Oral Peace became the first and only certified oral care product under the Kawasaki Standards (KIS), which defines innovative welfare products by government agencies.

The “Kawasaki Standard” refers to the basic concept of welfare in Sweden, which is an advanced welfare country, and includes the “idea in long-term care insurance” of Japan. The basic concept is to support social independence with truly innovative products based on the standard.
As the welfare product market expands, companies are launching many welfare products, and many commodity products are flooding the market.
Doctors, dentists, and dental hygienists who select and decide products to be used by consumers, facilities, and hospitals when waiting-list sales to medical institutions, advertising, and paid writing promotion on word-of-mouth sites are superior.・ For medical professionals such as caregivers and speech therapists, it will be difficult to select excellent products that contribute to improving people’s lives from among many products that look similar.
In selecting welfare products used in hospitals, dental clinics, elderly care facilities, etc. operated at public expense, and products that contribute to a healthy life that consumers should choose and reduce the burden on medical care, long-term care, and households. , A third-party public institution objectively identifies each product with strict standards, selects truly good products that contribute to improving people’s lives, and has deep standards for effective utilization of public funds and consumer protection. It can be said to be a very helpful guideline for people and consumers who do not have the knowledge to select products.
The “Kawasaki Standard” evaluates welfare equipment based on eight principles, and at the same time stipulates the ideal service provided by the product.
● Respect for personality and dignity: The personality and dignity of the user must be respected
● Reflection of user’s opinions: The welfare product should be such that the user participates in the development process of the service provision system and welfare product, the opinion is reflected, and the user wants to use it.
● Self-determination: All services are fully explained and understood in each process of service provision, and are based on the self-determination of the person.
● Comprehensive understanding of needs: Comprehensive understanding of the psychological, physical, and social needs of users
● Activation of activity ability: Consideration is given to bring out the remaining ability of the user and activate the psychological, physical, and social activity ability.
● Ease of use: Necessary services, consultations, and after-sales follow-up are provided promptly in a familiar place.
● Safety and security: Safety and security are guaranteed in all processes of service provision.
● Normalization: Consideration should be given so that people can live their social lives in the most familiar environment possible, regardless of their needs.
Oral Peace has been selected as the first and only oral care product to meet the Kawasaki Standards (KIS), which sets out innovative welfare products by government agencies.
Those who are uncertain about the selection of oral care products that should be used by their families, those who are selecting and considering oral care products that should be recommended as professionals to patients, facilities in charge, caregivers, and users We hope that you will refer to this objective selection criteria by the government for the sake of the people.
Oral Peace will continue to pursue research and development and sincere technological innovation, aiming to create products that are truly useful to society.
Thank you for your continued support.
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Kawasaki Standard Oral Piece

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