Oral Peace became the first and only certified oral care product under the Kawasaki Standards (KIS), which defines innovative welfare products by government agencies.

The “Kawasaki Standard” refers to the basic concept of welfare in Sweden, which is an advanced welfare country, and includes the “idea in long-term care insurance” of Japan. The basic concept is to support social independence with truly innovative products based on the standard.

As the welfare product market expands, companies are launching many welfare products, and many commodity products are flooding the market.

Doctors, dentists, and dental hygienists who select and decide products to be used by consumers, facilities, and hospitals when waiting-list sales to medical institutions, advertising, and paid writing promotion on word-of-mouth sites are superior.・ For medical professionals such as caregivers and speech therapists, it will be difficult to select excellent products that contribute to improving people’s lives from among many products that look similar.

In selecting welfare products used in hospitals, dental clinics, elderly care facilities, etc. operated at public expense, and products that contribute to a healthy life that consumers should choose and reduce the burden on medical care, long-term care, and households. , A third-party public institution objectively identifies each product with strict standards, selects truly good products that contribute to improving people’s lives, and has deep standards for effective utilization of public funds and consumer protection. It can be said to be a very helpful guideline for people and consumers who do not have the knowledge to select products.

The “Kawasaki Standard” evaluates welfare equipment based on eight principles, and at the same time stipulates the ideal service provided by the product.

● Respect for personality and dignity: The personality and dignity of the user must be respected
● Reflection of user’s opinions: The welfare product should be such that the user participates in the development process of the service provision system and welfare product, the opinion is reflected, and the user wants to use it.
● Self-determination: All services are fully explained and understood in each process of service provision, and are based on the self-determination of the person.
● Comprehensive understanding of needs: Comprehensive understanding of the psychological, physical, and social needs of users
● Activation of activity ability: Consideration is given to bring out the remaining ability of the user and activate the psychological, physical, and social activity ability.
● Ease of use: Necessary services, consultations, and after-sales follow-up are provided promptly in a familiar place.
● Safety and security: Safety and security are guaranteed in all processes of service provision.
● Normalization: Consideration should be given so that people can live their social lives in the most familiar environment possible, regardless of their needs.

Oral Peace has been selected as the first and only oral care product to meet the Kawasaki Standards (KIS), which sets out innovative welfare products by government agencies.

Those who are uncertain about the selection of oral care products that should be used by their families, those who are selecting and considering oral care products that should be recommended as professionals to patients, facilities in charge, caregivers, and users We hope that you will refer to this objective selection criteria by the government for the sake of the people.

Oral Peace will continue to pursue research and development and sincere technological innovation, aiming to create products that are truly useful to society.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kawasaki City Homepage “Oral Peace”

Kawasaki Standard Oral Piece

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2021/02/10 (Wednesday)

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ORALPEACE for Pet Renewal Product will be on sale from February 4

[ORALPEACE for Pet Renewal Product will be on sale from February 4 !!]

Thank you for always using ORALPEACE for Pet.

This time, the product has been renewed, & an improved new product will be released in February 2020.

The new “ORALPEACE For Pet” has been upgraded to an unprecedented oral care product for pets by incorporating a new formulation “Neonisin-e®”, which covers almost all causative bacteria in the oral cavity. We also increase the volume, change the tube specifications, & improve the viscosity.

The homepage has been renewed accordingly, so we hope you’ll see it when you have time.



Corresponds to oral Candida with damask rose formulation

An unprecedented oral care product for pets containing “Neonisin-e” that covers almost all oral causative bacteria

The renewed “ORALPEACE For Pet” will be released simultaneously in Japan and overseas markets

-Increased effect, increased amount, package change, improved viscosity, more delicious & easier to use product-

● Point of renewal

Changed from Neonisin, which was weak to oral cans, to a new formulation, Neonisin-e, which was upgraded with the use of Bulgarian damask rose essential oil. It has become an unprecedented oral care product for pets covering all oral causal bacteria.

Improves usability by adopting aluminum laminated laminate tube & flip top cap.

Shell capacity increased to 80 crumbs. Due to the effects, feeling of use, specifications & changes in capacity, the price is reduced to ¥ 1,200 (excluding tax). We couldn’t avoid price increase due to increased cost, but we maintained easy-to-use price for quality.

Improves the viscosity of the shell, while keeping the edible ingredients of natural origin at 100%, the shell is easy to pick up & has a good texture. For a more natural & gentle taste.

