ORALPEACE founder Mr.Daisuke Teshima will be on the stage as a panelist at the “Yokohama Entrepreneurship Seminar”

【ORALPEACE founder Mr.Daisuke Teshima will be on the stage as a panelist at the “Yokohama Entrepreneurship Seminar”】

I will speak as a panelist at the entrepreneurship seminar held at the Yokohama City Hall Atrium.

The theme is “in-house entrepreneurship”.

In my late twenties, after getting a national qualification as a management consultant for three years without holidays while working, I joined Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting and engaged in consulting work for clients, and then joined a venture company of about 10 people aiming to become an entrepreneur. After improving the company-wide business, I started a new business in 2005 with the aim of becoming an independent company as an in-house entrepreneur.

The new business of supporting people with disabilities with organic cosmetics, which was desperately worked on by two people in our thirties at that time, was a huge success on the scale of 1 billion yen in one year. However, the story of the separation of independence was canceled, the head office aiming to go public was absorbed the growth business, and the top of the new business was expelled, leading to my true independence and entrepreneurship.

From a state of nothingness to survival, the bankruptcy of a business partner on the way makes it unclear, but we are working day and night to launch a new business in order to greatly exceed the previous business, and ORALPEACE project has entered the world and space until now. I would like to send you various backgrounds, how you should be an entrepreneur, and a passionate message to young people.

Youth is not age. Regardless of age, if you have the mindset to take on new challenges with a young feeling, you can still be an entrepreneur today.

After returning from a business trip to launch an overseas base last week, I am worried about the current situation in Japan, where the temperature and economy are chilling, but I believe that spring will soon come if we all take on new challenges.

It would be great if many people could take this opportunity to learn about social issues that are difficult to receive light.

Instead of just living for yourself every day, change the future for someone. What you can do will change society and communities better.

That is an entrepreneur and a social entrepreneur.

And our life is only once.

It’s a cold time at the end of February, but I hope that a small light that will try something new this year will light up in your heart.

If you are interested, let’s meet in Yokohama !! PEACE !!


“In-house entrepreneurship seminar-Energizing Japan from Yokohama-”

It is important for each person to work with an entrepreneurial mindset in order to revitalize Japan from Yokohama. Now is your chance when the Japanese economy is chilling! 3 Explore the essence of in-house entrepreneurship from the voices of masters.

In-house entrepreneurship seminar-Energizing Japan from Yokohama-

Date: February 24, 2022 (Thursday) 15: 30-17: 00
Venue: Yokohama City Hall 1st floor atrium

Free tuition
* The deadline will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached, so please apply as soon as possible.

Organizer: Kanto Gakuin University
Sponsor: Yokohama City Economic Affairs Bureau
Planning and operation: NTV Video Corporation
Opening: Tatsuya Iwasaki (Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Assistant President, Kanto Gakuin University)
Guest greetings: Yokohama City Economic Affairs Bureau
Subject: Genya Koyama (President, Kanto Gakuin University)
panel discussion:
Tatsuya Iwasaki (Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Assistant President, Kanto Gakuin University)
Daisuke Teshima (Representative Director of Tribe Co., Ltd.)
Ryo Mori (President and CEO of Deloitte Tohmatsu Node GK)
Yuko Minowa (Recruitment Section, Human Resources Development Department, Yokogawa Electric Corporation)
Closing: Genya Koyama (President, Kanto Gakuin University)



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ORALPEACE goes to space!! JAXA officially selected as an onboard product on the International Space Station

【ORALPEACE goes to space!! JAXA officially selected as an onboard product on the International Space Station】

We would like to inform you that “ORALPEACE” has been selected by JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) as an on-board product of the International Space Station (ISS).

After being selected as a candidate for mounting at the end of last year, it was evaluated from the viewpoint of safety and mountability after being checked by astronauts, etc., and officially decided to be mounted.

● Announcement of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)  November 22, 2021

The daily efforts of many researchers, including Kyushu University, have come to fruition when they are utilized in the cutting-edge space of humankind.

Taking this selection as an opportunity, we will utilize the research results of the patented lactic acid bacterium peptide formulation “Neonisin-e” in new fields such as space and skin, and accelerate research that contributes to the environmental protection of the earth and the development of humankind in the 21st century. I will come.

