Oral piece was published in “2017 Good Design Award Winning Yearbook”

[Oral Peace was published in the “2017 Good Design Award Winning Yearbook” !!]
Oral care products
Oral piece
An oral care product containing the patented neo-nysin, which has an excellent effect on the bacteria that cause oral problems and is safe to swallow. In Japan alone, we will reduce the cost of nursing care for the elderly, which exceeds 9 trillion yen, work to create jobs for people with disabilities nationwide, and design a society that supports each other through products. It is expanding worldwide as a global social brand originating in Japan.
Pr: Trife.Inc Daisuke Teshima
Dr: Trife.Inc Takako Gunasekara Ueda
Ad: STUDIO Noriteru Minezaki
Evaluation comment by the judges:
An oral care product that is safe to swallow and is supported in the field of nursing care and medical care. Package design with global awareness. Behind the scenes are efforts to create jobs and income for persons with disabilities, and sociality is a package that includes them. Globality with overseas expansion. All of them were evaluated.
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