The case design is a sophisticated design. (Won GoodDesign Award 2017)

● Product information
“Neonisin-e *” combination, oral care health gel for dogs
Oral care that can be used forever for irreplaceable family health. With a special toothbrush, finger cot & clean gauze, just apply it in the mouth. Of course, you don’t need to rinse your mouth. If you do not want to open your mouth, it is effective to dissolve in drinking water. Completely free of chemically synthesized components. No synthetic preservatives or synthetic germicides are used. All ingredients except water are made from plants, giving a gentle & refreshing taste. It is a soft, colorless & transparent gel.

Contents: 80g Price: 1,200 yen (excluding tax)

Sorry!Now we can not use “a n d” words on this system.

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2021/02/10 (Wednesday)

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ORALPEACE, oral care for dogs launched in February

ORALPEACE, oral care for dogs launched in February

Trife (Yokohama City), which develops and sells oral care products, will improve the oral care product “ORALPEACE for Pet” for dogs and start sales in February. A new formulation “Neonisin-e” is newly added to prevent oral candida, which is an infectious disease, and is effective against almost all bacteria causing oral problems.

It is gel-like and is applied to the oral cavity using a special toothbrush or finger cot. Since it is made of only edible ingredients, it does not require rinsing of the mouth and there is no harm even if swallowed.

It was commercialized in response to voices from pet dogs and others who said, “I would like to provide periodontal care before tartar builds up,” and “I am worried about bad breath.”

Sold at veterinary hospitals, pet stores, department stores, online shops, etc.


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2021/02/10 (Wednesday)

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About preventive measures for babies and children

Everyone is worried about your baby or child going out.

I think many moms are having trouble with hand washing, alcohol disinfection, gargling and masking.

Sometimes I have to go through the crowd, and I eat a lot of things.

In such a case, using ORALPEACE spray on your baby’s or children’s mouth and throat may be one of the preventive measures.

It is not possible to inactivate the new coronavirus, but if you clean your mouth and reduce the enzyme that spreads the virus, you can reduce the virus infection rate such as influenza by 1/10 There are research presentations.

ORALPEACE is researched and developed by Kyushu University in Japan, and it is safe to swallow, yet contains “Neonisin-e *” that suppresses the action of bad bacteria in your mouth, 100% edible ingredients, organic oral care. ..

It is an oral hygiene agent used in ICU of Japan National Center for Child Health and Development (formerly National Children’s Hospital).

Since synthetic bactericides, preservatives and other chemically synthesized components, alcohol (ethanol), honey and propolis are not used, they can be used by newborns. Delicious fruity mandarin orange flavor.

While keeping basic precautions such as boosting immunity, staying out of the crowd, putting on a mask, and cleaning your hands, you should also keep your mouth clean.

Until the vaccine is developed, I would like to protect my small life with various preventive measures against new coronavirus (COVID-19).

Researchers, clinicians and other ORALPEACE project members are working on research and information dissemination every day with the help of their own research and technology to contribute to protecting the health of everyone and their irreplaceable families.


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2021/02/10 (Wednesday)

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Let’s protect the family from the new coronavirus (COVID-19)

Now that no vaccine has been developed, people with illness, elderly people, infants, and other people who are at high risk of being infected should use various methods to prevent the disease and protect the lives of important family members.

Thoroughly take preventive measures such as thoroughly washing hands, gargle, boosting immunity, getting enough nutrition and sleep, staying away from crowded areas, do not touch your face with your hands, put on a mask, etc. We also need to bring together wisdom from all over the world to overcome this human crisis.

By the way, the other day, I also announced my opinion on toothpaste / oral care and viruses, and I would like to inform you about the possibility of “virus measures by oral care”.

A virus cannot live by itself, but propagates through bacteria. It then enters the respiratory tract and body through all entrances to the body, the mouth and nose.

However, it seems that little is known that oral health is associated with more severe viral infections.

Miscellaneous bacteria in the mouth excrete enzymes such as protease and neuraminidase as their metabolites. Proteases destroy proteins, and in a dirty state, viruses are more likely to enter through weak areas of the mucous membrane.

In a survey by the Dental Association, it was reported that thorough brushing of teeth and oral care and cleansing of the oral cavity drastically reduced the influenza incidence to 1/10.

Unlike the influenza virus, the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is unknown to humankind and a countermeasure has not been established, but it is considered to be a preventive measure.

It is important to keep your mouth clean by brushing your teeth and taking oral care. It has been suggested that oral care and tooth brushing with the lactic acid bacterium antibacterial peptide preparation “Neonisin-e” can reduce bacteria in the oral cavity and clean it.

In addition, when going out, I would like to try to prevent infections when I go out, where people gather, trains and buses, and when I meet people who are coughing after talking to many people. But there are also times when you can’t gargle right away.