We would like to express our gratitude to all who have supported this small project so far, and thank you for your continued support for the ORALPEACE Project.

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ORALPEACE was featured in Springer’s book “Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific: Case Studies” by the world’s largest academic publisher

[ORALPEACE was featured in Springer’s book “Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific: Case Studies” by the world’s largest academic publisher]

The ORALPEACE Project has been featured in Springer’s book, Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific: Case Studies, the world’s largest academic publisher.

This is a collection of papers on entrepreneurship across Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, including Oceania and Australia.

ORALPEACE was featured as a 20-page research paper in Chapter 3, “Entrepreneurship in New Business and Social Innovation.”

Mr Daisuke Teshima and TRIFE Inc .– Creating a New Business to Support the Elderly and Handicapped

I hope you read it by many people.



「Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific: Case Studies」

This book is dedicated to the analysis of the entrepreneurship in successful companies by presenting and comparing a series of case studies in the Asia-Pacific where many new companies have been growing successfully in the 21th century.

In total, 5 cases in the manufacturing industry, 4 cases in the services industry, and 3 cases related to new business and social innovation are chosen from China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Each case provides insight into the entrepreneur’s aspiration, the processes of personal and business developments, the factors of success, and the inspirations drawn from the analysis.

These cases are analyzed and compared from the viewpoints of entrepreneur’s motivation, ability of foreseeing changes and opportunities in the future business environment, core resources and innovation, knowledge management and culture for the company, determination and ethos.

These are critical factors in value creation for customers and the society, especially in the future business environment. Finally, commonalities and uniquenesses in entrepreneurship relevant to industry sectors and social-economic-cultural contexts are clarified and a typical entrepreneurship model in the Asia-Pacific is proposed.



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Daisuke Teshima, the representative of the ORALPEACE Project, will appear in the NHK World Japan interview program “Direct Talk”

[Daisuke Teshima, the representative of the ORALPEACE Project, will appear in the NHK World Japan interview program “Direct Talk”]

「Oral Hygiene That’s Safe to Swallow: Teshima Daisuke / Social Entrepreneur」

In 2013, Teshima Daisuke developed oral hygiene products that don’t harm the body if swallowed. His innovative business model supports people with disabilities. We asked Teshima about his motivation.

「NHK WORLD-JAPAN」 is the international service of Japan’s public media organization NHK. It provides the latest information on Japan and Asia through television, radio and online to a global audience.

「Direct talk」Direct and in-depth. Interviews exploring the minds and motivations of the leaders, visionaries, artists and entrepreneurs who are changing our world.


0m 09s
Our guest today is social entrepreneur Teshima Daisuke. His oral hygiene products can be used without water, and are safe to swallow. They’re perfect for elderly people confined to their beds. Or for disaster zones, where water isn’t readily available. Teshima’s business model is also receiving attention for offering a new kind of employment. He spoke to us about the philosophy he applies to his work.

0m 50s
We should all preserve individuality, and help each other out. If we all work together, I think we can create all kinds of new things.

1m 02s
At the core of Teshima’s venture business is an oral hygiene gel called Oralpeace. One tube costs around 1,000 yen, or about 10 US dollars. It uses all-natural ingredients that don’t harm the body. The gel is effective against certain pathogenic bacteria, an important part of oral care. But even if it’s mistakenly swallowed, it doesn’t cause any negative effects. We visited a shop selling the product.

1m 38s
Lots of people who buy it become repeat customers. Parents often ask for a toothpaste for their children. They want something that’s safe even when swallowed.

2m 00s
If you swallow a regular oral care product, the synthetic disinfectants they contain would have a negative effect on good bacteria in the body. This could cause digestive problems. Our product is safer for people who can’t gargle or spit. It’s useful for elderly people confined to their beds, people with physical impairments, and infants, as well as people in disaster zones who don’t have access to water. Even if a user does spit it out, the product is biodegradable, so it doesn’t harm the environment.

2m 37s
Teshima’s distribution system is also very distinctive. The staff who package his products are all people with disabilities. The same is true for delivery staff. He collaborates with over 500 facilities all across Japan that provide employment for people with disabilities.

