2021/03/10 (Wednesday)

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ORALPEACE was featured in “Recommend Mountain Gear 2018” of magazine “PEAKS”

【ORALPEACE was featured in “Recommend Mountain Gear 2018” of magazine “PEAKS”!】

“Industry people picked up mountain tools attracted attention especially this year, 6 items chosen by outdoor writer Mr. Shinya Moriyama” introduced oral piece.

~ “Toothbrush Item Returning to the Mountain ORALPEACE
Common toothpastes contain chemicals that are not decomposed spontaneously. In the mountain hut, there are places like ban on toothpaste. It is 100% natural ingredients sampled from the plant, so you can swallow it, and you can breathe out to the earth without hesitation. It keeps you cranky so you can polish it pleasantly without precious water. When it is troublesome to brush teeth spray the type inside the mouth to prevent tooth decay, refreshing refreshing. It is a Japanese-made authentic school used in hospitals and nursing homes. ~

In addition, ORALPEACE was taken up by Miyagami of the editorial department at the “PEAKS editorial department recommendation. This year’s favorite mountain tool is this!” Section.

~ Gel version of oral care item which decomposes and absorbs in the body even if swallowed. It is a big success at the tent overnight mountain row where it is difficult to use toothpaste. Even rinsing mouth with mouse spray & wash is effective. Winter in which the party increases, it will be a great success in town. ~

In case
“PEAKS” issued by A Publisher has a variety of equipments, intensified knowledge, experienced in practice, and raised myself. It is a monthly magazine for having you feel the pleasure of such a mountain. We also positively take up the latest gears and wear focused on young people who are hooked on the mountain and senior citizens of sophisticated style.

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2021/02/10 (Wednesday)

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ORALPEACE for Pet Renewal Product will be on sale from February 4

[ORALPEACE for Pet Renewal Product will be on sale from February 4 !!]

Thank you for always using ORALPEACE for Pet.

This time, the product has been renewed, & an improved new product will be released in February 2020.

The new “ORALPEACE For Pet” has been upgraded to an unprecedented oral care product for pets by incorporating a new formulation “Neonisin-e®”, which covers almost all causative bacteria in the oral cavity. We also increase the volume, change the tube specifications, & improve the viscosity.

The homepage has been renewed accordingly, so we hope you’ll see it when you have time.



Corresponds to oral Candida with damask rose formulation

An unprecedented oral care product for pets containing “Neonisin-e” that covers almost all oral causative bacteria

The renewed “ORALPEACE For Pet” will be released simultaneously in Japan and overseas markets

-Increased effect, increased amount, package change, improved viscosity, more delicious & easier to use product-

● Point of renewal

Changed from Neonisin, which was weak to oral cans, to a new formulation, Neonisin-e, which was upgraded with the use of Bulgarian damask rose essential oil. It has become an unprecedented oral care product for pets covering all oral causal bacteria.

Improves usability by adopting aluminum laminated laminate tube & flip top cap.

Shell capacity increased to 80 crumbs. Due to the effects, feeling of use, specifications & changes in capacity, the price is reduced to ¥ 1,200 (excluding tax). We couldn’t avoid price increase due to increased cost, but we maintained easy-to-use price for quality.

Improves the viscosity of the shell, while keeping the edible ingredients of natural origin at 100%, the shell is easy to pick up & has a good texture. For a more natural & gentle taste.

The case design is a sophisticated design. (Won GoodDesign Award 2017)

● Product information
“Neonisin-e *” combination, oral care health gel for dogs
Oral care that can be used forever for irreplaceable family health. With a special toothbrush, finger cot & clean gauze, just apply it in the mouth. Of course, you don’t need to rinse your mouth. If you do not want to open your mouth, it is effective to dissolve in drinking water. Completely free of chemically synthesized components. No synthetic preservatives or synthetic germicides are used. All ingredients except water are made from plants, giving a gentle & refreshing taste. It is a soft, colorless & transparent gel.

