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雑誌「Numero Tokyo」にて妊娠・出産期の歯周病ケアの歯磨き・口腔ケアとしてオーラルピースを紹介いただきました

【メディア掲載】雑誌「Numero Tokyo」にて妊娠・出産期の歯周病ケアの歯磨き・口腔ケアとしてオーラルピースを紹介いただきました


インターナショナルモード誌『Numero TOKYO(ヌメロ・トウキョウ)』の公式サイトは


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ORALPEACE’s special TV program was broadcast nationwide! Change the World-Aspirations for Building the Future-“Toothpaste without Water in Stricken Areas”

[ORALPEACE’s special TV program was broadcast nationwide! Change the World-Aspirations for Building the Future-“Toothpaste without Water in Stricken Areas”]

TV TOKYO information, documentary program
Change the World-Building the Future-“Toothpaste without Water”

This summer, there is a miracle toothpaste in Chiba Prefecture, which was hit by a typhoon, which helped live in the affected areas. You can brush your teeth without using water & swallow it! What is the secret?

Program contents
This summer, a toothpaste that can brush without water has been very active in Chiba Prefecture, which was hit by a typhoon & suffered from power outages & water cuts. Developed by Daisuke Teshima of ORALPEACE. Made from natural ingredients such as tofu and plum, it is safe to swallow. The trigger of the development was the appearance of my father, who was living a fighting illness in late cancer. He was too weak & swallowed even after brushing his teeth. Currently, it is helping people in 20 countries around the world, not just in the affected areas.


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Nikkei(Japan economic Newspaper) features a new renewal product for “ORALPEACE For Pet” to be released in February

[Nikkei(Japan economic Newspaper) features a new renewal product for “ORALPEACE For Pet” to be released in February !!]

Trife.Inc (Yokohama City), which develops & sells oral care products, will improve its oral care product “ORALPEACE For Pet” for dogs & launch it in February. The new formulation, Neonisin-e, which prevents oral candida & other infections, is said to be effective against almost all bacteria that cause oral problems.

It is in the form of a gel & is applied in the mouth using a special toothbrush or finger cot. Because it is made only of edible ingredients, there is no need to rinse the mouth & there is no harm when swallowed.

The product has been commercialized in response to voices from dog lovers such as “I want to take care of the periodont before tartar is formed” & “I’m worried about bad breath.”

It is sold at animal hospitals, pet shops, department stores, & online shops. The price is 1200 yen (excluding tax) with a capacity of 80 grams.


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~ Adults want to stick to it. Organic oral care
Please see the featured articles from here !

Baby is also safe. Toothpaste gel made from only plant ingredients that is OK to swallow
Care for babies who can not gargle well, outdoors when water is not enough, etc.
I wish I had toothpaste that I didn’t mind swallowing …

This “ORALPEACE CLEAN & MOISTURE” is something that people like to use.
It is made from only water and plant materials, and no chemically synthesized ingredients or alcohol are added.
It’s a toothpaste gel that’s as safe as food.

The content is a transparent gel, with plenty of foam, and it is refreshed.
It tastes like a light, light jelly and is popular with kids.


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Introducing ORALPEACE online in the beauty magazine “MAQUIA” !!

[Introducing ORALPEACE online in the beauty magazine “MAQUIA” !!]

“Is oral care properly done? I will teach you how to make clean teeth and breath.”


The editorial department also pays attention! Items with higher-grade functions


A toothpaste and oral care gel made from only water and plant materials, which was born from about 10 years of research on lactic acid bacteria peptides. Toothpaste, oral care and moisturize with one brush.


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ORALPEACE project sent free distribution of ORALPEACE products to 3,600 passengers and crews on the Yokohama Port cruise ship – “Diamond Princess”.

“Diamond Princess” has a collective infection of the new Corona Virus anchored in Yokohama Port.

According to prefectural Dental Association, there is a research reports that you will be able to prevent the infection of the virus by purifying the oral cavity. We hope that ORALPEACE product will help to prevent infection and improve the quality of life of the people on board.

We are a small social venture, but we would like to do a little as our corporate social responsibility to help our customers from Japan and the world who are in trouble at “Diamond Princess”.

We hope everyone is safe from the viruses and hope everyone can go back to their home where lovely family lives.

On February 12, the ORALPEACE project (Yokohama City) will carry passengers and passengers on the large-scale passenger ship “Diamond Princess” that has been infected by the new coronavirus, which is moored at Yokohama Port via Yokohama City. For oral hygiene product “ORALPEACE”, we provided free distribution support for about 3,600 people.

According to the prefectural dentist’s association, there is a research report that virus infection can be prevented 10 times by cleaning the oral cavity. We hope Yokohama’s oral hygiene products will be useful in preventing infection and improving quality of life for people who are having trouble on board.

Our company is a small social venture, but we are limited in what we can do, but we hope that it will be useful for customers from Japan and the world who are in trouble at this local office, Yokohama Port on the office side. , Through the Yokohama Municipal Economic Affairs Bureau, which has been nurtured by the generous support of the project since its inception, we supported it with a little effort.

And thanks to the staff of the Yokohama City Economic Bureau, we were able to deliver it. We would also like to thank the Nihon Keizai Shimbun for their kind support in this project.

It will be wonderful if we approach the concept of the ORALPEACE project, “a society in which each and every one of us supports each other in times of trouble.” We pray that everyone on board will be able to return to their loved ones as soon as possible.

[Reference Material]

“Relationship between oral care and viral infections”

The bacteria in the mouth excrete, as their metabolites, proteases and enzymes called neuraminidase, which destroy proteins. These enzymes have the property of making it easy for the influenza virus to enter cells through the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. If the oral cavity is left unclean, the amount of protease and neuraminidase will increase, which will easily lead to the onset and aggravation of virus and influenza. A research conducted by a university institution found that cleaning oral cavity with oral care reduced the infection rate of influenza virus by a factor of 10, indicating that there is a correlation between viral infection and keeping oral cavity clean. It recognized.

What is “ORALPEACE”?

An oral hygiene product containing a patented formulation “Neonisin-e®︎” that is safe to swallow while sterilizing bacteria that cause problems in the oral cavity. It is a safe ingredient that can be absorbed by the body, and is made from only natural ingredients based on lactic acid bacterium biotechnology research with the Kyushu University Agricultural Research Institute in Japan, etc. Another feature of the project is that people with disabilities all over the country engage in business and work to generate jobs and income. Since it can be used without water, support has been provided to the Hiroshima disaster area in 2014, the Kumamoto earthquake disaster area in 2016, the national heavy rain disaster area in 2018, and the typhoon disaster area in Chiba prefecture in 2019. The goods have been provided free of charge. Received “Yokohama Business Grand Prix 2014 Grand Prize”, “Japan Venture Award 2015 Grand Prize”, “Nippon Foundation Social Innovator 2016”, “2018 Japan Agricultural Chemistry Technology Award”, etc., the world’s largest academic publication in 2019 It was also featured in Springer’s book Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific: Case Studies. Currently, it is provided from Yokohama Port to 10 countries as an oral hygiene agent from Yokohama, Japan.

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ORAL PEACE posted in “WWD Beauty”

[ORAL PEACE posted in “WWD Beauty”]

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Articles on Oral Peace’s entry into the European market in “WWD Beauty”

【Articles on Oral Peace’s entry into the European market in “WWD Beauty”】

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