In such cases, the usefulness of the “ORALPEACE Spray” product has been suggested. Lactobacillus antibacterial peptide formulation “Neonisin-e” is made from naturally derived food ingredients, plants and water, so it is safe to spray and swallow.

From the above, I would like to be aware of the health of the “mouth”, which is the entrance to all of the body, and try to keep the oral cavity clean by brushing teeth and taking oral care more than usual.

Until vaccines are developed, it is important to gather information on preventive measures announced by researchers and research institutions around the world and take preventive measures as much as possible in order to protect the lives of important family members. It is considered.

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2021/02/10 (Wednesday)

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Regarding the container of ORAL PEACE

ORALPEACE tubes are available in aluminum tube type and laminated tube type.

The plastic tube/container type (made of plastic, the contents that come out are returned, and the amount of the contents that can be seen through the sun can be seen through) is said to be “very cheap” and “open with one hand” There are merits.

However, it has a demerit that “it is not confidential and it easily rots, and it is necessary to use a lot of synthetic preservatives.” Not used with ORALPEACE.

The advantage of the aluminum tube type is that it “has high airtightness and light-shielding properties, and the contents that have been left out once do not return.”

On the other hand, it has the disadvantages of being “unusable” such as “cannot be opened with one hand”, “sometimes overloaded”, and “tube breaks”.

Since the debut of ORALPEACE in 2013, aluminum tubes have been used so far because they are highly sensitive and are best suited for oral pieces that do not use synthetic preservatives.

However, in daily use at medical and nursing care sites and at home, we received many comments regarding inconvenience (cannot be opened with one hand, aluminum is cut, contents cannot be cut out to the end, etc.). ..

On the other hand, the laminated tube type that we started to use in ORALPEACE in 2017 adopted the latest technology, “Aluminum Barrier Lamination (ABL)”, and is a material with layers of “PB, PET, aluminum, PB” stacked from the outside.

By sandwiching the aluminum layer in the laminate, the airtightness and light-shielding properties equivalent to those of aluminum tubes can be ensured, and compared to plastic tubes, the contents do not volatilize and the contents can be protected.

It is more convenient to meet the demand for ease of use at medical/nursing sites and homes while maintaining the functionality of aluminum tubes without deterioration even after being left for 6 months in a aging test (temperature 40 degrees, humidity 75% etc.) The characteristics of conventional aluminum tubes are fully ensured as it was developed with consideration given to its characteristics.

Although the cost of the container is high, it is a tube that combines the advantages of the functionality of the aluminum tube and the ease of use of the plastic tube.

ORALPEACE reflects the voices of many patients and consumers, and we would like to not only research and develop the ingredients but also utilize the latest technology for packaging.

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オーラルピース世界中にラジオ放送 Oralpiece will be broadcasted by the world radio program

NHK国際放送局のラジオ番組「RADIO JAPAN ONLINE」で、オーラルピースのことを世界中にご紹介いただけることになりました。

Radio Japan Focus
Technology & Business: Revolutionary Oral Care Products Protect Health
Tooth-brushing and general oral care has become a focus in Japan in recent years. New oral care products using biotechnology have been developed. We report on oral care products developed in the hopes of protecting people’s health.






Oralpiece will be broadcasted by the world radio program!!

NHK international “RADIO JAPAN ONLINE”
Radio Japan Focus
Technology & Business: Revolutionary Oral Care Products Protect Health
Tooth-brushing and general oral care has become a focus in Japan in recent years. New oral care products using biotechnology have been developed. We report on oral care products developed in the hopes of protecting people’s health.

It’s broadcast by all over the world by 16 languages including English, French, Arabic and Hindi.
We are really happy that activity and messages of Oralpeace are reported to beyond 7,200,000,000 people of all over the world!!
We would like to send information to the world from Japan the country of senior citizen rate No1 in the world.
You can listen the radio on the Internet for about 1 week from tomorrow.
Please listen to the radio!!Thank you!!


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2021/02/10 (Wednesday)

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The first and only certification as an oral care product. Certified as an environmentally friendly product “Acorn Point Product” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

ORAL PEACE, which is produced entirely from water and plant materials, has been certified as an “Acorn Point Product” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a product that has less environmental impact in its production, distribution, and sales and reduces CO2 on the earth. ..

It is the first and only certification for oral care products.

