ー Winner of the Japan Venture Award. Oral Care product Made In Japan.

100% natural, alcohol free. Hypoallergenic & safe-to-swallow, recommended for those looking for safe & environmental friendly oral care & elderly, infants, pets, pregnant, vegans, persons with disabilities, etc. Good for cleaning & moisturizing, effective against all kinds of oral bacteria. ORALPEACE creates jobs for persons with disabilities.



Kenji Sonomoto, Professor Emeritus of Kyushu University, has a Ph.D. in Engineering and has served as Professor of Microbial Engineering Research, Department of Biosystems Science, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyushu University, President of the Japanese Lactic Acid Bacteria Society, and President of the Japanese Society of Bioengineering.

Contains “Neonisin-e”, a patented formulation of lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptide (bacteriocin), which was invented based on lactic acid bacteria biotechnology research to control bacteria.

“Neonisin-e®”, a patented formulation created from nisin, the only antibacterial peptide (bacteriocin) approved as food in the world, is effective against trouble-causing bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans, Pg, Candida, and Staphylococcus aureus. While instantly approaching with ultra-low concentration,
100% chemical-free toothpaste and oral care products that are safe to swallow.

Japan’s cutting-edge lactic acid bacterium bacteriocin research and green technology have solved the contradictory issues that could not be overcome with conventional chemical technology: “effectiveness against causative bacteria at ultra-low concentrations, high biodegradability, and safety.”

Due to its unique characteristics in the world, it has created new possibilities for the sustainable development of humanity.

A new era of environmentally friendly products that are kind to your body and nature.

An oral hygiene brand born in Japan.

The project members were inspired by the birth of a child with a disability and by witnessing the oral problems of his father, who was battling terminal cancer.

In response to the needs of medical and nursing care settings for people who have difficulty gargling, spitting, and oral care, they want to use ingredients that are safe to absorb into the body and do so without burdening them.

Industry-academia-government collaboration with Kyushu University Graduate School of Agriculture, Kagoshima University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, Oral Disease Research Department, etc.

Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Agriculture, Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Dentistry, Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor, Dentist, Veterinarian, Dental Hygienist, Nurse, Caregiver, Speech and Language Pathologist, Social Worker, Lawyer, Disease Fighter, Person with Disability, Athletes ・Comprised of entrepreneurs, marketers, creators, PR, buyers, distribution partners, etc.

Our project team covers everything from basic research to clinical research and mass production.

Developed in 2013 after more than 10 years of research, based on cutting-edge lactic acid bacteria biotechnology research conducted through industry-academia-government collaboration at Japanese national research institutes.

Through technological innovation originating in Japan, we are improving the oral environment of many people around the world, leading to healthier lives and extending healthy lifespans.

Reducing the burden on daily medical care and caregivers, reducing nursing care costs that approach 10 trillion yen annually in Japan alone, preventing infection and aggravation through oral care,

We will create jobs for people with disabilities across the country who have low incomes in their main jobs, and promote sustainable initiatives aimed at increasing their incomes.

In addition, we support activities in disaster-stricken areas and protect the beautiful global environment.

In recognition of our efforts in social activities through business,

It has won various awards including the Yokohama Business Grand Prix Grand Prize, the Japan Venture Award Grand Prize, the Japan Agricultural Science and Technology Award, the Good Design Award, and the Social Products Award.

It has been adopted by medical institutions and ICUs across Japan, including general hospitals, dental clinics, and pharmacies, including the National Research Center for Child Health and Development, Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital, and the University of Tokyo Hospital.

In addition, it is safe to swallow, can be used without water, is highly biodegradable, and is gentle on the body and the environment, making it suitable for use not only in medical and nursing care settings.

Useful for people who are concerned about their family’s health, those who do not want to ingest chemical ingredients, infants, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, disaster-stricken areas where water use is limited, outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, and pets that are important family members. is also recognized,

We are available not only at welfare facilities nationwide, but also at department stores such as Isetan, Crayon House, URBANRESERCH, BEAMS, United Arrows, GoodDesignStoreTOKYO, Tokyu Hands, and Loft, as well as select shops with progressive hearts, outdoor shops, and pet shops nationwide. Thank you for handling it.

