We were introduced on the blog of “Colony Higashimurayama”, a work support facility for people with disabilities.

【We were introduced on the blog of “Colony Higashimurayama”, a work support facility for people with disabilities.】
The Oral Peace Project is a social project that utilizes technological innovations, which are the research results of national research institutes such as Kyushu University, for economic independence and social participation of persons with disabilities who have low jobs and incomes across the country.
“Wholesale sales and packing/shipping operations” to special supporters of the Oral Peace Project, “Crayon House”, “Tokyu Hands”, “Organic Market”, “Urban Research Doors”, “Claska Gallery & Shop Do”. We also outsource the “packing and shipping business” to other wholesalers and those who have purchased at the official online shop to members with disabilities working at Colony Higashimurayama.
The social welfare corporation Tokyo Colony is a pioneer in the welfare of persons with disabilities, with a national organization that has paved the way for the independence of tuberculosis fighters and persons with disabilities shortly after the war, when Japan had no welfare system yet. It is a facility where many members who are willing to work despite their disabilities work together, with the great support of staff with a warm heart.
About 10 years before I started the Oral Peace Project, I knew that the work and income of people with disabilities was low and I could think of something I could do to solve social problems. For the past 15 years, we have been working together on various projects such as the organic herb cultivation business on the roof and the aroma candle production business.
Currently, the Oral Peace Project, which is supported by many people, has become a major initiative, and the work and income of working members can be increased year by year.
“About Colony Higashimurayama”
In order to achieve “full participation and equality” for people with disabilities, as a business establishment that provides employment support for people with disabilities who have difficulty in being employed by a general company while having working ability and willingness to work This is a business establishment established by the welfare corporation Tokyo Colony. To provide support for transitioning to work for companies and others, support for independence and participation in socio-economic activities, and support for fulfilling local life. We provide disabled welfare services for the purpose.
On the blog of Colony Higashimurayama, I have recently introduced the use of the donation that I made the other day to improve the business.
It seems that we will be able to carry out more shipping operations for oral pieces by having trolleys and tools that make shipping operations more efficient.
“We received a donation from the Oral Peace Project”

We hope you will take a look.
Colony Higashimurayama’s daily blog has a lot of nice articles about workplaces, daily events, and member introductions. I would be happy if you could take a look when you have time. I think that everyone’s hard work will make you feel warm.
“Colony Higashimurayama Blog”
Also, let more people know about the social activities of the Oral Peace Project, which aims to not only pursue research and product innovation by Japanese national research institutes, but also create jobs for people with disabilities, increase their income, and create social participation. I’m really happy if you can help me.
“Oral Peace Project: Work Scenes for Persons with Disabilities Around Japan”
“Oral Peace Project Video Collection”
Thank you for your continued support of the Oral Peace Project.

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