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A View on Coronavirus and ORALPEACE / Oral Care

[Remarks on new coronavirus (COVID-19) and ORALPEACE / oral care]

This is a reprint from the ORALPEACE project supporter Dr. Tanaka regarding the relationship between oral care and viral infection prevention. We hope that our long-standing research team on lactic acid bacteria antimicrobial peptides and clinical research will be of little help to the health of many people in times of emergency.


Usually, the dentist, otolaryngologist, head and neck surgeon will often consult the oral cavity. I will give my opinion as one of the otolaryngologists of the ORALPEACE support member.

I think that what is recently attracting attention in the field of infectious diseases is “why can brushing and oral care prevent or reduce viral infection?”

Viruses, including influenza viruses, have a structure in which a gene called nucleic acid is encapsulated in a protein called capsid (Note: New Coronavirus (COVID-19) is also wrapped in another protein called envelope).

Bacteria in the intestinal tract, including the oral cavity, also have a protein-degrading enzyme called protease.

In an unsanitary oral environment, many bacteria are present in the oral cavity, and many proteinases come into contact with viral capsids and envelopes.

As a result, capsids and envelopes of some viruses, including the influenza virus, are degraded by proteolytic enzymes, causing them to pop, which makes it easier for the virus to enter the mucosal cells, mainly the oral mucosa.

This is the reason why it is difficult to establish influenza virus infection when the bacterial flora in the oral cavity is kept normal and the amount of bacteria is reduced.

It may be more likely to enter the digestive tract mucosa, but as an otolaryngologist, I do not have enough knowledge on this point.

However, many intestinal bacteria have proteinases, and keeping the intestinal bacteria normal seems to be recommended from the viewpoint of preventing viral infection.

The conclusion comes to the end and is tedious and apologetic, but ORALPEACE is mainly based on the lactobacillus antibacterial bacteriocin preparation derived from “Okara” which is an edible food called “Neonisin-e”, and its safety and antibacterial action. Is also revealed in data from the Faculty of Dentistry at Kagoshima University.

The reason why it is okay to swallow is that it is made from only the lactic acid bacterium bacteriocin preparation derived from the food “Okara” and water and plant (food) ingredients.

And even considering the above mechanism, the risk of viral infection (although new coronavirus (COVID-19) is unknown as described below) is reduced if oral bacteria are reduced by ORALPEACE and tooth brushing / oral care. May help.

Like this time, I think the chance of getting an unknown virus on a large-scale cruise ship such as the Diamond Princess carrying 3,700 people is the first time, at least in the modern world where there is a record.

It has not been medically verified that the new coronavirus (COVID-19) suppresses infection through the oral mucosa.

However, at least it is a risk that even if you consider it because it is a product that can be swallowed without exhaling even on a cruise ship that may lack drinking water, and that there is already some medical evidence for suppressing oral bacteria (evidence). From the viewpoint of benefit ratio, I think that prevention of infection by ORALPEACE and oral hygiene is significant.


* The new coronavirus (COVID-19) is unknown, and it is thought that there are differences from the existing viruses. However, we would be grateful if people with illnesses, the elderly, infants and young children who seem to be at high risk can take possible preventive measures and save their lives. This comment is published not as a medical practice but as a view that contributes to the health of the people in an emergency.

2020/02/14 (Friday)-お知らせ

[Notice of product shortage]

[Notice of product shortage]

Oral piece products are running out of stock due to the effects of coronavirus.

Regarding future production, we will continue to provide oral pieces to everyone in cooperation with domestic production plants, but if production and shipping activities such as waiting at home are affected, it will cause trouble. In some cases.

Therefore, if you use regular oral pieces, please purchase the necessary oral pieces for a certain period of time.

Packing and delivery to your home is available free of charge for purchases of 500 yen or more and 5,000 yen or more at your local dealer / dental clinic / hospital or at the official online shop.

Oral Peace Partner shops nationwide

How To Buy

Oral Peace Official Online Shop

We look forward to your cooperation.

If you do not clean your mouth, bacteria that cause caries and periodontal disease will multiply and become plaque. This plaque contains pneumococci and viruses that are involved in the onset and severity of bronchitis and pneumonia, as well as bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Serratia that cause serious infections. You.

These bacteria in the mouth release enzymes called proteases that help the virus to enter cells through the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. If your mouth becomes sticky or left unclean, the amount of proteases increases, which can easily lead to virus infection and seriousness.

It is important to prevent infection, increase immunity, and keep your mouth clean with oral care to prevent the virus from becoming severe and serious.

Please take care of your health care.