Contents: 80g Price: 1,200 yen (excluding tax)

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2021/02/10 (Wednesday)

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ORALPEACE, oral care for dogs launched in February

ORALPEACE, oral care for dogs launched in February

Trife (Yokohama City), which develops and sells oral care products, will improve the oral care product “ORALPEACE for Pet” for dogs and start sales in February. A new formulation “Neonisin-e” is newly added to prevent oral candida, which is an infectious disease, and is effective against almost all bacteria causing oral problems.

It is gel-like and is applied to the oral cavity using a special toothbrush or finger cot. Since it is made of only edible ingredients, it does not require rinsing of the mouth and there is no harm even if swallowed.

It was commercialized in response to voices from pet dogs and others who said, “I would like to provide periodontal care before tartar builds up,” and “I am worried about bad breath.”

Sold at veterinary hospitals, pet stores, department stores, online shops, etc.


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2021/02/10 (Wednesday)

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Articles on Oral Peace’s entry into the European market in “WWD Beauty”

【Articles on Oral Peace’s entry into the European market in “WWD Beauty”】

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2021/02/10 (Wednesday)

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Regarding the container of ORAL PEACE

ORALPEACE tubes are available in aluminum tube type and laminated tube type.

The plastic tube/container type (made of plastic, the contents that come out are returned, and the amount of the contents that can be seen through the sun can be seen through) is said to be “very cheap” and “open with one hand” There are merits.

However, it has a demerit that “it is not confidential and it easily rots, and it is necessary to use a lot of synthetic preservatives.” Not used with ORALPEACE.

The advantage of the aluminum tube type is that it “has high airtightness and light-shielding properties, and the contents that have been left out once do not return.”

On the other hand, it has the disadvantages of being “unusable” such as “cannot be opened with one hand”, “sometimes overloaded”, and “tube breaks”.

Since the debut of ORALPEACE in 2013, aluminum tubes have been used so far because they are highly sensitive and are best suited for oral pieces that do not use synthetic preservatives.

However, in daily use at medical and nursing care sites and at home, we received many comments regarding inconvenience (cannot be opened with one hand, aluminum is cut, contents cannot be cut out to the end, etc.). ..

On the other hand, the laminated tube type that we started to use in ORALPEACE in 2017 adopted the latest technology, “Aluminum Barrier Lamination (ABL)”, and is a material with layers of “PB, PET, aluminum, PB” stacked from the outside.

By sandwiching the aluminum layer in the laminate, the airtightness and light-shielding properties equivalent to those of aluminum tubes can be ensured, and compared to plastic tubes, the contents do not volatilize and the contents can be protected.

It is more convenient to meet the demand for ease of use at medical/nursing sites and homes while maintaining the functionality of aluminum tubes without deterioration even after being left for 6 months in a aging test (temperature 40 degrees, humidity 75% etc.) The characteristics of conventional aluminum tubes are fully ensured as it was developed with consideration given to its characteristics.

Although the cost of the container is high, it is a tube that combines the advantages of the functionality of the aluminum tube and the ease of use of the plastic tube.

ORALPEACE reflects the voices of many patients and consumers, and we would like to not only research and develop the ingredients but also utilize the latest technology for packaging.

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2021/02/09 (Tuesday)

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What is the major difference from conventional dentifrices and oral care products that promote safety around the world?

The big difference is

“Whether or not the patented” Neo Nisin-e®︎ “is included”,

“Are you conducting research on how to deal with bacteria that cause oral problems?”


Minimal oral care products that are safe to swallow, products made with 100% natural origin, products made only with food ingredients, organic certification, and products that do not use synthetic preservatives are available at national universities such as Kyushu University. We were able to make it without the need for basic research or patented technology at research institutes such as the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology.

As for oral pieces, I think it was simply the development of oral care products that appealed to safety, unless “Neo Nisin-e®︎” was added.

Gels with a shape similar to oral pieces can be made cheaply and easily at home if you purchase the material from an online shop.

