2022/02/28 (Monday)-講演・講義, 講義・講演

Entrepreneurship seminar at Yokohama City Hall sponsored by Kanto Gakuin University

[Entrepreneurship seminar at Yokohama City Hall sponsored by Kanto Gakuin University]

Today, Daisuke Teshima, the representative of TRIFE. Inc’s ORAL PEACE project, gave a panel talk on an entrepreneurship seminar at the Yokohama City Hall hosted by Kanto Gakuin University.

For us, this day seems to be a lucky day in the past. Winner of the Yokohama Business Grand Prix 2014, selected as a welfare product certified by Kawasaki City in 2015, and advanced to Dalian and Tianjin, China in 2017.

Many students and seniors came to the venue. Life is only once. Youth is not age. It is the heart.

I hope that today’s seminar will give you an opportunity to try something new and meet you with a fire in your heart.

We would appreciate it if you could contact us using the contact form to request lecturers and seminars.

2022/02/09 (Wednesday)-News

ORALPEACE founder Mr.Daisuke Teshima will be on the stage as a panelist at the “Yokohama Entrepreneurship Seminar”

【ORALPEACE founder Mr.Daisuke Teshima will be on the stage as a panelist at the “Yokohama Entrepreneurship Seminar”】

I will speak as a panelist at the entrepreneurship seminar held at the Yokohama City Hall Atrium.

The theme is “in-house entrepreneurship”.

In my late twenties, after getting a national qualification as a management consultant for three years without holidays while working, I joined Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting and engaged in consulting work for clients, and then joined a venture company of about 10 people aiming to become an entrepreneur. After improving the company-wide business, I started a new business in 2005 with the aim of becoming an independent company as an in-house entrepreneur.

The new business of supporting people with disabilities with organic cosmetics, which was desperately worked on by two people in our thirties at that time, was a huge success on the scale of 1 billion yen in one year. However, the story of the separation of independence was canceled, the head office aiming to go public was absorbed the growth business, and the top of the new business was expelled, leading to my true independence and entrepreneurship.

From a state of nothingness to survival, the bankruptcy of a business partner on the way makes it unclear, but we are working day and night to launch a new business in order to greatly exceed the previous business, and ORALPEACE project has entered the world and space until now. I would like to send you various backgrounds, how you should be an entrepreneur, and a passionate message to young people.

Youth is not age. Regardless of age, if you have the mindset to take on new challenges with a young feeling, you can still be an entrepreneur today.

After returning from a business trip to launch an overseas base last week, I am worried about the current situation in Japan, where the temperature and economy are chilling, but I believe that spring will soon come if we all take on new challenges.

It would be great if many people could take this opportunity to learn about social issues that are difficult to receive light.

Instead of just living for yourself every day, change the future for someone. What you can do will change society and communities better.

That is an entrepreneur and a social entrepreneur.

And our life is only once.

It’s a cold time at the end of February, but I hope that a small light that will try something new this year will light up in your heart.

If you are interested, let’s meet in Yokohama !! PEACE !!


“In-house entrepreneurship seminar-Energizing Japan from Yokohama-”

It is important for each person to work with an entrepreneurial mindset in order to revitalize Japan from Yokohama. Now is your chance when the Japanese economy is chilling! 3 Explore the essence of in-house entrepreneurship from the voices of masters.

In-house entrepreneurship seminar-Energizing Japan from Yokohama-

Date: February 24, 2022 (Thursday) 15: 30-17: 00
Venue: Yokohama City Hall 1st floor atrium

Free tuition
* The deadline will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached, so please apply as soon as possible.

Organizer: Kanto Gakuin University
Sponsor: Yokohama City Economic Affairs Bureau
Planning and operation: NTV Video Corporation
Opening: Tatsuya Iwasaki (Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Assistant President, Kanto Gakuin University)
Guest greetings: Yokohama City Economic Affairs Bureau
Subject: Genya Koyama (President, Kanto Gakuin University)
panel discussion:
Tatsuya Iwasaki (Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Assistant President, Kanto Gakuin University)
Daisuke Teshima (Representative Director of Tribe Co., Ltd.)
Ryo Mori (President and CEO of Deloitte Tohmatsu Node GK)
Yuko Minowa (Recruitment Section, Human Resources Development Department, Yokogawa Electric Corporation)
Closing: Genya Koyama (President, Kanto Gakuin University)



2022/01/15 (Saturday)-News, お知らせ, メディア掲載

ORALPEACE goes to space!! JAXA officially selected as an onboard product on the International Space Station

【ORALPEACE goes to space!! JAXA officially selected as an onboard product on the International Space Station】

We would like to inform you that “ORALPEACE” has been selected by JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) as an on-board product of the International Space Station (ISS).

After being selected as a candidate for mounting at the end of last year, it was evaluated from the viewpoint of safety and mountability after being checked by astronauts, etc., and officially decided to be mounted.