Furthermore, as an innovative made-in-Japan product, it is exported to 15 countries around the world, including Europe, America, Australia, Central and South America, China, and Southeast Asia, and is loved by people all over the world.

In addition, activities aimed at balancing social and economic efficiency are carried out by NHK, TV Tokyo, TV Asahi, Asahi Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, Kyodo News, Tokyo Shimbun, Keikai Gaho, VOGUE, ELL, and WWD. ・Croissant, BRUTAS, Sotokoto, anan, POPEYE, SPECTATER, and other media outlets have introduced their activities, and their activities have been introduced to the world on NHK World Broadcasting “Direct Talk.”

In December 2020, it was selected by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to be installed on the International Space Station (ISS), and it will be used for astronauts’ oral care while living in space. We also support expansion.


With this one item, you can use daily oral care and tooth brushing to clean your mouth, moisturize your mouth, prevent bad breath, periodontal care, tongue care, mucous membrane care, prevent cavities, massage your mouth, and dry your mouth. At the same time, we provide total care*, including mouse prevention, saliva support, aspiration lung trouble prevention, infection and aggravation prevention care, and beautiful and healthy teeth.

Research results from Japanese national universities have revealed the needs of people who care about their health, the needs of medical and nursing care settings, the oral hygiene needs of the world in the age of the new coronavirus, and the needs of humans in the age of living in space.

Responding to new tooth brushing and oral care needs.

Streptococcus mutans in the oral cavity, Pg bacteria, bacteria that cause periodontal problems, Escherichia coli, bacteria that cause aspiration lung problems, bacteria that cause bad breath, Candida bacteria, etc.

More than conventional antibiotics, synthetic bactericides, and phytotoxic antibacterial agents,

While instantly approaching with ultra-low concentration,

When swallowed, it is quickly broken down and digested into amino acids in the intestinal tract.

Protects intestinal flora, which is the source of immunity, without sterilizing it.

Safe with no side effects

Contains “Neonisin-e®”, a patented lactic acid bacterium peptide formulation produced by lactic acid bacteria derived from clean plant foods, discovered in “okara” produced in Fukuoka Prefecture.

All products are made with highly traceable safe ingredients, water, plant-derived ingredients, food ingredients, and organic ingredients, so they taste delicious.

Contains a moisturizer that enhances the cleaning action of saliva, prevents stains (pigments) from adhering, and maintains white teeth.

Prevents bad breath by moisturizing the oral cavity, which tends to dry out from breathing through the mouth while wearing a mask.

Contains no abrasives such as Ca carbonate, so it won’t scratch your precious enamel, prevent hypersensitivity, and won’t damage ceramic teeth.

It polishes well without using any foaming agents, leaving little residue.

A major feature of ORALPEACE is that it won’t upset your stomach even if you apply or spray it on your mouth to prevent bacterial growth and dry mouth while you sleep.

Chemical-free, realized through technological innovation and green technology from Japanese industry, academia, and government.

Also, since no alcohol (ethanol) is added, everyone can use it.

It does not contain fluorine (a titanium corrosive component), so it can be used on implants.

It can also be used in disaster-stricken areas and spacecraft where water availability is limited.

Contains no synthetic disinfectants or chemical substances that are difficult to decompose.

It does not accumulate in the body, and even if it is discharged into the natural environment, it is quickly biodegraded by microorganisms and does not affect the beautiful natural microbial ecosystem of soil and water.

It is also an environmentally friendly SDGs-compliant product that does not pollute the oceans where it is washed away and keeps the earth beautiful.

To someone you love.

People who are concerned about their family’s health and want safety in what they eat and put in their mouths on a daily basis. People who are concerned about daily health and preventive care.

For elderly people who need care who have difficulty gargling or spitting, who are worried about aspiration or swallowing, people who are battling illness, and in medical and nursing care settings.

Infants who swallow toothpaste, people who are sensitive to chemical ingredients, and people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive.

For those who are hypersensitive to chemical components, and those who are trying to prevent future hypersensitivity/allergies and avoid accumulation of chemical components in the body.

