ORALPEACE selected as a candidate for installation on the ISS (International Space Station) of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

[ORALPEACE selected as a candidate for installation on the ISS (International Space Station) of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)]
We would like to inform you that the drinkable oral care product “Oral Peace” has been selected (unofficially decided) as a candidate for installation on the International Space Station (ISS) of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency).
□ Selected product: Oral care product “ORALPEACE” with drinkable ingredients
□ Product Overview: An oral care product containing a patented lactic acid bacterium peptide formulation “Neonisin-e®” that has an excellent antibacterial effect against bacteria that cause problems in the oral cavity and is safe to swallow. A lactic acid bacterium antibacterial peptide that controls bacteria with the world’s most advanced bacteria with Kyushu University, etc.・ Developed in 2013 after a research period of more than 10 years based on biotechnology research. In addition to reducing the cost of nursing care for the elderly, which will increase by more than 9 trillion yen in Japan, people with disabilities nationwide are engaged in business to create jobs and income, and the Yokohama Business Grand Prix Grand Prix Award, Japan Venture Award Grand Prize, Japan Received various awards such as Agricultural Science and Technology Award and Good Design Award. In addition, it is safe to swallow and can be used without water. It is highly biodegradable and environmentally friendly, so it is not limited to elderly people requiring nursing care, fighting illnesses, and disabled people, but also in disaster-stricken areas and mountain climbing where water use is limited. It is highly evaluated for its usefulness for outdoor use, infants and pets, pregnant women, and people who care about the health of their families, and is being exported from Japan to Europe, the United States, Oceania, and Asia. In addition, since the Great Kumamoto Earthquake, we have been actively supporting the affected areas, and after the new Corona disaster, the Diamond Princess and the facility for the disabled in Yokohama City, which had been moored at the port of Yokohama where clusters occurred, were seriously injured due to oral hygiene. We are carrying out activities to support the provision of products free of charge to avoid the change.
[JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) announcement]
Release date: December 18, 2020 https://iss.jaxa.jp/med/partner/71532_result.html
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has solicited ideas that combine issues and problems in space life, common issues related to life in space and life on the ground, and solutions, and has submitted 94 applications. Comprehensive evaluation from the viewpoints of A) improvement of convenience of life while staying in space, B) solution of ground problems / social impact, C) feasibility of development, and D) possibility of mounting on ISS. , We have selected daily necessities to be installed on the International Space Station (ISS) around 2022. In the future, JAXA will confirm the direction of development and prototypes with astronauts, and after the development is completed, comprehensively evaluate from the viewpoint of safety and mountability, and decide whether or not to mount it on the ISS. is. (Excerpt)
[Outline of ideas for oral care products “ORALPEACE” with drinkable ingredients (“Outline of problem themes and solutions to problems”)]
The oral care product “ORALPEACE”, which was developed in 2013 for people who have difficulty in gargling or vomiting due to oral problems of their father who fought against terminal cancer of a project member, is a dental caries bacterium, periodontal disease bacterium, and aspiration. It is equal to or better than conventional antibiotics, synthetic bactericides, and phytotoxic antibacterial agents against bacteria that cause periodontitis, bad breath, and candida, and it is swallowed without side effects while approaching it instantly at an ultra-low concentration. It is also a big feature that it is safe.
Due to its characteristics, it is not limited to medical and long-term care sites, but also for disaster-stricken areas and outdoors where water use is limited, use for infants and pets, pregnant women and people who care about health, and oral hygiene as infection prevention in corona damage. It is a supported product.
Through industry-academia-government joint research with Kyushu University Graduate School of Agriculture, Kagoshima University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, National Longevity Medical Research Center Oral Disease Research Department, etc., pursuing unprecedented safety and clinical effects, from Japan Developed based on lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptide biotechnology research that controls bacteria with bacteria, it realizes “cleaning of the oral cavity”, “prevention of tooth decay”, “prevention of periodontal disease”, “prevention of bad breath” and “moisturizing of the mouth”. ..
Contains the patented lactic acid bacterium bacteriocin preparation “Neonisin-e ®” (Patent No. 5750552) that instantly approaches the bacteria that cause trouble in the oral cavity at an ultra-low concentration. The lactic acid bacterium antibacterial peptide “Nisin”, which is made from clean lactic acid bacteria that live in the vegetable food “Okara” and has been evaluated for safety by the world’s health organizations, and water that is safe to swallow and naturally derived vegetable foods. Made with only ingredients, it quickly decomposes and digests in the intestinal tract. It is a SDGs-compatible product that can be used anywhere by everyone and has a low environmental impact because it is free of chemical substances realized by technological innovation and green technology of Japanese industry, academia and government, and does not contain alcohol (ethanol).
In addition, as a project, we are also taking on the challenge of social contribution activities to solve social issues such as job creation and income improvement for persons with disabilities nationwide.
Initially, “ORALPEACE” was developed for the elderly and people with disabilities who cannot gargle or spit out, but by using it in space life where the use of water is limited, it is safe and has minimal ingredients and is healthy. It is thought that it will maintain the health of the oral cavity, which is the entrance to all areas, and improve the health and QOL of everyone working in space.
In terms of utilization on the ground, this innovative technology from Japan’s industry-academia-government collaboration is not limited to the medical and nursing care market, but also the disaster prevention product market and side effects that are useful in disaster-stricken areas and conflict areas where water use is limited. It is expected to contribute to the creation of large markets in various fields such as the no virus infection prevention product market, the environmentally clean outdoor market, the baby maternity market, the pet market, and the safe skin hygiene product market.
We have been aiming to utilize ORALPEACE in space since the start of development, but once it is installed, industry-academia-government research efforts with Kyushu University and the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology will bear fruit.
It will also bring unprecedented news that products involving disabled members will be used in space and bring dreams, hopes and courage to hundreds of millions of people with disabilities and their families around the world. ..
In the future, we plan to prepare for mounting while conducting safety, compatibility, and fit checks by astronauts.
Taking this selection result as an opportunity, we will utilize the technological innovation and research results of ORALPEACE in the new field of space, and accelerate research that contributes to the development of humankind in space and ground life.

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