2021/02/10 (Wednesday)

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The first and only certification as an oral care product. Certified as an environmentally friendly product “Acorn Point Product” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

ORAL PEACE, which is produced entirely from water and plant materials, has been certified as an “Acorn Point Product” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a product that has less environmental impact in its production, distribution, and sales and reduces CO2 on the earth. ..

It is the first and only certification for oral care products.

What is an acorn point?
“Acorn points” are, in a word, a mark of “environmentally good products”. By compensating for the CO2 emissions generated when various companies and organizations make and use products and services with CO2 reduced elsewhere, and reducing the CO2 emissions of those products and services, “acorns” “Mark” is attached. “Acorn points” are those with points attached to this “acorn mark”.
Choosing products and services with “acorn points” will also support companies that are focusing on environmental initiatives. In addition, by collecting “Acorn Points”, we can support people (Acorn Point Community) who are making environmentally friendly efforts. Let’s collect “acorn points” for the future of the earth.

This time, we exhibited at the acorn point booth of the “Eco-Products Exhibition” held at Tokyo Big Sight.


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About the support situation to the facility for the disabled in Yokohama City where the new coronavirus infected population (cluster) outbreak

【About the status of support for facilities for the disabled in Yokohama City, where a new coronavirus-infected population (cluster) has occurred】

We would like to report on the status of support for facilities for persons with disabilities in Yokohama, where a group of people infected with the new coronavirus (cluster) is occurring.

Infection of users and staff was confirmed at a disability support facility in Yokohama City, which is also an ORALPEACE project sales partner facility.

Currently, as of December 14, the cumulative total of positive users is 44 (31 users and 13 staff), and 1 positive user is hospitalized, but all others are mild. The room is closed, and medical treatment and follow-up are being carried out in each room and living room, and the staff is mildly ill and is being treated at a medical treatment facility or at home.

On December 13th, the ORALPEACE project received an emergency support request from the director of the cluster generation facility and the director of the non-profit organization Yokohama Adult Guardian Tsubasa, and provided oral hygiene through oral care to avoid aggravation of positive individuals. To achieve this, we have provided the following emergency support.

On December 15th, 100 Oral Peace Clean & Moisture Sprays were urgently shipped, and on the following 16th, we started care to avoid aggravation by thorough oral hygiene.

We would like to provide as much support as possible to preventive care and avoidance of aggravation by oral hygiene for people with severe disabilities who have difficulty brushing their teeth, gargling, or oral care.

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Preventive measures against new coronavirus droplet infection and cluster outbreaks when brushing teeth at work, school, or on the go

[Preventive measures against new coronavirus droplet infection and cluster outbreaks when brushing teeth at work, school, or on the go]

Recently, it has been confirmed that many people, such as workplaces and schools, are infected by droplets in the washroom where they brush their teeth.

The Kagoshima Prefectural Dental Association is also calling attention to the fact that there is a risk of the spread of the new coronavirus infection from brushing teeth in a group, “Avoid three dense droplets and droplets (himatsu) when brushing teeth.”

Brushing your teeth after lunch at work or school is a very dangerous situation where it is difficult to secure tight ventilation, people are likely to be crowded at once, you are not wearing a mask, and you are likely to use a toothbrush to scatter droplets. It can be assumed that it will be.

It is important to have a new style of brushing your teeth by covering your mouth with your hands and brushing your teeth quietly so that gargling and spitting do not scatter.

There is also a risk of saliva droplets adhering to washbasins such as public institutions and toilets where you do not know who used them.

It is important to prevent infection from various risks, protect yourself and your family, and if you are infected, do not bother many other people.

On the other hand, it is a known fact that reducing the number of bacteria in the oral cavity and keeping it clean by brushing teeth and oral care is also useful for preventing infection with the new coronavirus.

From the above risk / benefit perspectives

“Toothpaste and oral care at work, school, and on the go is a simple care that reduces the risk of infection.”

I also consider that it can be recommended.

If you only go out during the day and can brush your teeth well at home in the morning and at night, it’s a good way to maintain oral hygiene without using a washroom on the go.

In that case, I think that “OralPeace Clean & Moisture Spray” is useful.

Contains lactic acid bacterium peptide preparation “Neonaisin-e®︎” that approaches oral bacteria,

Since it is a safe ingredient to swallow as it is, it is digested and decomposed into amino acids in the intestinal tract.