For the first tooth brushing of a baby whose teeth have begun to grow. Also for pets, who are important family members. Also suitable for vegans.

Also suitable for disaster sites where water is valuable, outdoors, and life in space. Also for those who want to protect the beautiful environment of the earth.

It also helps prevent viral infections through oral hygiene.

The spray can be used to easily treat bad breath, cavities, periodontal conditions, moisturizing, and lung troubles such as aspiration. You can also dissolve it in water and gargle as a mouthwash.

For your mouth and throat during cold season. Preventive care for your baby when going out. Also for easy care of bedridden people and children who have fallen asleep.

Products that are kind to your body and the earth and can be used every day by the whole family.

It’s also a product that makes you feel good.

The ORALPEACE project is committed to honest and sincere manufacturing, and to business with love, through research on lactic acid bacteria biotechnology through collaboration between industry, academia, and government originating from Japan.

In addition, the new coronavirus (COVID-19) has recently become a global pandemic. Humanity must combine its wisdom to overcome this difficulty.

The ORALPEACE project aims to utilize the academic and clinical research conducted by researchers and medical professionals to benefit society, and aims to provide preventive care to the extent possible to protect the lives of people who are particularly at high risk, and to avoid the risk of aggravation due to oral hygiene. We will also carry out awareness and promotion of the following.

[Background of the birth of ORALPEACE]
Pursuing the world’s highest safety and clinical efficacy, we aim to create a safe natural disinfectant that is kind to the body and the environment like never before.

He is a world leader in research on lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptides and bacteriocins, which control bacteria, and has served as president of the Japanese Society of Lactic Acid Bacteria and the Japan Society of Bioengineering. Professor Emeritus Kenji Sonomoto of Kyushu University Graduate School of Agriculture, who has discovered the world’s top number of discoveries, and

Born in a family where his grandfather founded the Omuta Dairy Company 100 years ago, he worked at a chemical manufacturer researching various synthetic fungicides, and then started a new business to sustain a local dairy company that was facing a severe crisis of business continuity. Regarding “lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptides”, we have been working on research and business launch of lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptides and bacteriocins for about 10 years through industry-academia-government collaboration with the national and prefectural governments, together with Professor Emeritus Sonomoto of the Kyushu University Faculty of Agriculture, the highest university in the region. Kohei Nagatoshi, president of an industry-academia-government venture, a researcher and science entrepreneur who graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture at Hokkaido University,

After working as a salesman and management consultant, and having a child with a disability, he gained experience in the successful business of social x organic cosmetics “Agro Natura” as a company employee, and became independent for about 10 years. A small business consultant and social entrepreneur who developed the first European cosmetics brand with organic certification, wanting to support people with disabilities and contribute to society through brand and product business, and has been involved in social activities through his main business. (social entrepreneur) Daisuke Teshima,

As a result of research, clean lactic acid bacteria discovered in okara, a food product produced in Fukuoka Prefecture, are cultivated and highly purified to produce “high purity nisin A”, a lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptide bacteriocin, used as a preservative for organic cosmetics and as a sanitary agent. It all started in March 2011, when the Great Tohoku Earthquake occurred, when we sent an email asking if it could be used to contribute to society.


At the time, Teshima had started consulting and importing and selling organic cosmetics business, and after the East Japan Earthquake, he worked with Rikuzen along with public relations director Hiroshi Igarashi and art director Minezaki Noriteru of Selza Challenge members, an organization to support people with disabilities. He was away working on the “Fukuko Ume” project, which sells pickled plums at a work facility for people with disabilities in Takada City, and met Eiri for the first time at a cafe in Omotesando in May. At that time, Teshima did not see any business potential in Eitoshi’s research, and in 2012 they became friends and provided management and marketing advice.

Then, in February 2012, when Teshima’s father was battling an illness and his immune system was weakened by anti-cancer drugs, he was suffering from stomatitis and oral candidiasis, and he came up with the idea for the ORALPEACE project.