3m 05s
Over 8,000 facilities aim to offer employment, but they frequently don’t have enough work. They make products, and sell them. But their wages aren’t very high. The important thing is to create work, giving people with disabilities the means to be part of society in a rewarding way. It’s great for their families, and for the people receiving deliveries, too. It creates such goodwill. It’s not just regular buying and selling. It’s more than that. There’s something about it that’s truly heartfelt. That feeling of goodwill is mutual. We’re supporting each other. Our staff get that, and their families too. I think it has a positive effect on society.

3m 59s
Behind the development of Teshima’s product is a dramatic tale involving his family. Before starting his own business, Teshima worked at trading and consulting companies for many years.

4m 17s
My grandfather worked in international trade. And I think that’s the reason why I wanted to work on a global scale. Throughout my career, I have constantly researched ways to gain an edge over other companies, and ways to succeed as a business.

4m 37s
Teshima worked hard, day after day, and built up an admirable career. At the age of 30 he got married, and one year later, he became a father. But something happened that no-one could have predicted.

4m 57s
When my son was born, the right side of his brain was damaged by cerebral thrombosis. This led to paralysis on the left side of his body. A disability. Until that point in my life, I had always thought that my dreams and ambitions would come true. That is, if I just tried hard enough. But when it came to my son’s disability, I had a realization that it was something that I couldn’t just solve through sheer effort alone. That came as a big shock to me. It was something I had never experienced before, and I really struggled with it.

5m 41s
Teshima worried about his son’s future. He began researching what life was like for disabled people in Japan.

5m 52s
Around eight million people in the country have a certified disability. A monthly wage is available for those who can’t work at a regular company. They work full time for 20 days a month, and are paid around 15,000 yen. A pension is also available, which is around 60 to 90 thousand yen. Even so, their monthly income rarely exceeds 100,000 yen. That’s a real problem, especially when their parents pass away. It’s not enough for them to achieve financial independence. So parents are constantly worrying about what they’re able to leave behind for their children after they’re gone. It’s something that really weighs heavily on their minds. In all honesty, I had no idea what to do.

6m 43s
Over time, as he raised his son, Teshima arrived at a new point of view.

6m 52s
I realized that everybody has something that makes them unique. Before then, I was always striving to hit a certain benchmark set by people around me. Whether it was a high score in a test, or high sales figures. I thought people were like fish, all swimming in the same direction. But that’s wrong. Some people swim backwards, or upwards. Everyone’s different, which is great. If someone can take their individual characteristics and put them to use, that’s a really good thing for them. I thought that approach would be a great way for me to live my life, too.

7m 36s
In 2005, Teshima quit his job. He founded a volunteer group, which gave employment assistance and donation-based aid to people with disabilities. To cover its operating costs, he started an Italian-made organic cosmetics brand. But trouble lied ahead.

7m 59s
The financial crash of 2008 caused all sorts of problems. Our Italian partner company went bankrupt. The business I’d built up was essentially wiped out by that event. I was absolutely penniless! The fridge was empty. I carried on volunteering, but I couldn’t afford the train, so I traveled by bike.

8m 27s
Teshima kept himself afloat by doing consulting work and lectures for companies. But another shock lay just around the corner. His father was diagnosed with stomach cancer. And the cancer treatment caused unforeseen problems.

8m 48s
His weakened immune system led to all sorts of symptoms, including fungal infections in his mouth. At this hospital, he was given a medicine that would sterilize those infections. He was supposed to gargle it, and spit it back out. But his body was so weak that he accidentally swallowed it. The medicine was intended for bacteria in the mouth, but it ended up killing bacteria in the body. As a result, he experienced digestive issues. That’s when something occurred to me.

9m 24s
When Teshima was involved in the cosmetics industry, he obtained valuable information from a Japanese university. A natural antibacterial agent could be made using plums, and a byproduct of tofu making called okara. Teshima thought he might be able to make use of that agent to create a new oral hygiene product.

9m 53s
At that time, all my ideas started to come together. On one hand, I wanted to create some kind of work for people with disabilities. I also wanted a product that filled a need in society. Right now, Japan’s population is aging. Many people are suffering from the same problems as my father. For those who can’t gargle or spit, a new antibacterial agent would be very valuable.

10m 24s
In collaboration with the university, Teshima reformed the antibacterial agent. They removed its original salty taste and changed it to a more suitable, refreshing flavor. A year later, in 2013, he succeeded in creating an oral hygiene product that’s safe to swallow. He began selling it under a new business model, using employment facilities for disabled people as distributors.