Oral care is quick and easy on the spot without going to a risky washroom.

It does not contain persistent synthetic fungicides or synthetic preservatives that kill even the intestinal flora and bacteria that are the source of immunity.

Also, it does not contain honey or sugar that causes tooth decay.

You can expect simple oral hygiene when you go out without side effects.

For those who want to brush, use “OralPeace Clean & Moisture Gel” to brush your teeth.

Like ISS (International Space Station) astronauts and toothpaste when climbing, you have the option of swallowing as it is without spitting.

Under the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law, there is a rule from the last century that dentifrices, etc. must be spit out without swallowing, but in the event of such an emergency, various infectious disease countermeasures and advanced research Technology is believed to protect humanity’s crisis.

We hope that the research results of lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptides will be useful as an infection prevention measure, especially for infants and children, and when there is work or errands that require going out.

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2021/02/09 (Tuesday)

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Disaster / disaster prevention / crisis management specialists choose the toothpaste / oral care product ORALPEACE

[NIKKEI Plus 1 “Anything Ranking” Disaster / disaster prevention / crisis management specialists choose the toothpaste / oral care product ORALPEACE]

“Outdoor equipment that is excellent for everyday use and can be relied on in disasters”

Survey method: We asked 10 experts to actually touch and select. The Nihon Keizai Shimbun ranked 1st to 10th from the viewpoints of “useful in an environment where evacuation life and infrastructure are stopped”, “usable in daily life, travel and leisure”, and “easy to use even for people unrelated to outdoor activities”. Aggregated by the editorial department.

This week’s expert
▽ Andorisu (Outdoor Disaster Prevention Guide)
▽ Yoshiyuki Ushijima (Outdoor Writer)
▽ Nobue Kunizaki (Representative of Crisis Management Education Research Institute)
▽ Takanobu Kobayashi (outdoor enthusiast)
▽ Ryo Koshita (Chief of Kojitsu Sanso)
▽ Takao Sakaguchi (Director, Citizens’ Disaster Prevention Research Institute)
▽ SAM (outdoor lighter)
▽ Takashi Tamaki (Citizen’s Disaster Prevention Lab Representative)
▽ Renkuni Notomi (writer)
▽ Miyuki Miyamaru (Director of NPO Mamaplug)
= Honorific titles omitted, in alphabetical order



Outdoor equipment is surprisingly useful in the event of a disaster.

If you can use it without an instruction manual, you can rest assured in case of emergency. Experts have selected excellent products that can be conveniently used in both autumn leisure and daily life.

~ Let’s get used to it everyday ~

Everyone cares about preparing for large-scale disasters such as earthquakes and torrential rains. Although we have emergency carry-out bags, many people may not know how to use the goods inside. Regarding how to select disaster prevention supplies, Nobue Kunisaki, the representative of the Crisis Management Education Research Institute, points out that “how you can use it on a daily basis is important.”

I can’t afford to turn the pages of the instruction manual in an emergency. This is because you can understand how to use it if you are accustomed to handling it. Outdoor equipment with excellent design and function is more useful than you think in everyday life as well as occasional outings and leisure activities.


“4th ORALPEACE clean & moisturizing oral care gel that can be used without water” 370 points

A gel for brushing teeth and moisturizing the mouth.

The ingredients are naturally derived and can enter the body, but if you are concerned about the remaining gel, you can wipe it off or spit it out lightly.

Take it with your finger and apply it to your mouth to prevent dry mouth. There is also an individual wrapping type. There is also “Orange” that can be used by hypoallergenic infants.

“There are many disaster-related deaths that cause pneumonia and sepsis when germs in the oral cavity enter the lungs, especially among the elderly and those requiring long-term care. Oral care in the disaster-stricken life is important,” said Mr.Takaaki Tamaki.

“In the event of a disaster, you can’t get enough water and stress reduces saliva. Oral hygiene products are indispensable. You can use them even during work when you can’t brush your teeth.” (Mrs. Miyamaru)



How to read the ranking: Numbers score the evaluation of the winners. The model is Ayako Ishii. The photos are taken by Makoto Okada in 1st to 8th place (excluding the photo of the product itself).

The “Anything Ranking” of NIKKEI Plus 1 will be posted every Sunday. Please see the articles so far from the following.

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