Oral Peace became the first and only certified oral care product under the Kawasaki Standards (KIS), which defines innovative welfare products by government agencies.

The “Kawasaki Standard” refers to the basic concept of welfare in Sweden, which is an advanced welfare country, and includes the “idea in long-term care insurance” of Japan. The basic concept is to support social independence with truly innovative products based on the standard.

As the welfare product market expands, companies are launching many welfare products, and many commodity products are flooding the market.

Doctors, dentists, and dental hygienists who select and decide products to be used by consumers, facilities, and hospitals when waiting-list sales to medical institutions, advertising, and paid writing promotion on word-of-mouth sites are superior.・ For medical professionals such as caregivers and speech therapists, it will be difficult to select excellent products that contribute to improving people’s lives from among many products that look similar.

In selecting welfare products used in hospitals, dental clinics, elderly care facilities, etc. operated at public expense, and products that contribute to a healthy life that consumers should choose and reduce the burden on medical care, long-term care, and households. , A third-party public institution objectively identifies each product with strict standards, selects truly good products that contribute to improving people’s lives, and has deep standards for effective utilization of public funds and consumer protection. It can be said to be a very helpful guideline for people and consumers who do not have the knowledge to select products.

The “Kawasaki Standard” evaluates welfare equipment based on eight principles, and at the same time stipulates the ideal service provided by the product.

● Respect for personality and dignity: The personality and dignity of the user must be respected
● Reflection of user’s opinions: The welfare product should be such that the user participates in the development process of the service provision system and welfare product, the opinion is reflected, and the user wants to use it.
● Self-determination: All services are fully explained and understood in each process of service provision, and are based on the self-determination of the person.
● Comprehensive understanding of needs: Comprehensive understanding of the psychological, physical, and social needs of users
● Activation of activity ability: Consideration is given to bring out the remaining ability of the user and activate the psychological, physical, and social activity ability.
● Ease of use: Necessary services, consultations, and after-sales follow-up are provided promptly in a familiar place.
● Safety and security: Safety and security are guaranteed in all processes of service provision.
● Normalization: Consideration should be given so that people can live their social lives in the most familiar environment possible, regardless of their needs.

Oral Peace has been selected as the first and only oral care product to meet the Kawasaki Standards (KIS), which sets out innovative welfare products by government agencies.

Those who are uncertain about the selection of oral care products that should be used by their families, those who are selecting and considering oral care products that should be recommended as professionals to patients, facilities in charge, caregivers, and users We hope that you will refer to this objective selection criteria by the government for the sake of the people.

Oral Peace will continue to pursue research and development and sincere technological innovation, aiming to create products that are truly useful to society.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kawasaki City Homepage “Oral Peace”

Kawasaki Standard Oral Piece

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ORALPEACE’s special TV program was broadcast nationwide! Change the World-Aspirations for Building the Future-“Toothpaste without Water in Stricken Areas”

[ORALPEACE’s special TV program was broadcast nationwide! Change the World-Aspirations for Building the Future-“Toothpaste without Water in Stricken Areas”]

TV TOKYO information, documentary program
Change the World-Building the Future-“Toothpaste without Water”

This summer, there is a miracle toothpaste in Chiba Prefecture, which was hit by a typhoon, which helped live in the affected areas. You can brush your teeth without using water & swallow it! What is the secret?

Program contents
This summer, a toothpaste that can brush without water has been very active in Chiba Prefecture, which was hit by a typhoon & suffered from power outages & water cuts. Developed by Daisuke Teshima of ORALPEACE. Made from natural ingredients such as tofu and plum, it is safe to swallow. The trigger of the development was the appearance of my father, who was living a fighting illness in late cancer. He was too weak & swallowed even after brushing his teeth. Currently, it is helping people in 20 countries around the world, not just in the affected areas.


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ORALPEACE project sent free distribution of ORALPEACE products to 3,600 passengers and crews on the Yokohama Port cruise ship – “Diamond Princess”.

“Diamond Princess” has a collective infection of the new Corona Virus anchored in Yokohama Port.

According to prefectural Dental Association, there is a research reports that you will be able to prevent the infection of the virus by purifying the oral cavity. We hope that ORALPEACE product will help to prevent infection and improve the quality of life of the people on board.

We are a small social venture, but we would like to do a little as our corporate social responsibility to help our customers from Japan and the world who are in trouble at “Diamond Princess”.

We hope everyone is safe from the viruses and hope everyone can go back to their home where lovely family lives.

On February 12, the ORALPEACE project (Yokohama City) will carry passengers and passengers on the large-scale passenger ship “Diamond Princess” that has been infected by the new coronavirus, which is moored at Yokohama Port via Yokohama City. For oral hygiene product “ORALPEACE”, we provided free distribution support for about 3,600 people.