10m 56s
They buy it from us for 650 yen per item, and sell it for 1,000 yen. That means they make 350 yen of profit per tube. Before that point, disabled workers would be making just one yen for doing work like making an envelope or crushing an aluminum can. They were paid extremely low amounts. Selling just one tube equates to crushing 350 cans. As a result, it creates lots of opportunities. It’s not just an oral care or oral hygiene product. I thought it was also a message, one that’s carrying real value. It doesn’t only address problems pertaining to disabled people. These are universal issues, ones that are shared by billions of families. I wanted my product to become a symbol of mutual support.

11m 54s
Teshima was proud of the revolutionary product he had created. But at first, business was worryingly slow. Then, his company started appearing in newspaper and magazine articles. And after a year, sales had risen to nearly ten million yen a month.

12m 19s
Facilities for disabled people nationwide began helping us sell the product. At the moment, around 3,000 people with disabilities are working with us. When we compared the amount of product shipped to the amount of product sold, over seven years, there has been 30 to 40 million yen in profit. That profit has in turn been shared between members of the workforce. One member of staff, who used to make 14,000 yen a month, now makes more than 100,000 yen. In some cases, sales activity has led to people selling homemade cookies and other items at regional care homes for the elderly. I think it has increased regional communication and understanding, leading to brighter communities.

13m 10s
Teshima’s success was acknowledged by the Japan Venture Awards, who presented him with their top prize. Since 2016, he has been expanding the business overseas.

13m 25s
Our products are sold in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and Singapore, as well as Mexico, Guatemala and the United States of America. From next year, our goal is to manufacture our products in those places. It’s not just about helping people in Japan. Making and selling products in the same region supports the community. I want to expand that model to the rest of the world.

13m 59s
(Do you have any words to live by?)

14m 07s
“Try our life.” It means keep trying, no matter what. In our lives, we all face hardships and difficulties. We all deal with barriers, or obstacles we have to cross. And by overcoming them, we can each find value and meaning in our lives. My family story has given me all sorts of insights into life. And thanks to the support of a great many people around me, I’ve been able to take the business this far. If each of us, in our individual lives, faces up to the challenge, together, we can overcome the larger barriers that lie in front of us. That’s what I believe.


As a social entrepreneur from Japan, I would like to talk about my thoughts on the ORALPEACE Project, which aims to create jobs for people with disabilities, improve their income, and participate in society.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions .
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2020/12/09 (Wednesday)

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ORALPEACE selected as a candidate for installation on the ISS (International Space Station) of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

[ORALPEACE selected as a candidate for installation on the ISS (International Space Station) of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)]

We would like to inform you that the drinkable oral care product “Oral Peace” has been selected (unofficially decided) as a candidate for installation on the International Space Station (ISS) of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency).

□ Selected product: Oral care product “ORALPEACE” with drinkable ingredients

□ Product Overview: An oral care product containing a patented lactic acid bacterium peptide formulation “Neonisin-e®” that has an excellent antibacterial effect against bacteria that cause problems in the oral cavity and is safe to swallow. A lactic acid bacterium antibacterial peptide that controls bacteria with the world’s most advanced bacteria with Kyushu University, etc.・ Developed in 2013 after a research period of more than 10 years based on biotechnology research. In addition to reducing the cost of nursing care for the elderly, which will increase by more than 9 trillion yen in Japan, people with disabilities nationwide are engaged in business to create jobs and income, and the Yokohama Business Grand Prix Grand Prix Award, Japan Venture Award Grand Prize, Japan Received various awards such as Agricultural Science and Technology Award and Good Design Award. In addition, it is safe to swallow and can be used without water. It is highly biodegradable and environmentally friendly, so it is not limited to elderly people requiring nursing care, fighting illnesses, and disabled people, but also in disaster-stricken areas and mountain climbing where water use is limited. It is highly evaluated for its usefulness for outdoor use, infants and pets, pregnant women, and people who care about the health of their families, and is being exported from Japan to Europe, the United States, Oceania, and Asia. In addition, since the Great Kumamoto Earthquake, we have been actively supporting the affected areas, and after the new Corona disaster, the Diamond Princess and the facility for the disabled in Yokohama City, which had been moored at the port of Yokohama where clusters occurred, were seriously injured due to oral hygiene. We are carrying out activities to support the provision of products free of charge to avoid the change.
[JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) announcement]
Release date: December 18, 2020 https://iss.jaxa.jp/med/partner/71532_result.html
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has solicited ideas that combine issues and problems in space life, common issues related to life in space and life on the ground, and solutions, and has submitted 94 applications. Comprehensive evaluation from the viewpoints of A) improvement of convenience of life while staying in space, B) solution of ground problems / social impact, C) feasibility of development, and D) possibility of mounting on ISS. , We have selected daily necessities to be installed on the International Space Station (ISS) around 2022. In the future, JAXA will confirm the direction of development and prototypes with astronauts, and after the development is completed, comprehensively evaluate from the viewpoint of safety and mountability, and decide whether or not to mount it on the ISS. is. (Excerpt)

