ORALPEACE&BODYPEACE was introduced in the magazine “HONEY”

[ORALPEACE was introduced in the magazine “HONEY”]
An organic hand cream that applies the power of lactic acid bacteria to hand skin care
A new hand cream debuts from “ORAL PEACE”, which is known for its chemical-free oral care products that are 100% organic foods and organic ingredients and are safe to swallow. Of course, this is also made with food-level ingredients and is silicon-free, so you can use it without hesitation while cooking, and it is safe even if you have babies or pets. Neo-Nisin-e®︎, which was developed based on research on lactic acid bacteria biotechnology originating in Japan, prepares rough skin, and beauty plant ingredients carefully selected from all over the world give freshness and firmness. In addition, natural barrier ingredients such as beeswax trap moisture to make your skin slippery and smooth. The aroma of organic essential oil from Piedmont, Italy, does not have a strong scent, so it seems to be useful in any situation.
BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream
A toothpaste gel made from foods that are safe to swallow and organic ingredients.
ORALPEACE clean & white

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