ORALPEACE was featured in Springer’s book “Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific: Case Studies” by the world’s largest academic publisher

[ORALPEACE was featured in Springer’s book “Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific: Case Studies” by the world’s largest academic publisher]
The ORALPEACE Project has been featured in Springer’s book, Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific: Case Studies, the world’s largest academic publisher.
This is a collection of papers on entrepreneurship across Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, including Oceania and Australia.
ORALPEACE was featured as a 20-page research paper in Chapter 3, “Entrepreneurship in New Business and Social Innovation.”
Mr Daisuke Teshima and TRIFE Inc .– Creating a New Business to Support the Elderly and Handicapped
I hope you read it by many people.
「Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific: Case Studies」
This book is dedicated to the analysis of the entrepreneurship in successful companies by presenting and comparing a series of case studies in the Asia-Pacific where many new companies have been growing successfully in the 21th century.
In total, 5 cases in the manufacturing industry, 4 cases in the services industry, and 3 cases related to new business and social innovation are chosen from China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Malaysia and Vietnam.
Each case provides insight into the entrepreneur’s aspiration, the processes of personal and business developments, the factors of success, and the inspirations drawn from the analysis.
These cases are analyzed and compared from the viewpoints of entrepreneur’s motivation, ability of foreseeing changes and opportunities in the future business environment, core resources and innovation, knowledge management and culture for the company, determination and ethos.
These are critical factors in value creation for customers and the society, especially in the future business environment. Finally, commonalities and uniquenesses in entrepreneurship relevant to industry sectors and social-economic-cultural contexts are clarified and a typical entrepreneurship model in the Asia-Pacific is proposed.

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