According to the prefectural dentist’s association, there is a research report that virus infection can be prevented 10 times by cleaning the oral cavity. We hope Yokohama’s oral hygiene products will be useful in preventing infection and improving quality of life for people who are having trouble on board.

Our company is a small social venture, but we are limited in what we can do, but we hope that it will be useful for customers from Japan and the world who are in trouble at this local office, Yokohama Port on the office side. , Through the Yokohama Municipal Economic Affairs Bureau, which has been nurtured by the generous support of the project since its inception, we supported it with a little effort.

And thanks to the staff of the Yokohama City Economic Bureau, we were able to deliver it. We would also like to thank the Nihon Keizai Shimbun for their kind support in this project.

It will be wonderful if we approach the concept of the ORALPEACE project, “a society in which each and every one of us supports each other in times of trouble.” We pray that everyone on board will be able to return to their loved ones as soon as possible.

[Reference Material]

“Relationship between oral care and viral infections”

The bacteria in the mouth excrete, as their metabolites, proteases and enzymes called neuraminidase, which destroy proteins. These enzymes have the property of making it easy for the influenza virus to enter cells through the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. If the oral cavity is left unclean, the amount of protease and neuraminidase will increase, which will easily lead to the onset and aggravation of virus and influenza. A research conducted by a university institution found that cleaning oral cavity with oral care reduced the infection rate of influenza virus by a factor of 10, indicating that there is a correlation between viral infection and keeping oral cavity clean. It recognized.

What is “ORALPEACE”?

An oral hygiene product containing a patented formulation “Neonisin-e®︎” that is safe to swallow while sterilizing bacteria that cause problems in the oral cavity. It is a safe ingredient that can be absorbed by the body, and is made from only natural ingredients based on lactic acid bacterium biotechnology research with the Kyushu University Agricultural Research Institute in Japan, etc. Another feature of the project is that people with disabilities all over the country engage in business and work to generate jobs and income. Since it can be used without water, support has been provided to the Hiroshima disaster area in 2014, the Kumamoto earthquake disaster area in 2016, the national heavy rain disaster area in 2018, and the typhoon disaster area in Chiba prefecture in 2019. The goods have been provided free of charge. Received “Yokohama Business Grand Prix 2014 Grand Prize”, “Japan Venture Award 2015 Grand Prize”, “Nippon Foundation Social Innovator 2016”, “2018 Japan Agricultural Chemistry Technology Award”, etc., the world’s largest academic publication in 2019 It was also featured in Springer’s book Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific: Case Studies. Currently, it is provided from Yokohama Port to 10 countries as an oral hygiene agent from Yokohama, Japan.

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About the support situation to the facility for the disabled in Yokohama City where the new coronavirus infected population (cluster) outbreak

【About the status of support for facilities for the disabled in Yokohama City, where a new coronavirus-infected population (cluster) has occurred】

We would like to report on the status of support for facilities for persons with disabilities in Yokohama, where a group of people infected with the new coronavirus (cluster) is occurring.

Infection of users and staff was confirmed at a disability support facility in Yokohama City, which is also an ORALPEACE project sales partner facility.

Currently, as of December 14, the cumulative total of positive users is 44 (31 users and 13 staff), and 1 positive user is hospitalized, but all others are mild. The room is closed, and medical treatment and follow-up are being carried out in each room and living room, and the staff is mildly ill and is being treated at a medical treatment facility or at home.

On December 13th, the ORALPEACE project received an emergency support request from the director of the cluster generation facility and the director of the non-profit organization Yokohama Adult Guardian Tsubasa, and provided oral hygiene through oral care to avoid aggravation of positive individuals. To achieve this, we have provided the following emergency support.

On December 15th, 100 Oral Peace Clean & Moisture Sprays were urgently shipped, and on the following 16th, we started care to avoid aggravation by thorough oral hygiene.

We would like to provide as much support as possible to preventive care and avoidance of aggravation by oral hygiene for people with severe disabilities who have difficulty brushing their teeth, gargling, or oral care.

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Preventive measures against new coronavirus droplet infection and cluster outbreaks when brushing teeth at work, school, or on the go

[Preventive measures against new coronavirus droplet infection and cluster outbreaks when brushing teeth at work, school, or on the go]

Recently, it has been confirmed that many people, such as workplaces and schools, are infected by droplets in the washroom where they brush their teeth.

The Kagoshima Prefectural Dental Association is also calling attention to the fact that there is a risk of the spread of the new coronavirus infection from brushing teeth in a group, “Avoid three dense droplets and droplets (himatsu) when brushing teeth.”