● Announcement of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)  November 22, 2021

The daily efforts of many researchers, including Kyushu University, have come to fruition when they are utilized in the cutting-edge space of humankind.

Taking this selection as an opportunity, we will utilize the research results of the patented lactic acid bacterium peptide formulation “Neonisin-e” in new fields such as space and skin, and accelerate research that contributes to the environmental protection of the earth and the development of humankind in the 21st century. I will come.

We would like to express our gratitude to all who have supported this small project so far, and thank you for your continued support for the ORALPEACE Project.

2021/03/26 (Friday)-メディア掲載

ORALPEACE’s special TV program was broadcast nationwide! Change the World-Aspirations for Building the Future-“Toothpaste without Water in Stricken Areas”

[ORALPEACE’s special TV program was broadcast nationwide! Change the World-Aspirations for Building the Future-“Toothpaste without Water in Stricken Areas”]

TV TOKYO information, documentary program
Change the World-Building the Future-“Toothpaste without Water”

This summer, there is a miracle toothpaste in Chiba Prefecture, which was hit by a typhoon, which helped live in the affected areas. You can brush your teeth without using water & swallow it! What is the secret?

Program contents
This summer, a toothpaste that can brush without water has been very active in Chiba Prefecture, which was hit by a typhoon & suffered from power outages & water cuts. Developed by Daisuke Teshima of ORALPEACE. Made from natural ingredients such as tofu and plum, it is safe to swallow. The trigger of the development was the appearance of my father, who was living a fighting illness in late cancer. He was too weak & swallowed even after brushing his teeth. Currently, it is helping people in 20 countries around the world, not just in the affected areas.


Sorry!Now we can not use “a n d” words on this system.

2021/03/17 (Wednesday)-News

ORALPEACE was featured in Springer’s book “Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific: Case Studies” by the world’s largest academic publisher

[ORALPEACE was featured in Springer’s book “Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific: Case Studies” by the world’s largest academic publisher]

The ORALPEACE Project has been featured in Springer’s book, Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific: Case Studies, the world’s largest academic publisher.

This is a collection of papers on entrepreneurship across Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, including Oceania and Australia.

ORALPEACE was featured as a 20-page research paper in Chapter 3, “Entrepreneurship in New Business and Social Innovation.”

Mr Daisuke Teshima and TRIFE Inc .– Creating a New Business to Support the Elderly and Handicapped

I hope you read it by many people.



「Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific: Case Studies」

This book is dedicated to the analysis of the entrepreneurship in successful companies by presenting and comparing a series of case studies in the Asia-Pacific where many new companies have been growing successfully in the 21th century.

In total, 5 cases in the manufacturing industry, 4 cases in the services industry, and 3 cases related to new business and social innovation are chosen from China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Each case provides insight into the entrepreneur’s aspiration, the processes of personal and business developments, the factors of success, and the inspirations drawn from the analysis.

These cases are analyzed and compared from the viewpoints of entrepreneur’s motivation, ability of foreseeing changes and opportunities in the future business environment, core resources and innovation, knowledge management and culture for the company, determination and ethos.

These are critical factors in value creation for customers and the society, especially in the future business environment. Finally, commonalities and uniquenesses in entrepreneurship relevant to industry sectors and social-economic-cultural contexts are clarified and a typical entrepreneurship model in the Asia-Pacific is proposed.



2021/03/10 (Wednesday)-News

ORALPEACE was featured in “Recommend Mountain Gear 2018” of magazine “PEAKS”

【ORALPEACE was featured in “Recommend Mountain Gear 2018” of magazine “PEAKS”!】

“Industry people picked up mountain tools attracted attention especially this year, 6 items chosen by outdoor writer Mr. Shinya Moriyama” introduced oral piece.

~ “Toothbrush Item Returning to the Mountain ORALPEACE
Common toothpastes contain chemicals that are not decomposed spontaneously. In the mountain hut, there are places like ban on toothpaste. It is 100% natural ingredients sampled from the plant, so you can swallow it, and you can breathe out to the earth without hesitation. It keeps you cranky so you can polish it pleasantly without precious water. When it is troublesome to brush teeth spray the type inside the mouth to prevent tooth decay, refreshing refreshing. It is a Japanese-made authentic school used in hospitals and nursing homes. ~

In addition, ORALPEACE was taken up by Miyagami of the editorial department at the “PEAKS editorial department recommendation. This year’s favorite mountain tool is this!” Section.

~ Gel version of oral care item which decomposes and absorbs in the body even if swallowed. It is a big success at the tent overnight mountain row where it is difficult to use toothpaste. Even rinsing mouth with mouse spray & wash is effective. Winter in which the party increases, it will be a great success in town. ~

In case
“PEAKS” issued by A Publisher has a variety of equipments, intensified knowledge, experienced in practice, and raised myself. It is a monthly magazine for having you feel the pleasure of such a mountain. We also positively take up the latest gears and wear focused on young people who are hooked on the mountain and senior citizens of sophisticated style.

