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We have collected some of the customers’ personal review.

T -san (50’s female)

I think it’s so important to emphasize on preventative care. I like ORALPEACE.

A -san (30’s male)

I use it every day and so as my wife who is expecting a baby soon. I would like to recommend ORALPEACE to whomever I care about.

H -san (30’s female)

I try to prevent children. I think that strong medicine is not necessary for prevention, so I am using oral pieces.

M -san (30’s female)

I am breastfeeding and happy to be able to find ORALPEACE.

J -san (5 year old girl)

I love ORALPEACE!! tasty!!

S -san (40’s female)

I was recommended by my dentist and started using it. Now our whole family like it.

Y -san (50’s male)

Our dental clinic has been recommending it to our customers since the begining. Both of our dental hygienists and patients like ORALPEACE a lot.

Y -san (40’s female)

We recommend our patients carefully selected items. I don’t recommend expensive things, but this is Conscientious price.

Y -san (40’s male)

I learned that ORALPEACE received the Japan Society of Agricultural Science Technology Award. It is the first oral care that received the award, and that’s great.

T -san (50’s male)

I read all the papers. I would very much like to pay respect to new technologies that enables people to have better life.

S -san (40’s male)

I knew it was the only welfare product and oral care product approved by the government. I think it’s a good product.

M -san (30’s female)

Since it contains no abrasive, I think it is safe.

K -san (50’s male)

Oral care products researched and developed by national universities. I feel a passion for the product.

M -san (50’s female)

It is sold in large hospitals and department stores, soI think it is reliable.

T -san (30’s female)

I can easily purchase from pharmacies, department stores and online.

M -san (30’s female)

I’ve been looking for a safe toothpaste after I got pregnant. I’m glad I finally found it.

G -san (30’s female)

I like the idea that It only uses Ingredients that are approved as food. Its really safe.

J -san (30’s female)

I was always concerned about transdermal absorption of chemical components from the oral mucosa, especially now that I am trying to have a baby. Thank you for making the choice for us.

K -san (30’s female)

I am a toothpaste nerd. I think this is a whole new product.

F -san (30’s female)

Since it does not contain an abrasive, you can polish it carefully without damaging the important tooth enamel.

S -san (20’s female)

I use ORALPEACE daily and go to clinic for whitening.

N -san (80’s female)

he taste is natural and delicious. The aftertaste is also good.

F -san (40’s female)

I learned that it is containing lactic acid bacterium found in soybean pulp from Fukuoka prefecture, Japan. Its super safe and I really like it.

U -san (50’s male)

I think the efforts for new research and technology development with national university institutions are overwhelmingly different from other oral care products.

F -san (30’s female)

We use ORALPEACE for children, they can’t gargle well. It is good that it is alcohol-free and does not use any chemical ingredients.

Y -san (30’s female)

I already used 5 ORALPEACE toothpaste gels so far… I don’t think I would use anything else.

H -san (20’s female)

Since it contains no foaming agents or abrasives, I found it very convenient for electric toothbrushes.

O -san (30’s female)

Mint taste is fresh yet mild, very refreshing.

F -san (40’s female)

When I wake up in the morning and brushed my teeth, the natural ingredients are so pleasant that I can’t change my toothpaste!

Y -san (30’s female)

it’s good to brush your teeth with natural ingredients before going to sleep.

H -san (50’s male)

After brushing my teeth, I apply some to my mouth and go to sleep. I feel less stickiness inside my mouth when I get up in the morning.

H -san (30’s female)

During the flu season, I spray them to my children on the way home from the nursery. It keeps dryness away.

A -san (40’s female)

Go to sleep with a small amount applied in your mouth, you will feel difference when you wake up in the morning.

S -san (60’s female)

A project to create jobs for people with disabilities by researching and developing new oral care products. I think it’s wonderful.

S -san (40’s female)

I like using natural organic products, especialy something we use everyday like toothpaste. our family have been using ORALPEACE for a while now.

R -san (40’s female)

I live in United States. I am happy now that I can also purchase ORALPEACE at my neighbor

K -san (40’s female)

My kids liked it’s taste. I think they enjoy brushing their teeth more compare to before. I recommend this product for those who are busy raising children!!

G -san (40’s female)

I like this product because it’s effect if research and evidence based.

I -san (30’s male)

My partner and I use ORALPEACE everyday.

S -san (30’s male)

I came to know about this product from a TV program on Social Products. Good product!

M -san (40’s male)

I like to spend my time outdoor. It is very important for me not to use any products that would harm our nature. I am happy with ORALPEACE.

T -san (40’s female)

I use it for my dog, our precious family member. We want him to live a healthy life.

H -san (30’s female)

I’m glad that high quality oral care product for pets finally came out.

E -san (50’s female)

It was difficult to brush my dog’s teeth every day, but this has made it much easier.

O -san (30’s male)

I use it when I go mountain climbing, vertical running and camping. It is good knowing I don’t leave any footprint in nature by brushing my teeth outdoor!

S -san (60’s male)

It was useful when we had to evacuate to the shelter (* at the time of Kumamoto disaster) . Water supply was not available yet we could clean our teeth using this product. Since then, we have stocked one in our disaster prevention backpack.

