Water, plant extracts and enzymes, and lactic acid bacteria themselves have actual clinical problems, and ingestion of synthetic fungicides in the body also has problems.

Research and development of new formulations that deal with the causative bacteria and solve the conflicting issues of being safe to swallow have been desired all over the world.

Comparison of polishing power and presence / absence of polishing action of toothpaste / oral care products in corona sickness

The following describes how to compare and select the polishing action of abrasives that have the side effect of accumulating on the periodontal disease, which makes the perception hypersensitive due to over-shaving.

Simply, if you pick up each product with your finger and touch it, and if it is “gritty” or “grainy”, it is considered that the polishing action is relatively strong.

In addition, we will introduce “Comparison of the presence or absence of polishing action and the strength of polishing power” that can be easily done at home.

Place aluminum foil etc. on a cutting board etc., put what you want to compare on it and polish it with your finger.

For those with strong polishing power, the aluminum is scraped and the paste gel turns gray, and the scraped aluminum can be removed from the tissue.

Therefore, by looking at how much aluminum can be scraped, it is possible to know the presence or absence of polishing action and the strength of polishing power.

There are cases where “no abrasive”, “soft abrasive”, and “natural / organic” can be scraped and there are differences in polishing power, so if you are interested, we recommend that you check it yourself.

There are various types of products, such as “Oral Peace Clean & Moisture”, which is made mainly of abrasives and does not contain any abrasives, from the type that polishes and scrapes off the teeth.

It is important to fully understand the research and development background and intentions of these products, as well as the characteristics of the products, and to select the most suitable one for you.

About ingredients and additives in toothpaste and oral care products in coronavirus

It is also important to check the combination of the following ingredients and additives for toothpaste and oral care products in Coronavirus.

× Ingredients not approved as food
× Petroleum-derived ingredients × Chemically synthesized ingredients
× Synthetic disinfectant that causes damage to the intestinal flora × Cetylpyridinium chloride (also known as cetylpyridinium chloride / CPC), benzethonium chloride, chlorhexidine gluconate, IPMP (isopropylmethylphenol), triclosan, lauroyl sarcosine salt (LSS), etc. Synthetic disinfectant
× Bleach and deleterious substances such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide (CIO2), sodium chlorite, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine-based gas, etc.
× Na hydrogen carbonate (baking soda, abrasive, alkali)
× Alcohol (ethanol)
× Calcium carbonate (Ca carbonate, large abrasive, limestone powder, white lined powder in the athletic field, raw material for chalk), zeolite (boiling stone), coral powder, shells, mud (clay, montmorillonite), charcoal (charcoal) ) ・ Abrasives such as microbeads (plastic) (compounds, stone powder, etc.)
× Synthetic surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate, lauryl glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, and sodium cocoyl glutamate
× Soap base, coconut oil fatty acid K, olive fatty acid K, and other soaps and foaming agents
× Synthetic preservatives such as paraben (paraoxybenzoic acid ester), phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate, sorbic acid K, PG (propylene glycol), BG (butylene glycol), etc.
× Glycin (preservative / food additive chemically synthesized from formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide) × poly-ε-lysine (polylysine, an antibiotic analog produced by mold-like actinomycetes, preservative / food additive)
× Phosphorus (phosphates such as polyphosphoric acid, metaphosphoric acid, pyrophosphoric acid, and phosphoric acid 2K)
× Solubilizers such as PEG (polyethylene glycol) and propanediol
× Fluorine × Nanoparticles × Synthetic colorants such as Blue No. 1 × Synthetic fragrances / flavors × Salt / sea salt × Titanium oxide × Metals / heavy metals such as copper / silver × Phytic acid × Saccharin Na × Arginine × EDTA-2Na × Difficult Digestible dextrin
× Hinokitiol × catechin × mastic resin × tea tree essential oil × honey propolis
× Raw materials derived from coral in the marine environment, etc.
× Raw materials derived from animals, including those derived from humans × Raw materials derived from insects and insects
× Lactic acid bacteria themselves (live / dead bacteria, lactic acid bacteria derived from animal feces, etc.)

Whenever you purchase a product that you can put in your mouth, we recommend that you check the “all ingredients” (all the ingredients that are included) of each product before making your selection.

How to choose a container for toothpaste and oral care products in Corona

There are mainly plastic tube, aluminum tube, and laminated tube types in the tube package of toothpaste and oral care products in Corona.

Plastic tube / container (made of only plastic, the contents that have come out will return, air will enter inside the empty container, and there will be a gap, and if you see through the sun, the remaining amount of contents can be seen through) , “Very cheap”, “Can be opened with one hand”, but “Low confidentiality, easy to putrefy, need to mix a lot of synthetic preservatives”, “The contents cannot be kept light-shielded There is a demerit that “the components of the material tend to deteriorate”.

The advantage of the aluminum tube type is that it has a high airtightness and light-shielding property, and the contents once stepped out do not return, so it has the advantage of “maintaining good hygiene”. On the other hand, it has the disadvantages of being “difficult to use” such as “cannot be opened with one hand”, “may come out too much”, and “tube breaks”.

The laminated tube type uses the latest technology “aluminum barrier lamination (ABL)” and is made of a material in which “PB, PET, aluminum, PB” layers are layered from the outside.