Oral peace project

2020/02/13 (Thursday)-お知らせ

Let’s protect the family from the new coronavirus (COVID-19)

[Let’s protect the family from the new coronavirus (COVID-19)]

Now that no vaccine has been developed, people with illness, elderly people, infants, and other people who are at high risk of being infected should use various methods to prevent the disease and protect the lives of important family members.

Thoroughly take preventive measures such as thoroughly washing hands, gargle, boosting immunity, getting enough nutrition and sleep, staying away from crowded areas, do not touch your face with your hands, put on a mask, etc. We also need to bring together wisdom from all over the world to overcome this human crisis.

By the way, the other day, I also announced my opinion on toothpaste / oral care and viruses, and I would like to inform you about the possibility of “virus measures by oral care”.

A virus cannot live by itself, but propagates through bacteria. It then enters the respiratory tract and body through all entrances to the body, the mouth and nose.

However, it seems that little is known that oral health is associated with more severe viral infections.

Miscellaneous bacteria in the mouth excrete enzymes such as protease and neuraminidase as their metabolites. Proteases destroy proteins, and in a dirty state, viruses are more likely to enter through weak areas of the mucous membrane.

In a survey by the Dental Association, it was reported that thorough brushing of teeth and oral care and cleansing of the oral cavity drastically reduced the influenza incidence to 1/10.

Unlike the influenza virus, the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is unknown to humankind and a countermeasure has not been established, but it is considered to be a preventive measure.

It is important to keep your mouth clean by brushing your teeth and taking oral care. It has been suggested that oral care and tooth brushing with the lactic acid bacterium antibacterial peptide preparation “Neonisin-e” can reduce bacteria in the oral cavity and clean it.

In addition, when going out, I would like to try to prevent infections when I go out, where people gather, trains and buses, and when I meet people who are coughing after talking to many people. But there are also times when you can’t gargle right away.

In such cases, the usefulness of the “ORAL PEACE Spray” product has been suggested. Lactobacillus antibacterial peptide formulation “Neonisin-e” is made from naturally derived food ingredients, plants and water, so it is safe to spray and swallow.

From the above, I would like to be aware of the health of the “mouth”, which is the entrance to all of the body, and try to keep the oral cavity clean by brushing teeth and taking oral care more than usual.

Until vaccines are developed, it is important to gather information on preventive measures announced by researchers and research institutions around the world and take preventive measures as much as possible in order to protect the lives of important family members. It is considered.

2020/02/13 (Thursday)-お知らせ

About preventive measures for babies and children

[About preventive measures for babies and children]

Everyone is worried about your baby or child going out.

I think many moms are having trouble with hand washing, alcohol disinfection, gargling and masking.

Sometimes I have to go through the crowd, and I eat a lot of things.

In such a case, using ORALPEACE spray on your baby’s or children’s mouth and throat may be one of the preventive measures.

It is not possible to inactivate the new coronavirus, but if you clean your mouth and reduce the enzyme that spreads the virus, you can reduce the virus infection rate such as influenza by 1/10 There are research presentations.

ORALPEACE is researched and developed by Kyushu University in Japan, and it is safe to swallow, yet contains “Neonisin-e *” that suppresses the action of bad bacteria in your mouth, 100% edible ingredients, organic oral care. ..

It is an oral hygiene agent used in ICU of Japan National Center for Child Health and Development (formerly National Children’s Hospital).

Since synthetic bactericides, preservatives and other chemically synthesized components, alcohol (ethanol), honey and propolis are not used, they can be used by newborns. Delicious fruity mandarin orange flavor.

While keeping basic precautions such as boosting immunity, staying out of the crowd, putting on a mask, and cleaning your hands, you should also keep your mouth clean.

Until the vaccine is developed, I would like to protect my small life with various preventive measures against new coronavirus (COVID-19).

Researchers, clinicians and other ORALPEACE project members are working on research and information dissemination every day with the help of their own research and technology to contribute to protecting the health of everyone and their irreplaceable families.


2020/02/13 (Thursday)-お知らせ

ORAL PEACE was introduced at the 29th “INTERSTYLE 2020” exhibition

[ORALPEACE was introduced at the 29th “INTERSTYLE 2020” exhibition]

We exhibited and introduced “INTERSTYLE 2020” ORALPEACE held in Yokohama !!

“INTERSTYLE 2020” is the 29th exhibition this year, focusing on board culture such as surfing and snowboarding, and outdoor and bicycles.
Surfing and skateboarding have become official events for world-class sporting events, and the fields that attract attention.

May ORALPEACE reach many board cultures and outdoor people.

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