Brushing your teeth after lunch at work or school is a very dangerous situation where it is difficult to secure tight ventilation, people are likely to be crowded at once, you are not wearing a mask, and you are likely to use a toothbrush to scatter droplets. It can be assumed that it will be.

It is important to have a new style of brushing your teeth by covering your mouth with your hands and brushing your teeth quietly so that gargling and spitting do not scatter.

There is also a risk of saliva droplets adhering to washbasins such as public institutions and toilets where you do not know who used them.

It is important to prevent infection from various risks, protect yourself and your family, and if you are infected, do not bother many other people.

On the other hand, it is a known fact that reducing the number of bacteria in the oral cavity and keeping it clean by brushing teeth and oral care is also useful for preventing infection with the new coronavirus.

From the above risk / benefit perspectives

“Toothpaste and oral care at work, school, and on the go is a simple care that reduces the risk of infection.”

I also consider that it can be recommended.

If you only go out during the day and can brush your teeth well at home in the morning and at night, it’s a good way to maintain oral hygiene without using a washroom on the go.

In that case, I think that “OralPeace Clean & Moisture Spray” is useful.

Contains lactic acid bacterium peptide preparation “Neonaisin-e®︎” that approaches oral bacteria,

Since it is a safe ingredient to swallow as it is, it is digested and decomposed into amino acids in the intestinal tract.

Oral care is quick and easy on the spot without going to a risky washroom.

It does not contain persistent synthetic fungicides or synthetic preservatives that kill even the intestinal flora and bacteria that are the source of immunity.

Also, it does not contain honey or sugar that causes tooth decay.

You can expect simple oral hygiene when you go out without side effects.

For those who want to brush, use “OralPeace Clean & Moisture Gel” to brush your teeth.

Like ISS (International Space Station) astronauts and toothpaste when climbing, you have the option of swallowing as it is without spitting.

Under the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law, there is a rule from the last century that dentifrices, etc. must be spit out without swallowing, but in the event of such an emergency, various infectious disease countermeasures and advanced research Technology is believed to protect humanity’s crisis.

We hope that the research results of lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptides will be useful as an infection prevention measure, especially for infants and children, and when there is work or errands that require going out.

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Introduced ORALPEACE at TABI LABO Toothpaste “ORALPEACE” that can be drunk

[Introduced ORALPEACE at TABI LABO Toothpaste “ORALPEACE” that can be drunk]

“ORALPEACE”, a toothgel that is kind to both the body and the earth and feels good to the heart

“Toothpaste that you can drink”

Is also a great product.

This “ORALPEACE” product, the mechanism that is worrisome, is a patented lactic acid bacterium peptide preparation called “Neonisin-e®” produced by lactic acid bacteria discovered from “okara” produced in Fukuoka Prefecture, which instantly bacteria at an ultra-low concentration.

Even if swallowed as it is, it is quickly decomposed and digested as amino acids in the intestinal tract, so the intestinal flora, which is the source of immunity, can be protected without sterilization.

Moreover, it is made with only water, plant-derived ingredients, food ingredients, and organic ingredients, so the taste is delicious.

In addition, it prevents the adhesion of stains (pigments) and moisturizes the oral cavity, which tends to be dry, and prevents bad breath.

It can be polished firmly without using foaming agents or abrasives, is chemical-free, contains no alcohol (ethanol), and does not contain fluorine, so even implanters can use it.

In the first place, ORALPEACE has been for 10 years for elderly people requiring long-term care, fighting illnesses, and disabled people who have difficulty in gargling and vomiting because the project members witnessed oral troubles of their father who fought against terminal cancer.

A product developed in 2013 after the above period.

However, due to its characteristics, it is now recognized as useful for infants and pregnant women, nursing mothers, “outdoors” such as disaster-stricken areas and mountain climbing where water use is limited, and “pets” who are important families.

Since the Kumamoto earthquake, the distributor “Trife Co., Ltd.” has been actively supporting the affected areas, and after the new corona disaster, the Diamond Princess, which was moored at the port of Yokohama where clusters occurred, also has products. It is said that it has carried out free provision support activities.

In addition, in the development project of this product, people with disabilities nationwide are engaged in business and are making efforts to generate work and income, and have received numerous awards such as the “Japan Venture Award Best Award”.

Furthermore, the other day, the research results and achievements so far have been recognized, and it has been selected as a candidate product for installation on JAXA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)’s ISS (International Space Station) as a space toothpaste / oral care product.

An ORALPEACE that expands its field of activity into space, not just on the earth.

I would like to support the future activities of the amazing products produced in Japan.



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