What is an acorn point?
“Acorn points” are, in a word, a mark of “environmentally good products”. By compensating for the CO2 emissions generated when various companies and organizations make and use products and services with CO2 reduced elsewhere, and reducing the CO2 emissions of those products and services, “acorns” “Mark” is attached. “Acorn points” are those with points attached to this “acorn mark”.
Choosing products and services with “acorn points” will also support companies that are focusing on environmental initiatives. In addition, by collecting “Acorn Points”, we can support people (Acorn Point Community) who are making environmentally friendly efforts. Let’s collect “acorn points” for the future of the earth.

This time, we exhibited at the acorn point booth of the “Eco-Products Exhibition” held at Tokyo Big Sight.


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About the support situation to the facility for the disabled in Yokohama City where the new coronavirus infected population (cluster) outbreak

【About the status of support for facilities for the disabled in Yokohama City, where a new coronavirus-infected population (cluster) has occurred】

We would like to report on the status of support for facilities for persons with disabilities in Yokohama, where a group of people infected with the new coronavirus (cluster) is occurring.

Infection of users and staff was confirmed at a disability support facility in Yokohama City, which is also an ORALPEACE project sales partner facility.

Currently, as of December 14, the cumulative total of positive users is 44 (31 users and 13 staff), and 1 positive user is hospitalized, but all others are mild. The room is closed, and medical treatment and follow-up are being carried out in each room and living room, and the staff is mildly ill and is being treated at a medical treatment facility or at home.

On December 13th, the ORALPEACE project received an emergency support request from the director of the cluster generation facility and the director of the non-profit organization Yokohama Adult Guardian Tsubasa, and provided oral hygiene through oral care to avoid aggravation of positive individuals. To achieve this, we have provided the following emergency support.

On December 15th, 100 Oral Peace Clean & Moisture Sprays were urgently shipped, and on the following 16th, we started care to avoid aggravation by thorough oral hygiene.

We would like to provide as much support as possible to preventive care and avoidance of aggravation by oral hygiene for people with severe disabilities who have difficulty brushing their teeth, gargling, or oral care.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions .
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Preventive measures against new coronavirus droplet infection and cluster outbreaks when brushing teeth at work, school, or on the go

[Preventive measures against new coronavirus droplet infection and cluster outbreaks when brushing teeth at work, school, or on the go]

Recently, it has been confirmed that many people, such as workplaces and schools, are infected by droplets in the washroom where they brush their teeth.

The Kagoshima Prefectural Dental Association is also calling attention to the fact that there is a risk of the spread of the new coronavirus infection from brushing teeth in a group, “Avoid three dense droplets and droplets (himatsu) when brushing teeth.”

Brushing your teeth after lunch at work or school is a very dangerous situation where it is difficult to secure tight ventilation, people are likely to be crowded at once, you are not wearing a mask, and you are likely to use a toothbrush to scatter droplets. It can be assumed that it will be.

It is important to have a new style of brushing your teeth by covering your mouth with your hands and brushing your teeth quietly so that gargling and spitting do not scatter.

There is also a risk of saliva droplets adhering to washbasins such as public institutions and toilets where you do not know who used them.

It is important to prevent infection from various risks, protect yourself and your family, and if you are infected, do not bother many other people.

On the other hand, it is a known fact that reducing the number of bacteria in the oral cavity and keeping it clean by brushing teeth and oral care is also useful for preventing infection with the new coronavirus.

From the above risk / benefit perspectives

“Toothpaste and oral care at work, school, and on the go is a simple care that reduces the risk of infection.”

I also consider that it can be recommended.

If you only go out during the day and can brush your teeth well at home in the morning and at night, it’s a good way to maintain oral hygiene without using a washroom on the go.

In that case, I think that “OralPeace Clean & Moisture Spray” is useful.

Contains lactic acid bacterium peptide preparation “Neonaisin-e®︎” that approaches oral bacteria,

Since it is a safe ingredient to swallow as it is, it is digested and decomposed into amino acids in the intestinal tract.

Oral care is quick and easy on the spot without going to a risky washroom.

It does not contain persistent synthetic fungicides or synthetic preservatives that kill even the intestinal flora and bacteria that are the source of immunity.

Also, it does not contain honey or sugar that causes tooth decay.

You can expect simple oral hygiene when you go out without side effects.

For those who want to brush, use “OralPeace Clean & Moisture Gel” to brush your teeth.

Like ISS (International Space Station) astronauts and toothpaste when climbing, you have the option of swallowing as it is without spitting.

Under the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law, there is a rule from the last century that dentifrices, etc. must be spit out without swallowing, but in the event of such an emergency, various infectious disease countermeasures and advanced research Technology is believed to protect humanity’s crisis.

We hope that the research results of lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptides will be useful as an infection prevention measure, especially for infants and children, and when there is work or errands that require going out.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions .
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