About preventive measures for babies and children

[About preventive measures for babies and children]
Everyone is worried about your baby or child going out.
I think many moms are having trouble with hand washing, alcohol disinfection, gargling and masking.
Sometimes I have to go through the crowd, and I eat a lot of things.
In such a case, using ORALPEACE spray on your baby’s or children’s mouth and throat may be one of the preventive measures.
It is not possible to inactivate the new coronavirus, but if you clean your mouth and reduce the enzyme that spreads the virus, you can reduce the virus infection rate such as influenza by 1/10 There are research presentations.
ORALPEACE is researched and developed by Kyushu University in Japan, and it is safe to swallow, yet contains “Neonisin-e *” that suppresses the action of bad bacteria in your mouth, 100% edible ingredients, organic oral care. ..
It is an oral hygiene agent used in ICU of Japan National Center for Child Health and Development (formerly National Children’s Hospital).
Since synthetic bactericides, preservatives and other chemically synthesized components, alcohol (ethanol), honey and propolis are not used, they can be used by newborns. Delicious fruity mandarin orange flavor.
While keeping basic precautions such as boosting immunity, staying out of the crowd, putting on a mask, and cleaning your hands, you should also keep your mouth clean.
Until the vaccine is developed, I would like to protect my small life with various preventive measures against new coronavirus (COVID-19).
Researchers, clinicians and other ORALPEACE project members are working on research and information dissemination every day with the help of their own research and technology to contribute to protecting the health of everyone and their irreplaceable families.

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