ORALPEACE Project New entry into the skin product market “BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream” to be launched

[ORALPEACE Project New entry into the skin product market “BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream” to be launched]
A fusion of patented technology based on lactic acid bacteria biotechnology and the world’s “edible” beauty plant ingredients
Pursuing clinical efficacy and safety
Applying research on lactic acid bacterium bacteriocin from Japan Kyushu University to hand skin care
Lactic Acid Bacteria Biotechnology x Organic Hand Care Products
“BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream”
Made from plant foods and organic ingredients while approaching trouble-causing bacteria
From the chemical-free oral care product “Oral Peace”
Hand care products debut for the new corona era
ORALPEACE Project (Headquarters: Yokohama Japan) has developed an epoch-making hand care product for the new coronavirus era and will release it in the Japanese and overseas markets from the fall of 2020.
The new product “BODYPEACE Premium Hand Care Cream” is a lactic acid bacterium bacteriocin made from ingredients that are safe to swallow while approaching germs and trouble-causing bacteria, which were invented through industry-academia collaboration with Kyushu University and the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology. Contains the patented formulation “Neonisin-e®” (Patent No. 5750552).
The concept of ORALPEACE, which has been “made only with food ingredients and is friendly to people and the environment” and “can be used by the whole family from babies to the elderly and pets, and can be effectively and safely cared for”, remains the same.
As a hand care product that meets the medical field and consumer needs of the new corona era
“Skin care that nourishes hands with the world’s” edible “beauty botanical ingredients”,
“Silicon-free, natural veil protects hands from disinfection and water work”,
“Relax and refresh with organic lavender essential oil by biodynamic farming”,
Add value that has never been seen before.
You can safely and easily realize hygiene care at the same time as daily hand skin care.
Corresponding to the new coronavirus era,
Lactic acid bacteria biotechnology patented technology from Kyushu University fused with the world’s “edible” beauty plant ingredients,
An epoch-making organic hand care product that “combines clinical efficacy and safety” was born, which was difficult to realize with conventional organic products.
From autumn 2020, at medical institutions, department stores, select shops, organic shops, employment facilities for people with disabilities, directly managed online shops, etc. all over japan.
In addition, sales have started in overseas markets such as the United States, Europe, and Asia.
And while contributing to making people around the world healthier and more beautiful every day through technological innovation originating in Japan,
I hope that it will lead to the protection of as many healthy days as possible in the world.
We will work through the social work with love.
For more information,please check website.

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