[Outline of ideas for oral care products “ORALPEACE” with drinkable ingredients (“Outline of problem themes and solutions to problems”)]
The oral care product “ORALPEACE”, which was developed in 2013 for people who have difficulty in gargling or vomiting due to oral problems of their father who fought against terminal cancer of a project member, is a dental caries bacterium, periodontal disease bacterium, and aspiration. It is equal to or better than conventional antibiotics, synthetic bactericides, and phytotoxic antibacterial agents against bacteria that cause periodontitis, bad breath, and candida, and it is swallowed without side effects while approaching it instantly at an ultra-low concentration. It is also a big feature that it is safe.

Due to its characteristics, it is not limited to medical and long-term care sites, but also for disaster-stricken areas and outdoors where water use is limited, use for infants and pets, pregnant women and people who care about health, and oral hygiene as infection prevention in corona damage. It is a supported product.

Through industry-academia-government joint research with Kyushu University Graduate School of Agriculture, Kagoshima University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, National Longevity Medical Research Center Oral Disease Research Department, etc., pursuing unprecedented safety and clinical effects, from Japan Developed based on lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptide biotechnology research that controls bacteria with bacteria, it realizes “cleaning of the oral cavity”, “prevention of tooth decay”, “prevention of periodontal disease”, “prevention of bad breath” and “moisturizing of the mouth”. ..

Contains the patented lactic acid bacterium bacteriocin preparation “Neonisin-e ®” (Patent No. 5750552) that instantly approaches the bacteria that cause trouble in the oral cavity at an ultra-low concentration. The lactic acid bacterium antibacterial peptide “Nisin”, which is made from clean lactic acid bacteria that live in the vegetable food “Okara” and has been evaluated for safety by the world’s health organizations, and water that is safe to swallow and naturally derived vegetable foods. Made with only ingredients, it quickly decomposes and digests in the intestinal tract. It is a SDGs-compatible product that can be used anywhere by everyone and has a low environmental impact because it is free of chemical substances realized by technological innovation and green technology of Japanese industry, academia and government, and does not contain alcohol (ethanol).

In addition, as a project, we are also taking on the challenge of social contribution activities to solve social issues such as job creation and income improvement for persons with disabilities nationwide.

Initially, “ORALPEACE” was developed for the elderly and people with disabilities who cannot gargle or spit out, but by using it in space life where the use of water is limited, it is safe and has minimal ingredients and is healthy. It is thought that it will maintain the health of the oral cavity, which is the entrance to all areas, and improve the health and QOL of everyone working in space.

In terms of utilization on the ground, this innovative technology from Japan’s industry-academia-government collaboration is not limited to the medical and nursing care market, but also the disaster prevention product market and side effects that are useful in disaster-stricken areas and conflict areas where water use is limited. It is expected to contribute to the creation of large markets in various fields such as the no virus infection prevention product market, the environmentally clean outdoor market, the baby maternity market, the pet market, and the safe skin hygiene product market.


We have been aiming to utilize ORALPEACE in space since the start of development, but once it is installed, industry-academia-government research efforts with Kyushu University and the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology will bear fruit.

It will also bring unprecedented news that products involving disabled members will be used in space and bring dreams, hopes and courage to hundreds of millions of people with disabilities and their families around the world. ..

In the future, we plan to prepare for mounting while conducting safety, compatibility, and fit checks by astronauts.

Taking this selection result as an opportunity, we will utilize the technological innovation and research results of ORALPEACE in the new field of space, and accelerate research that contributes to the development of humankind in space and ground life.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions .
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