When I visited my father, who had been prescribed medication for oral candida, at the time of his terminal illness and hospitalization, I casually checked out the commercially available oral care products available at the time at the Kitasato Higashi Hospital store in Sagamihara. Sometimes I think of it.

The only options available for sale were original imported products or imitation glycerin gels with only moisturizing functions, or gel products containing antibacterial agents that had limited bactericidal effects and were harmful to the taste and intestinal flora. Furthermore, imported products are twice the local price, and Japanese-made products cost more than 2,000 yen for a small tube product, which is unbelievably expensive from the perspective of a cosmetics planning and development professional. I was surprised that it was so.

The reason for this is that, although the aging of society has progressed up until now, until the 2000s, there were still a small number of elderly people in Japanese society who needed care or people fighting cancer, and products that meet detailed needs (oral There was no need for a new antibacterial agent that is safe to swallow while killing Candida and other bacteria in the body, the number of users, or the market, is small, so large quantities cannot be produced, and there is no competition among competitors, leading to price competition. First of all, it is thought that it was an expensive product that was disadvantageous to consumers.

Through his work and volunteer work, Teshima has planned more than 300 organic oral care, body care, and skin care products in Italy, Germany, and Japan. From that experience, he learned that the high prices of oral care products for nursing care that were commercially available at the time. Surprised by this, and feeling outraged by the price of the product, which places a burden on families struggling with illness, injury, or nursing care, I planned and produced several organic toothpaste gels in Italy and succeeded in the Japanese market. I realized a business opportunity in my field of expertise,

Utilizing the technology of Eiri’s “Lactic Acid Bacteria Antibacterial Peptide” that we had been told about, we will create an innovative product with functions that are new to the times, at a price that is more affordable and common sense. I came up with this idea after participating in a project to help people in Asian countries without social security, which I learned from a request for support from ORALPEACE project director Takako Ueda Gunasekara, which aims to link this delivery to the creation of jobs for people with disabilities. I came up with a business idea that could be called a national/Japanese version of BOP business, which can be said to be good for all sides from a social perspective.

With the aim of “utilizing my business skills to support people with disabilities,” which is my mission, I have traveled around the country giving wage increase seminars to organizations related to employment of people with disabilities that are involved in support activities for people with disabilities. The current situation remains that no matter how many vocational products are produced, it is difficult to increase income.

Rather than acting as a management consultant, I am trying to solve these social issues by acting as a role model myself and creating a sustainable business that will lead to increased incomes for people with disabilities across Japan and solutions to problems faced after the death of a parent through my own business. I think it’s time to launch an original business that doesn’t rely on taxes or donations and that realizes the “fusion of business and welfare.”

In reality, I am groping and trying to live without any certainty of success, in order to feed my family, in order to pay this month’s rent and car loan, in order to pay for today’s food, in a desperate attempt to survive, which can be called the meaning of my life. It was the launch of a new business. Not long after, Eitoshi retired from the company that had been in operation until her father’s generation and became independent while raising three grown children. For the next several years, the two worked desperately to earn less than new employees.

After that, from the 2010s, society became a full-fledged aging society, and as the market expanded, there were new entrants, but the innovation of ORALPEACE’s technology has a public interest equivalent to the level of new human inventions, and even if it is not a business, it is like my father. We hope to be of help to people around the world who are suffering from oral candidiasis and stomatitis. I think it would be great if I could help people, support my family, support people with disabilities, and live a fulfilling and prosperous life every day.

ORALPEACE has a very limited number of people who can use it or enjoy it, mainly cancer fighters, injured people, and people in need of care, so it would be better if it was limited, but it is a product in a very niche and small field. However, as an invention in this field, it is an outstanding invention in human history, and although it is small in Japan, we are expanding it widely around the world with the hope of delivering it to a limited number of people around the world who are suffering from oral problems. . I think there are a certain number of people in the world who are suffering from such problems.

In addition, existing oral care products have adopted a low-value-added strategy driven by low prices rather than technological innovation, so the benefits enjoyed by humanity are in a tug-of-war with immediate profits and the profits of others, and the added value While many people choose cheap products with low quality, we try to communicate the differences between products to those who are conscious and literate.