H -san (30’s male)

I am not familiar with bio technology.. but I like the concept of the brand and it’s taste!

M -san (60’s female)

My mouth was always dry and usually I had to wake up to drink a glass of water at middle of the night. After start applying ORALPEACE before going to bed, my mouth is more moist and helped me have better sleep.

K -san (40’s male)

It does not contain fluorine (titanium corrosion component) that I feel comfortable using it for implants.

N -san (30’s female)

I have braces and some parts are difficult to reach by brush. I think ORALPEACE is effective and help clean my teeth.

F -san (40’s female)

I am a nurse and our Pediatric ward is using Oralpeace for a while. Children like orange flavor especially.

F -san (40’s female)

Our staffs chose from a number of oral care gels for use in the facility (elderly care). Everyone is happy with this product.

S -san (50’s female)

We use it in elderly care facility. It has been well received by users and reduced the burden of nursing care.

S -san (40’s female)

No bubbles are formed, it is easy brush my teeth longer.

U -san (50’s male)

I thought that the oral moisturizers so far were too expensive. I am happy with the price and its effect.

K -san (30’s female)

I think it is wonderful to have a powerful product that was invented in Japan and exported all over the world.

A -san (40’s female)

We adopted ORALPEACE as a result of a study on its use at our hospital.

H -san (50’s male)

I think it’s a very reasonable price for it’s quality.

S -san (40’s female)

We use this toothpaste and spray for our home-visit nursing care. It is easy to use and helps the patient’s self care.

W -san (50’s female)

I recommend it to patients who have dry mouth due to side effects of the drug.

S -san (50’s female)

I think that it is a good product that matches the times when health is a concern.

S -san (40’s female)

I noticed ORALPEACE does not appear on advertisements but I think it is a really good product because it is featured on various televisions and newspapers.

T -san (30’s female)

We use ORALPEACE at our facilities for people with severe disabilities. Everyone likes it.

K -san (50’s female)

My mother’s tongue was always white and super dry. After using ORALPEACE, it is now clean pink and smooth.

Y -san (50’s female)

I purchased this toothpaste for my mother who needs nursing care. My mother likes it.

S -san (40’s female)

I like the part that this product is high in water solubility.

H -san (40’s female)

When my mother with dementia had a difficult toothpaste, I put on a gel and handed a toothbrush, and my taste and motivation to brush my teeth were restored.

S -san (50’s female)

I have been using it at a nursing facility because it was recommended by a partner dentist’s teacher for use in nursing care facilities. It is popular.

S -san (70’s female)

It’s a very nice product, I also use and support the brand.

T -san (50’s female)

We use ORALPEACE for our patients with impaired swallowing function.

N -san (70’s female)

I use the toothpaste for cleaning my cleaning my dentures. It has been helping me a lot.

S -san (40’s male)

I am happy that I can see the result of legitimate research and development and attitude toward manufacturing.

H -san (50’s female)

I recommend the toothpaste for infant patients who do not like brushing their teeth. Many children is liking this one.

I -san (40’s male)

It is a product that was created with passion of researchers at universities and research institutions in Japan. Good job!

Y -san (50’s female)

I apply the gel onto my mouthpiece while sleeping.

Y -san (30’s female)

Since my profession is hospitality business, I use the spray time to time to prevent bad breath.

R -san (20’s male)

I like to use this toothpaste for mountain climbing, outdoor festivals, camping, anywhere outdoors. May be used in space!? in the future!

M -san (30’s male)

I like it’s design. I heard this is the first product received “GOOD DESIGN AWARD” for toothpaste. Design is important for me.

T -san (30’s female)

I am using it for my dog, she cannot gargle or spit out. I want her to stay healthy and live long time.

Y -san (40’s female)

We use ORALPEACE spray at our elderly people facility. Spraying it into mouth is easy and so useful especially care-taker is busy.

R -san (30’s famale)

We examined variety of products and in the end adapted ORALPEACE at our nursing facility.

U -san (50’s male)

Usually nursing care product are in high price range. I appreciate the product is sold at reasonable price.

S -san (50’s male)

Our cat loves ORALPEACE!

E -san (30’s male)

I use them both at home and office work. Package design is quite stylish. I also like the eco-friendly and sustainable aspects of the product.

R -san (40’s male)

After running and sports, I use ORALPEACE to refresh my mouth. Good product.

K -san (40’s female)

I work at the facility for people with disabilities and our facilities is selling ORALPEACE. By selling them our people can increase income and we are very thankful the the project.

F -san (50’s female)

The result of Japanese technological innovation. good work.

S -san (10’s female)

I leaned by reading a book at school that ORALPEACE business was initially started because the founder wanted his farther who was struggling with cancer to have safe oral care product.

T -san (50’s female)

By purchasing ORALPEACE can help to increased income for people with disabilities. I like the idea of social contribution.

H -san (40’s male)

I would like to support the brand do good for the people in need.

Y -san (60’s female)

I support ORALPEACE not only for it’s great toothpaste but also for it’s social concept and efforts.

K -san (70’s male)

I hope ORALPEACE will continue to do it’s best to make honest products and contribute to our society. Good luck.

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