ORALPEACE was introduced in the magazine “STORY”

[ORALPEACE was introduced in the magazine “STORY”]
◆ It’s very convenient because you can take care of everything from your 3-year-old son to dad!
“ORALPEACE’s mouth spray and wash, which can be used by both adults and infants, is very convenient when going out with three sons. Even if you can’t brush your teeth after lunch, just put water and mouth spray and wash in a cup and wash your mouth. It’s very clean. It’s not spicy, so my sons are in a good mood while saying “it’s delicious”. ”
Clean & Moisture Spray Mint Mouth Spray & Wash 30ml
(User) Akika Nagata 38 years old Company officer
@Asukanagata, which is packed with petit plastic fashion and the latest cosmetics and food information, has 30,000 followers. Oral care in STAY HOME utilizes tape-type whitening. Energetic 8 year old, 6 year old, 3 year old boy mom.

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