ORALPEACE for Pet was introduced in fashion magazine “25ans”

[ORALPEACE is introduced in the SGDs special feature of lifestyle magazine “Hanako”]
ORALPEACE toothpaste gel does not pollute the sea ahead.
Toothpaste gel made with only naturally derived foods and organic ingredients, containing plant-derived lactic acid bacteria
100% ingredients that are safe to swallow !! Since it does not contain abrasives or chemical ingredients, rinse your mouth with a buzz.
It does not pollute the sea even if it is washed away, and it is kind to both people and the earth. The refreshing feeling of mint while being hypoallergenic.
From the December 2020 issue of this month, the magazine house “Hanako” has been upgraded as “an intellectual lifestyle magazine that fulfills” I want to know more! “”. The first theme to commemorate is “How to choose a comfortable life”.
As an SDGs lifestyle book, we introduce our efforts for life-sized SDGs.

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