By sandwiching the aluminum layer between the laminates, the airtightness and light-shielding properties equivalent to those of aluminum tubes can be ensured, and compared to plastic tubes, the contents do not volatilize and the contents can be protected. There is no deterioration even after leaving it for 6 months in a time-lapse test (temperature 40 degrees, humidity 75% etc.), and it is more convenient to meet the demand for ease of use at medical / nursing sites and at home while retaining the functionality of the aluminum tube. It was developed with the characteristics taken into consideration, and the characteristics of conventional aluminum tubes are fully guaranteed.

Although the cost of the container is high, it is a tube that combines the advantages of the functionality of an aluminum tube with the advantages of the ease of use of a plastic tube.

It is also important to select oral care products that reflect the voices of many consumers and not only research and develop the ingredients inside, but also utilize the latest technology in packaging.

Consideration for tubes and containers for oral care products and confirmation of the quality of adopted tubes and containers can be confirmed by cutting open the tubes and containers with scissors after use and looking at the inner surface.

We recommend that you check it yourself.

What is the proper use of oral care gel and oral care spray in corona sickness?

It is effective to use it properly according to each feature.

Gel is useful for brushing teeth, oral care, and moisturizing the mouth.

On the other hand, in the case of spraying, you can spray directly into the oral cavity when you do not have time, and you can easily control the number of bacteria in the oral cavity, oral hygiene and moisturizing.

It is also useful for oral hygiene when you cannot gargle immediately.

Spray products are useful when you are out, busy, or for people who have fallen asleep.

You can also use it as a mouthwash by pushing a few oral care sprays into the water in a cup to dilute it, which is also convenient for gargling.

Spray products are also suitable for storage and carrying because they are almost water and require less water than mouthwash, which has a large capacity.

Effective use of both items is the key to proper oral care.

[Summary] How to choose toothpaste / oral care products for coronavirus

The first is the confirmation of “all ingredients”.

Whenever you purchase a product that creates your body and mind and puts it in your mouth, which is the gateway to all your important body and health, be sure to “all the ingredients” (all the ingredients that are blended and added). We recommend that you check and check for yourself before making a selection.

“All ingredients” can be found on the product packaging.

In many cases, it’s easy to get caught up in “other than the essence of the product.”

However, in the world of science, research, and manufacturing, all new efforts and efforts regarding research, technological innovation, and safety behind products are the result of “all ingredients.”

It is important to check “all ingredients” and determine the essence of the product.

The second is confirmation of “research background” and “results”.

What kind of project members, universities / graduate schools and research institutes (national or private organizations / internationally competitive public institutions),

What kind of career and profile researchers (researchers who can have international competitiveness in their institution or specialized field) have researched and developed the technologies and products, and what they are researching for. Or

And does the research / technology have innovation and objective superiority (“patent”, “treatise”, “award history”, “newspaper publication”, etc.)?

We are now in an era where you can easily search for “research background,” “data,” “treats,” “patents,” “awards,” and “media publications” related to each product on the Internet.

It is important to identify the “research background” of what kind of research institution, researcher, involved members, etc., and what kind of “results” the research has achieved as a result.

Thirdly, what kind of research results and products are handled by the public media such as newspapers and television, and public media such as magazines.

Is it a research result or product that has news value and is treated as an article rather than an advertisement by highly reliable news media and public media?

Every day, we receive press releases from numerous research institutes and companies, and what is published and reported through the filter of reporters who are exhausting is a new socially useful research result for many consumers without specialized knowledge. It is a big factor in determining whether a product has unprecedented value.

Fourth, what kind of medical institution / store is selected, and what kind of countries are sold and used?

For stores such as highly reliable medical institutions and department stores, medical professionals who select various products in the world at their own risk and provide patients and customers with products that their hospitals and stores can proceed with confidence. There is a buyer (purchasing person).

Now that there are so many things and information all over the world, there are stores with high quality that consumers are sure to buy here.

Being selected by these medical institutions and department stores is a product that should be selected, trusted, and recommended to important patients and customers by the filters of connoisseurs who are looking at products all over the world. It will be a thing.

In addition, in order to be officially sold locally not only in Japan but also in overseas countries, it can be sold for the first time after strict approval by the health institutions of each country.

Products that are officially sold locally are products that have been carefully examined in each country and that should be used as contributing to the health of the people.

What kind of medical institution, government agency, public institution, what kind of department store or store should choose the product to choose?

Is it a product that is sold not only in Japan but also in the United States, Europe, China, Asian countries, Central and South America, and other countries around the world? And is it a product that many people around the world are looking for?

For many consumers who do not have specialized knowledge, calmly knowing the handling and sales performance of the product, the difference from other products in the world, the essence of the product, the superiority of research and technology, the product to choose It is an element to judge the goodness.

Finally, confirmation of “sociality”.

Whether it is a product or business that leads to good things not only for you but also for society and others, a product that prioritizes human health and environmental consideration, a product for mere commercial purposes, or social It is important to find out if the product you are working on.

We are in an era where you can easily find out about the actual situation and management attitude of the above companies on Wikipedia.

It is important for medical professionals and consumers to wisely assess the “sociality” of products and companies, not just the product specifications themselves.

Now that various information is overflowing and companies and products are overflowing, in order to protect the health of ourselves, our families and patients, and to protect our own health and livelihood, we must be able to discern and judge the essence. We are in an era of demand.

In the era after the coronavirus disaster, which has changed drastically, medical professionals and consumers learned about how corporate products lead to better things for society and themselves, and the socio-economic mechanism. We need to make wise choices.

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