Although the sales are very small, it is a product that we hope will help us make a living, and if things go well, we will be able to contribute to society even more, and our families will be able to live a richer life. I would be very happy if I could connect with people around the world who can sympathize with me.

So, the real customers of ORALPEACE are terminal cancer patients like my father who suffer from oral candidiasis and stomatitis during the final stages of their lives, but I can say that there are not many such people. It’s better not to have too many.

We therefore ask that you find other uses for this product and support the continuation of this product and business.

For nursing care, as a toothpaste gel for children who drink toothpaste (with only food ingredients, neonisin is also compatible with mutans bacteria), and as an environmentally friendly toothpaste for mountain climbing or camping in nature (chemical-free, 100% biodegradable) ), pet toothpaste gel (antibacterial agent that sterilizes plaque and prevents tartar, antibacterial substance safe even if swallowed, also for animals and pets such as dogs and cats), oral care goods during disasters (can be used without water), space We would be happy if you could support ORALPEACE if you are a health conscious person who likes additive-free products (plant-based, chemical-free) for travel (ingredients that can be swallowed).

Thank you for your understanding.


…This is off topic, but before and after my father’s death, I lost my uncle and aunt to cancer battles and aspiration pneumonia.

In response to the needs of the medical and nursing care scene in a new era, products that families really want to use, products that take advantage of new research, address bacteria that cause problems in the oral cavity, contain ingredients that are safe to swallow, and are affordable and easy to continue using. Developed no oral care products,

The ORALPEACE project was born in 2012 through the encounters and support of many people, hoping to create a business that would help solve social issues through innovative research.

What we want to deliver is healthy and happy days for families.

The joy of living with the person you love the most, the courage to overcome anything for the sake of the one you love, and the irreplaceable days.

And we aim to share that feeling with everyone in Japan and with people around the world.

Thank you for your continued support of the ORALPEACE project.


1. This product was co-developed by industry-academia collaboration.

“Neonisin-e® *” the ingredient in ORALPEACE was co-developed together with Faculty of Agriculture – Kyushu University, Faculty of Dentistry – Kagoshima University, National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology and Eco Friendly Institute. It is a revolutionary anti-bacterial agent extracted from antibacterial peptide (protein) and plant extracts. This ingredient uses Japanese biotechnology to quickly respond to various pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity.

2. Products Awards History

● Year 2014, won Grand Prize in Yokohama Business Grand Prix 2014
● Year 2015, won Top Prize “Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize” Award
● Year 2015, won Social Products Award 2015
● Year 2016, won Kawasaki Standard Welfare Product Certification
● Year 2017, won “Good Design Award 2017”
● Year 2019, won Agricultural Chemistry Technology Award 2019 – (JSBBA) Award forAchievement in Technological Research
● Year 2022, JAXA/NASA selected as Toothpaste for Astronauts on International Space Station

3. Featured in various media such as TV, newspaper and etc.

● NHK General Express “ Savior of aging, edible toothpaste”
● NHK International Broadcasting Station 《Revlutionary Oral Care Procucts Health》
● Nikkei Channel Dream Craftsman “Protecting the Weak from Disease, OralPeace Challenge”
● Asahi Shimbun “Economic +” serial article “Well-being and Commerce Top, Middle and Lower”
● Daily News “Study of oral care agents that can be taken safely Kyushu University, Kagoshima University, etc.”
● Croissant magazine “ORALPEACE would like to tell you” and others

4. First in Japan, export to worldwide

ORALPEACE products have shipped 1,000,000 pieces since the the first launch (as of 2020). It is not only the favorite of Japanese people through hospitals, dental hospitals, selected shops, and welfare facilities throughout Japan, it has also been widely recognized worldwide and exported to the United States, Europe, Central and South America, and Asia.

5.Committed to solve social issues

The ORALPEACE Project is a gathering of over 100 members from various fields such as educators, researchers, medical staff, creators, etc., which reduces the burden of nursing care, prolongs healthy life expectancy, protects the environment, and contributes to national obstacles through the project. Is a social project that is challenging social activities such as job creation and income generation for people. We hope you will continue to support us as users and supporters.