[How to make toothpaste gel]

In the case of “Toothpaste Gel”, refer to the ingredients of your favorite product, purchase a moisturizer and mint essential oil, orange essential oil, etc. (preferably those with organic certification) at an online shop etc. and mix them at home. , You can make a toothpaste gel with 100% food ingredients, which is a safe ingredient made only from food ingredients.

For those who want sweetness for children, xylitol, which is an alternative sweetener for sugar, is also sold at online shops, so you can mix it.

Also, if you want to see if the lactic acid bacteria (itself) actually have an effect on the oral cavity and teeth, mix the yogurt supernatant (lactic acid bacteria fermented extract whey) and the yogurt itself (living lactic acid bacteria). I think it’s okay.

If the lactic acid bacteria contained in the product are alive, it is possible to cultivate and ferment the bacteria from milk in a yogurt making machine at home.
(Products such as yogurt that are sold in a refrigerator that does not contain preservatives and bactericides. Products that are distributed at room temperature will ferment and rot if lactic acid bacteria are alive, so preservatives, bactericides, baking soda, etc. It is sterilized by blending strong alkali, and it is inactive because lactic acid bacteria are killed and become debris.)

[How to make natural toothpaste]

In the case of “natural Hamigaki powder”, calcium carbonate, Ca carbonate (polishing agent, limestone powder, white lined powder in the athletic field, raw material for chalk), moisturizer and mint essential oil (with organic certification are desirable). ) Can be easily made into natural chalk powder by purchasing it from an online shop or drug store and mixing it with water at home.

In addition to them, you can also buy your favorite plant extracts, essential oils, xylitol, propolis, sodium hydrogen carbonate (baking soda, abrasive action, strong alkali), salt (abrasive action, preservative), and other abrasives at the online shop. It’s an easily available ingredient, so you can mix it up.

Almost all of the above ingredients and various ingredients and extracts that have been promoted as key ingredients in cosmetics can be purchased at online shops.

I think it is a good opportunity to actually try it on your own oral cavity and teeth and judge for yourself what kind of clinical effects these ingredients can be expected and felt on the oral cavity and teeth. ..

The above are not patented ingredients, so you can make toothpaste gels and pastes at home.

However, in order to meet the needs of the 21st century and to deal with the bacteria that cause problems in the oral cavity in clinical practice of medical care and long-term care, the patented lactic acid bacterium antibacterial peptide formulation invented in joint research with Kyushu University for more than 10 years “Neo Nisin-e ® ︎” (cleaning aid) is a research result and invention that has worked to solve clinical problems so far.

To realize the difference, clean the teeth with an interdental brush or floss, especially with the oral piece in your mouth before going to bed, and use a tongue brush (or a toothbrush) to clean the tongue. After cleaning and rinsing, it is recommended to apply a small amount again to the entire mouth, teeth, teeth, periodontal area and tongue.

The day after you take a rest after carefully caring for your mouth, you will feel the change in bad breath and the refreshing feeling of your mouth when you wake up.

Oral peace is considered to have no new significance for humankind unless it contains “Neo Nisin-e ® ︎”.

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ORALPEACE’s special TV program was broadcast nationwide! Change the World-Aspirations for Building the Future-“Toothpaste without Water in Stricken Areas”

[ORALPEACE’s special TV program was broadcast nationwide! Change the World-Aspirations for Building the Future-“Toothpaste without Water in Stricken Areas”]

TV TOKYO information, documentary program
Change the World-Building the Future-“Toothpaste without Water”

This summer, there is a miracle toothpaste in Chiba Prefecture, which was hit by a typhoon, which helped live in the affected areas. You can brush your teeth without using water & swallow it! What is the secret?

Program contents
This summer, a toothpaste that can brush without water has been very active in Chiba Prefecture, which was hit by a typhoon & suffered from power outages & water cuts. Developed by Daisuke Teshima of ORALPEACE. Made from natural ingredients such as tofu and plum, it is safe to swallow. The trigger of the development was the appearance of my father, who was living a fighting illness in late cancer. He was too weak & swallowed even after brushing his teeth. Currently, it is helping people in 20 countries around the world, not just in the affected areas.


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