Introduced ORALPEACE at TABI LABO Toothpaste “ORALPEACE” that can be drunk

[Introduced ORALPEACE at TABI LABO Toothpaste “ORALPEACE” that can be drunk]
“ORALPEACE”, a toothgel that is kind to both the body and the earth and feels good to the heart
“Toothpaste that you can drink”
Is also a great product.
This “ORALPEACE” product, the mechanism that is worrisome, is a patented lactic acid bacterium peptide preparation called “Neonisin-e®” produced by lactic acid bacteria discovered from “okara” produced in Fukuoka Prefecture, which instantly bacteria at an ultra-low concentration.
Even if swallowed as it is, it is quickly decomposed and digested as amino acids in the intestinal tract, so the intestinal flora, which is the source of immunity, can be protected without sterilization.
Moreover, it is made with only water, plant-derived ingredients, food ingredients, and organic ingredients, so the taste is delicious.
In addition, it prevents the adhesion of stains (pigments) and moisturizes the oral cavity, which tends to be dry, and prevents bad breath.
It can be polished firmly without using foaming agents or abrasives, is chemical-free, contains no alcohol (ethanol), and does not contain fluorine, so even implanters can use it.
In the first place, ORALPEACE has been for 10 years for elderly people requiring long-term care, fighting illnesses, and disabled people who have difficulty in gargling and vomiting because the project members witnessed oral troubles of their father who fought against terminal cancer.
A product developed in 2013 after the above period.
However, due to its characteristics, it is now recognized as useful for infants and pregnant women, nursing mothers, “outdoors” such as disaster-stricken areas and mountain climbing where water use is limited, and “pets” who are important families.
Since the Kumamoto earthquake, the distributor “Trife Co., Ltd.” has been actively supporting the affected areas, and after the new corona disaster, the Diamond Princess, which was moored at the port of Yokohama where clusters occurred, also has products. It is said that it has carried out free provision support activities.
In addition, in the development project of this product, people with disabilities nationwide are engaged in business and are making efforts to generate work and income, and have received numerous awards such as the “Japan Venture Award Best Award”.
Furthermore, the other day, the research results and achievements so far have been recognized, and it has been selected as a candidate product for installation on JAXA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)’s ISS (International Space Station) as a space toothpaste / oral care product.
An ORALPEACE that expands its field of activity into space, not just on the earth.
I would like to support the future activities of the amazing products produced in Japan.

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