Subscribe to the following! !


2021/02/14 (Sunday)-News

ORAL PEACE was introduced at the 29th “INTERSTYLE 2020” exhibition

[ORALPEACE was introduced at the 29th “INTERSTYLE 2020” exhibition]

We exhibited and introduced “INTERSTYLE 2020” ORALPEACE held in Yokohama !!

“INTERSTYLE 2020” is the 29th exhibition this year, focusing on board culture such as surfing and snowboarding, and outdoor and bicycles.
Surfing and skateboarding have become official events for world-class sporting events, and the fields that attract attention.

May ORALPEACE reach many board cultures and outdoor people.

2021/02/11 (Thursday)-お知らせ, ブログ

Oral Peace became the first and only certified oral care product under the Kawasaki Standards (KIS), which defines innovative welfare products by government agencies.

The “Kawasaki Standard” refers to the basic concept of welfare in Sweden, which is an advanced welfare country, and includes the “idea in long-term care insurance” of Japan. The basic concept is to support social independence with truly innovative products based on the standard.

As the welfare product market expands, companies are launching many welfare products, and many commodity products are flooding the market.

Doctors, dentists, and dental hygienists who select and decide products to be used by consumers, facilities, and hospitals when waiting-list sales to medical institutions, advertising, and paid writing promotion on word-of-mouth sites are superior.・ For medical professionals such as caregivers and speech therapists, it will be difficult to select excellent products that contribute to improving people’s lives from among many products that look similar.

In selecting welfare products used in hospitals, dental clinics, elderly care facilities, etc. operated at public expense, and products that contribute to a healthy life that consumers should choose and reduce the burden on medical care, long-term care, and households. , A third-party public institution objectively identifies each product with strict standards, selects truly good products that contribute to improving people’s lives, and has deep standards for effective utilization of public funds and consumer protection. It can be said to be a very helpful guideline for people and consumers who do not have the knowledge to select products.

The “Kawasaki Standard” evaluates welfare equipment based on eight principles, and at the same time stipulates the ideal service provided by the product.

● Respect for personality and dignity: The personality and dignity of the user must be respected
● Reflection of user’s opinions: The welfare product should be such that the user participates in the development process of the service provision system and welfare product, the opinion is reflected, and the user wants to use it.
● Self-determination: All services are fully explained and understood in each process of service provision, and are based on the self-determination of the person.
● Comprehensive understanding of needs: Comprehensive understanding of the psychological, physical, and social needs of users
● Activation of activity ability: Consideration is given to bring out the remaining ability of the user and activate the psychological, physical, and social activity ability.
● Ease of use: Necessary services, consultations, and after-sales follow-up are provided promptly in a familiar place.
● Safety and security: Safety and security are guaranteed in all processes of service provision.
● Normalization: Consideration should be given so that people can live their social lives in the most familiar environment possible, regardless of their needs.

Oral Peace has been selected as the first and only oral care product to meet the Kawasaki Standards (KIS), which sets out innovative welfare products by government agencies.

Those who are uncertain about the selection of oral care products that should be used by their families, those who are selecting and considering oral care products that should be recommended as professionals to patients, facilities in charge, caregivers, and users We hope that you will refer to this objective selection criteria by the government for the sake of the people.

Oral Peace will continue to pursue research and development and sincere technological innovation, aiming to create products that are truly useful to society.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kawasaki City Homepage “Oral Peace”

Kawasaki Standard Oral Piece

2021/02/10 (Wednesday)-メディア掲載



~ Adults want to stick to it. Organic oral care
Please see the featured articles from here !

Baby is also safe. Toothpaste gel made from only plant ingredients that is OK to swallow
Care for babies who can not gargle well, outdoors when water is not enough, etc.
I wish I had toothpaste that I didn’t mind swallowing …

This “ORALPEACE CLEAN & MOISTURE” is something that people like to use.
It is made from only water and plant materials, and no chemically synthesized ingredients or alcohol are added.
It’s a toothpaste gel that’s as safe as food.

The content is a transparent gel, with plenty of foam, and it is refreshed.
It tastes like a light, light jelly and is popular with kids.


2021/02/10 (Wednesday)-メディア掲載

Introducing ORALPEACE online in the beauty magazine “MAQUIA” !!

[Introducing ORALPEACE online in the beauty magazine “MAQUIA” !!]

“Is oral care properly done? I will teach you how to make clean teeth and breath.”


The editorial department also pays attention! Items with higher-grade functions


A toothpaste and oral care gel made from only water and plant materials, which was born from about 10 years of research on lactic acid bacteria peptides. Toothpaste, oral care and moisturize with one brush.


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